YouTube Keyword Plan
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You're not alone if you've ever considered creating videos for your company but decided against it since it seemed like a lot of work. “YouTube Keyword Plan”.

Many business owners avoid making videos due to the initial cost required. Because of this, videos, particularly YouTube videos, are a less competitive approach to reaching your target audience.

According to Jumpshot and Alexa, YouTube is the second-most popular website and the second-largest search engine in the world. Any company would greatly benefit from that, particularly because not everyone is ready to devote the necessary time to create videos. presenting yourself to your target market while they are actively seeking what you have to offer and many of your rivals are missing from the results? Please, yes.

You should plan for search engine optimization (SEO) before you begin posting content on your channel to make the most of your investment in videos, particularly on YouTube.

You'll be providing content you know people are looking for when you plan for SEO from the very beginning, which positions you to attract relevant, focused traffic for months or years to come. A well-made YouTube video that does well in search is a resource that will eventually pay off for you.

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One of the easiest methods to maximize the little time you have for content development is to plan for SEO-friendly YouTube videos. Your efforts won't vanish in a day or fall to the bottom of your social media feeds in a couple of weeks.

But to get there, you must manage the fundamentals of planning and improving your YouTube videos for search. Here is a guide on how to go about doing that.

YouTube content strategy 101

It's crucial to take into account your videos as part of your entire content strategy for your organization before you start optimizing them.

Your content strategy doesn't have to be frightening since, at its most basic level, it's simply a plan for what you're going to create and why. You can determine which videos are worthwhile to create for your company by keeping a few important factors in mind.

Your content strategy is just a plan for what you’re going to create and why.

YouTube Keyword

Understand your audience

Understanding who you want to target and what they want is the first step in developing a plan for YouTube since the company's search and discovery tools are designed to help people find the content they're searching for.

Consider your ideal client and the reasons they connect to your brand. Do they have any needs that your products can meet? Do people support you because you emotionally connect with them, or do they do it because you have a fun brand? You may use these queries to help direct your selection of video content.

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Choose a video type

If speaking in front of the camera is not something you are comfortable doing, not all videos need to include you doing it, and expensive high-tech equipment is not always necessary. On your PC, you can record screenshare videos of yourself navigating a slideshow presentation. You can also obtain excellent video using the camera on your phone.

Your imagination is your sole constraint when it comes to what you can create. You're on the right track as long as you choose a video format that engages your audience and provides the information they want.

However, how can you choose what will appeal to your audience? It all boils down to knowing your audience and what matters to them and then creating content that will both inform and amuse them. If you don't already have one, creating a buyer persona for your ideal client is a terrific place to start.

Choose a video type

Create a YouTube keyword plan

A keyword plan is the cornerstone of a successful YouTube channel. It will help you produce content that you know people want and that can help you in search—two elements that will ensure that your video content efforts are successful in the long run.

You should be able to get started by using the fundamental content strategy you create, which outlines what you want to create and how. It's time to break down your strategy into potential themes and key messages for your channel. Once you have a subject, such as “dog training” or “styling a scarf,” you may start to test the key terms and phrases you believe buyers would use to search for information.

A keyword plan is the foundation for a profitable YouTube channel.

When it comes time to sit down and create your videos, maintain a running record of the ideas you find as you research your keywords in a simple spreadsheet. Be careful to make:

  • The critical keyword You want to appear in search results for this specific phrase
  • Search volume. This represents the average monthly number of searches for that phrase.
  • the level of keyword competition. This represents the number of advertisers that use that keyword in their advertising. Although it may be used as a proxy, organic competitiveness is not always accurately measured by this metric, so use it with caution.

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Researching keywords

The Chrome extension and Firefox plugin “Keywords Everywhere” are two of the greatest resources for doing keyword research straight on YouTube. Simply enter the word or phrase you're considering targeting in the search field, and Keywords Everywhere will show you the monthly search volume, keyword difficulty, and cost per click for competitors using that keyword.

youtub keyword everywhere

Additionally, you'll see all of this data for any recommended searches that come up, which may aid you in discovering a term or phrase you hadn't previously considered.

TubeBuddy, a browser plugin with free and premium levels, is an additional tool that may assist you with keyword analysis. When you have it set up for your channel, it will provide a keyword analysis in the sidebar of the search results.

TubeBuddy will explicitly inform you whether the keyword has a strong mix of search volume and competitiveness to help guide your approach, rather than leaving it up to you to interpret the data.


Whichever tool you use, you want to find keywords that have a good balance between search volume and competitiveness, which depends on your industry and target audience. For instance, you could find that lower volume keywords convert more people because, although they receive less traffic, that traffic has a greater propensity to make a purchase. Starting with the finest approach to what works and then building on that knowledge.

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Competitive research

Conducting competitive research is another technique to develop or broaden your YouTube keyword strategy. There will always be at least a few channels on YouTube that are creating content comparable to what you have in mind, even if your direct rivals aren't there yet.

See which of their videos are most popular

It's time to use their success to influence your own after you've selected a few channels that are dominating your niche.

competitive research 4

The most recent uploads are shown at the top of this tab by default. Select “Sort by… Most popular” on the right side of the screen to sort it by the most watched videos.

This may assist you in developing new related themes that are pertinent and intriguing to your prospective clients but that you may not have thought about.

Find out which tags popular videos use

Checking out the videos that are already appearing in the top few positions for specific keywords is a terrific way to get a sense of the formats and kinds of content that work especially well for that keyword. While you're there, you can use TubeBuddy to sneak a peek behind the scenes and check the tags they used for their top-performing videos.

For instance, if you offer hijabs, your clients may be curious about various styling options. When you have TubeBuddy loaded, you can see the tags for “wedding hijab lesson” on the side of the top-ranking video.

Find out which tags popular videos use

These tags may serve as both a source of YouTube keyword ideas and guidance for the tags you apply to your videos.

Optimizing your content for search

It's time to optimize your content so YouTube understands that your video is a fantastic fit after you've decided which keyword to focus on for your video.

We'll return to that idea many times, but it bears mentioning: When it comes to SEO, your first objective should be to help YouTube comprehend the nature of your content. It's not that difficult, and what matters most is that you be clear and consistent so that your audience can find what they're searching for.

When it comes to optimization, your real goal is to help YouTube understand what your content is about.


There are two things your video title does when it comes to SEO.

  • Impacts click-through rate. In addition to seeing your video when someone searches for your keyword, they'll also find a list of related results. To get their attention and their click, you need your title to be compelling, clear, and descriptive. If more people click on your title than on the others, this is a strong indicator that your video is a good match for this keyword.
  • Signals keywords. Because your title is one of the most crucial bits of metadata that YouTube has to determine how relevant your video is to a certain keyword, you should put your main keyword there.

Clickbait is the one thing you must stay away from, however. Make sure your title doesn't include any exaggerated promises or excessive punctuation. Even if it doesn't explicitly contravene their community rules, YouTube is pretty clear that clickbait will not perform as well in search.

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You have even more influence over what a prospective viewer sees thanks to YouTube's search results since a thumbnail is shown next to your search result. Optimizing your thumbnails may help you raise both your click-through rate and your watch time since it's a wonderful chance to include more details about the video and what viewers can expect.

Fortunately, you may contribute creative photos rather than simply a still frame from the video to use as your video's thumbnail. 90% of the top-performing YouTube videos have a personalized thumbnail, According to YouTube.

When producing a thumbnail, it's important to take your title and thumbnail into consideration simultaneously, like in the example YouTube gives. This will affect your click-through rate.

youtube keyword color example

You want your thumbnail to be engaging and a true depiction of the video at the same time. You may get a lot of clicks if it is deceptive, but you may also see people leave practically immediately. It is very clear from YouTube that this kind of action will hinder the visibility of your video in search results.

According to YouTube, your thumbnail is another important piece of metadata for your video, just like your title. Save your picture file with your keyword in the file name to get the most out of it. It's an extra approach to signal that your video is relevant to that keyword.

The last point is that whatever style decisions you make for your thumbnails, make sure they adhere to YouTube's suggested picture ratio and sizing: 1280px by 796px for your thumbnail photos, with a minimum width of 640px.


You may repeat your main keyword in the description of your video and add virtually as much pertinent content as you desire. You have 5,000 characters in your description, so you have plenty of room to make a statement, but there are certain rules to follow.

Use your main keyword early on.

Although it doesn't have to be the first word in the sentence, YouTube advises using your keyword as early in your description as you would in your title. This may assist people in determining whether they have found what they are looking for and whether they should watch your video. It also serves as a positive signal to YouTube that your video is really about that keyword.

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Pay attention to your first sentence or two.

Although YouTube allows you 5,000 characters, it would be daunting to see that much material in every video. According to HubSpot‘s estimations, just the first 100 or so characters are typically shown when you arrive at a video; however, the precise number depends on where your video is presented.

youtube keyword luxy 1

You may enlarge this sample from Luxy Hair to view more if you'd like to have a better understanding of the description of the video.

youtube keyword luxy 2

As a result, the first few lines of your video's description, and notably the first sentence, are important pieces of content for real estate. Make sure to incorporate your keywords and make them appealing.

Write in natural language.

While it may be tempting to fill your description with keywords, the best way to help people and raise the ranking of your videos is to include an easy-to-read description that truly explains the video. Since your tags are for tagging, YouTube expressly advises against placing all of your keywords in your description.

Create a default description to handle the basics for every video.

You may add such information to the channel-wide default description if you often find the same social media links, shop descriptions, and product page links at the bottom of each video (a wise practice!).

Go to “Channel” in the sidebar of your Creator Studio (the part of YouTube where you can manage your videos and your channel) and choose “Upload defaults” to set your default description.

youtube keyword: default description 1

There are several settings you can choose from that will be applied to every uploaded video, but the description is the one you should pay the most attention to. It's a terrific way to save time since the default description will be appended to the end of every description you post.

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Another place where you can assist YouTube in determining the video of your video is in the tags. Consider your tags as a collection of keywords you want YouTube to recognize as being relevant to your video.

Remember that incorporating pointless tags won't benefit you in the long run, per YouTube. They expressly advise against boosting your video's visibility by using trendy terms or phrases. Always try to keep tags relevant to the video's real content.

Watch Time

YouTube appreciates it when viewers stick around. One of their primary measures is watch time, so the longer you can keep YouTube users watching your videos, the better in their eyes. They've publicly confirmed that a significant element in their search results is watch time.

This could appear paradoxical to a company. Yes, you want to rank well on YouTube, but you also want your viewers to eventually visit your business and make a purchase. “Eventually” is the essential word.

Here are four strategies that can help you optimize for watch time.

  • Plan your video script. You'll be better able to make your arguments succinctly and pique the interest of viewers if you prepare your script in advance.
  • Use cards. You may provide a link to any relevant information in a card that will show while your viewers are watching, particularly if it is available in the form of additional YouTube videos.
  • Use end screens. You may create end screens that will appear in the last 5 to 20 seconds of your video. These screens are an excellent spot to direct viewers to further videos on your channel, extending their time spent watching.
  • Create playlists. A well-chosen video playlist may help you keep audience engagement with relevant content by automatically playing the next video after viewers have finished watching the current one.

Remember that only the watch time of a particular video affects its position in search results; therefore, your first objective should be to optimize your content to draw viewers in and keep them watching. To that end, if you can keep viewers returning to your content to watch more of it, you'll be that much closer to turning them into YouTube subscribers and eventually customers.

User Engagement

YouTube also uses engagement data as a ranking criterion for search in addition to watching time. Your subscriptions, comments, and favorites are shown there. That's part of the reason why it's become such a cliché but important component of YouTube video scripts to implore viewers to “like, comment, and subscribe!”

That’s why “like, comment, and subscribe!” has become a cliche yet important part of YouTube video scripts.

Another way to increase these numbers is to regard your YouTube comment area as a crucial space for engaging with your potential and existing clients, in addition to simply reminding your viewers to engage with your videos and leave comments. If you do get comments, make sure to reply as soon as possible to let people know that you are interested in what they have to say. If people know you read and respond, they're more inclined to comment on your subsequent videos.

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Transcripts and subtitles

Although adding transcripts to your videos may help the deaf watch your content more easily and even increase watch time for those who want to watch without sound, how will this affect the SEO of your video?

Although it's still unclear if there is a direct correlation between submitting bespoke transcripts and higher search rankings, you shouldn't disregard it. You're adding more text content to help YouTube interpret your video, and Google has indicated a preference for other accessibility features in search rankings.

Social shares

Google is quite clear that social media shares don't affect the overall search engine results; however, YouTube operates a little differently.

Backlinko discovered in one study that there was a link between more social media shares and better search rankings for YouTube videos.

youtube keyword backlinko chart

Since YouTube is better able to trace where each video is shared, they explain this by saying that the statistic is tougher to manipulate. The more social shares your video receives, the better for your video's SEO, even though YouTube hasn't explicitly said that social shares affect search engine rankings. However, the significant connection and YouTube's own statistics reporting on social media shares support this theory.

Optimize for search to make the most of your videos

YouTube is a great way to differentiate yourself from the competition since, for the majority of people, creating videos for the site isn't the quickest or simplest procedure. Because it does need more work up front, many organizations aren't investing as significantly in the video.

Plan for keywords that you consider important are a good match for your brand, and that people are currently looking for to make that investment. After that, it's crucial to optimize your videos so that YouTube can find them when users search for certain keywords. It's one of the finest methods to guarantee that your videos will work to generate revenue for your company long after they have been released.

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