How to Write a Welcome Email (+ 12 welcome email examples)
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Email marketing is one of the most cost-efficient methods available to you for creating sales and loyal consumers. An email is a powerful tool for communicating with clients long after they've left your website and is the foundation of customer retention. Welcome Email

One of the more crucial emails you'll send to new subscribers is a welcome message. You get welcome emails when you give an online retailer your email address; you've probably seen them in your inbox after signing up for a newsletter or opening an account.

Need a piece of the action? Discover 12 outstanding examples that will serve as inspiration for your welcome email series as well as how to create a welcome email.

What is a welcome email?

The very first email correspondence you have with a potential or present customer is a welcome email, which is frequently a part of a series of onboarding letters. This message might be a post-purchase email or, in certain situations, a subscription confirmation. This is delivered to those who have decided to interact with your brand, unlike a typical corporate email structure.

The first email you send to a new customer sets the tone for all subsequent contacts. Your welcome message is the one broadcast that everyone will see depending on the action—such as purchasing something or signing up for your company newsletter—so the impression it makes will accumulate over time.

12 best welcome email examples

12 excellent samples of welcome emails from both major and small businesses have been gathered. To improve your broadcasts, take note of what you enjoy and dislike. Here is a brief list of the businesses we are evaluating:

1. reMarkable

This list starts with reMarkable. ReMarkable does a terrific job of making you feel welcome and outlining possible next actions when it comes to first impressions.

In its welcome email, astonishing initially provides you with the history of the business before seamlessly transitioning to details about its most recent product (reMarkable 2). The email then clearly cuts off so that the reader can click on other links to learn more about the business and its goods.

2. Cozy Earth

The next firm is Cozy Earth, a maker of bedding and loungewear that takes pleasure in having made the softest temperature-regulating fabric on the market in an ethical manner.

You receive a discount code for your first purchase straight away in the company's welcome email, which also includes a call to action for the Shop button (CTA). For you to find what you might need more quickly, Cozy Earth displays many bestselling shopping categories underneath the coupon.

Additionally, who wants to get out of bed when the subject line of this email reads, “You won't want to get out of bed”?

3. Chipotle

Great greetings emails don't only focus on tech or apparel businesses. Chipotle gives a fantastic lesson that many companies across many industries may take away.

You're invited to the Chipotle Rewards program through the email mentioned above. It immediately displays what it has to offer and the benefits of becoming a devoted customer. The same CTA buttons appear throughout the email as well (order food). Finally, it personalizes the email by greeting the recipients by name and informing them of birthday rewards.

4. Persona

Persona is a customized vitamin subscription business that touts the knowledge of a medical advisory board and free nutritionist help. It moves into the health and wellness industry.

Additionally, you receive a significant discount on your first month in its welcome email, which directs you to a very obvious CTA (activate 50% off). After the header, the email's body explains some of Persona's basic principles and how it upholds them.

5. Ten Tree

Ten Tree, a clothing company that emphasizes sustainability, is next on our list. Ten Tree has a lofty objective of planting one billion trees by the year 2030.

You are initially offered a warm welcome and an introduction to this aim in its welcome email. There is a Shop Now CTA button and a discount code provided within the text. Before asking you to shop, it demonstrates how much it cares about explaining its goal. Additionally, it displays a rewards program just like Chipotle.

6. Under Armour

If you enjoy sports, there's a good chance you've heard of Under Armour, a manufacturer of athletic apparel and gear. The welcome email style you'll see below closely resembles the kind of prospective consumers the company hopes to draw.

“It's Official: You're on the Team” in the subject line immediately catches your attention. Next, you see well-known sportsmen and the phrase “Welcome to the Team” for the first time. Both of these give clients the impression that they belong to a group that gets them. A discount coupon for the shop, a download link for one of its applications, and a link to view motivational fitness videos are all included in the email's remaining text.

7. Beardbrand

We reach Beardbrand, a male grooming business that sells items like beard oils, combs, and perfumes, halfway through this list (and is also killing it with social media content marketing).


To give its members the impression that they are joining a select group, Beardbrand presents a unique product package in this welcome email. The email has a clear objective of persuading the user to purchase the starting package, even if it includes tiny links to the company's site, blog, and goods page.

8. GOOD Meat

The futuristic meat firm GOOD Meat is coming next. GOOD Meat strives to create meat without deforestation and killing, with a simple style to match.

You are welcomed in this email with a picture of a chicken on a fork and the emphatic message “You're making history.” This email is primarily intended to share the GOOD Meat story and keep you updated on any upcoming follow-up communications.

9. Steven Alan

Steven Alan, a New York-based designer and curator of independent clothing labels for men and women from all around the world, joins the list with another succinct, to-the-point email.

This welcome email is quite straightforward and doesn't ask the reader to do much. Steven Alan requests that you either buy for Men, Women, or Life or visit the About page, in just one phrase. The nicest thing about this email (and subsequent email sequences) is that the brand is named after a specific person, so it always seems like a personal email.

10. Future Noodles

Future Noodles is the next item on the list, going from really basic to extremely colorful. The goal of this noodle firm is to provide nutritious, plant-based, and environmentally friendly noodles.

Making our earth healthier, one bowl of noodles at a time is the message that welcomes you in this email. Future Noodles welcomes you to the club by using a story-driven strategy similar to GOOD Meat while promoting its best-sellers.

11. Alder

Alder, a feminine outdoor recreation apparel retailer, is another clothes e-commerce firm with a fantastic welcome email.

Alder begins with a unique offer discount code that clients may use on their first buy, much like the other companies on our list. It also highlights Alder's objective to promote diversity, transparency, and sustainability in the outdoor apparel sector.

12. Snack TBH

The last sample of a welcome email we have comes from Snack TBH. This business only sells one item, and it dominates all email marketing efforts.

The little email mentioned above informs you that your toast merits better. The benefit of having just one product is that you can have a very obvious call to action, as seen by the Visit Our Store button that appears beneath the welcome message.

How to write a welcome email

The average conversion rate for welcome emails is 52.9%, according to statistics from Omnisend, while the rate for post-purchase emails is 14.26%. Additionally, compared to promotional programs, email automation had benefits for the average open rate that was nearly twice as good in the first half of 2021.

There are a few important goals to bear in mind when drafting a welcome email or the first email in a welcome series. Let's look at them down below.

Showcase your value proposition

During your only chance to make a good first impression, you don't want to bombard them with promotional messaging. Keep in mind that giving comes before expecting to get.

“It's the first impression a consumer receives of your brand, and of course, they've just given you their email address, so they want to see what you have to say,” says Ravi Davda, CEO of Rockstar Marketing. It's a fantastic opportunity for your company to wow the user. Additionally, it may promote loyalty.

Discounts, advice, and other customer-focused broadcasts can add value while still enticing customers to make future purchases.

Personalize your message

You may deliver more precisely targeted communications than ever before thanks to modern email marketing technologies. It's also an excellent idea since, according to McKinsey & Company, 71% of customers demand personalization and 76% of them become irritated when they don't find it.

The finest marketing—regardless of channel—shouldn't feel like marketing, according to Mandi Moshay, an email marketer with over ten years of expertise. Make a connection between the customer's demands and your brand in your welcome messages, and use efficient merchandising to make it simple for customers to select the proper product. The sales will come after.

Send your welcome email immediately

Let's imagine you provide a discount coupon for 10% off the customer's upcoming purchase as a reward for signing up for your newsletter. You run the danger of permanently losing the transaction if someone is about to make a purchase and doesn't get the promotional code.

Additionally, with welcome letters having an average click-through rate of 5.63%, you need all the assistance you can get to entice your potential consumers.

email data

Sending the email when the recipient is expecting it will increase your chances of converting them (i.e., right after they give you their email).

Remind subscribers to remove you from filters

Email clients occasionally send marketing messages by default to spam folders. To avoid missing out, get your subscribers to add your address to their whitelist.

Under Armour, one of the early cases we looked at, does this, but only in the email's tiny print.

under armour

This specific tactic appears to be widespread (check out your inbox to see how many promotional emails have this type of text in the fine print). You can enlarge this messaging if you're truly concerned about it going into the rubbish bin.

Set expectations

Make it simple for subscribers to update their preferences or unsubscribe, let them know what and how often you'll be emailing fresh content, and jog their memory about how they came to be on your list in the first place.

This phase is crucial for winning over the confidence of your new subscribers and is unquestionably required for email best practices. By law, you must make your email marketing transparent to European and UK customers, from your signup form to your bottom-funnel email sequence.

Have a clear call to action

What do you want recipients of your welcome email to do? Do you want them to visit your About page to learn more or do you want them to utilize the promo code to make a purchase?

Whatever it is, make it clear what the next action is and try to limit the number of CTAs to prevent misunderstanding.

Persona, with its Activate 50% Off button in a vivid pinkish tone, was one of our top examples of this.

persona CTA

Your chances of receiving a click may be increased by ensuring that your CTA is straightforward and isn't surrounded by either more text or intricate images.

Use high-quality imagery

The pictures in your welcome email should be eye-catching, whether they are created using bespoke artwork or product photos. GIFs and emojis may be effective for some, but not every one of your target audience, so utilize imagery that makes sense to them.

If used effectively, images may also be a powerful tool in the development of social evidence. Do you recall the Under Armour banner?

Use high-quality imagery

The consumer is informed that these elite athletes believe in us with the “Welcome to the Team” phrase that is overlaid on pictures of well-known athletes. You ought to, too.

Without making an initial big investment in email design, you may put something together that is attractive. Check out a few free photo-editing programs first. Use one of your hero photographs as a banner in your email by writing a huge “Welcome” over it using photo-editing tools like GIMP or Canva. Alternately, create a collage using PicMonkey‘s collage-making feature.

Make it mobile friendly

Creating a welcome email that looks stunning is crucial, but it also has to work on all devices. It helps to increase your email engagement rates while also making your consumers' life more straightforward (and, let's not forget, more accessible).

According to Mailchimp research, responsive designs enhance click-through rates across the board, especially on mobile devices (15% increase).

mailchimp data

Check how it appears on various devices before sending out a fresh email (or creating a marketing automation series procedure).

Write an engaging subject line

It's not always enough to just say, “Your subscription has been confirmed” or “Welcome to our email list!” If you want to get seen in a packed inbox, you'll need to be a little more inventive.

Unsure about the most effective topic line? To determine which produces the highest open and click-through rates, try some A/B testing (with appropriate segmentation).

Remember that the first thing a potential customer will see from you is the subject line and sample content of your welcome email. Make them feel something; in our instances, frequent feelings included curiosity, urgency, or belonging.

Welcome email templates

We're going to go through a few templates in this part to assist you to get inspired and launching your welcome email marketing campaign.

Subject line templates

Your approach to your subject line should change depending on the kind of welcome email you're sending. After all, if your primary goal is to make a quick transaction, “Welcome! It won't do you any good to say, “Check us out on Twitter!”

Whatever strategy you choose, you'll find a thought here:

  • 10% OFF just for you!
  • Your 10% discount is waiting for you
  • Treat yourself [emoji]
  • Did you say … Discount? [emoji]
  • A hint of what’s to come [emoji]
  • Hi [name]. Nice to have you with us
  • Hey [name]. Here’s your [lead magnet]!
  • Welcome [name]. Here’s your [%] off on us!
  • Welcome to [brand], [name]! Shop now [emoji]
  • Your [brand/product/purpose] journey starts here

You may always utilize a service like Omnisend's email subject line tester to help you come up with your ideal subject line if none of these templates appeal to you.

Email body templates

You should approach the primary email body text the same way you would a landing page: plain, with a single, obvious objective. Following that, we'll have a look at three fundamental templates that correspond to the key ideas in the aforementioned examples: presenting the brand narrative, arousing interest, or driving urgent sales.

Telling the brand story

Hey [name].

Welcome! I’m [founder of company]. Our journey started in [year] to [state mission/purpose]. 

Since then, [social proof statement, e.g., hundreds of thousands of customers use our products to…]. 

We’re so excited you’ve joined us! As a thank you, I’d like to offer you [discount] for your first order. Let's [brand purpose] together!

[founder name]

Urgency sales

Hey [name]!

[discount offer]

Welcome to [brand]! Thanks for signing up. We want you to have the best [product purpose] experience you’ve ever had. Treat yourself to [brand product] with [discount] off your first purchase.

Use code [discount code] at the checkout.

See you there!


Build curiosity

Hey [name],

Welcome to [brand/brand community]! You’ve joined an exclusive group of awesome people all working toward [brand purpose or addressing customer pain points].

In case you’re wondering, our product [ingredients/unique design] was created by [talk a little about your design process].

If you’re interested in finding out more, check out [link to About Us/blog post/product landing page].

Now that you’re part of our community, look out for exclusive offers and new release updates. (Don’t forget to add us to your contact list so we don’t end up in your junk mail!) 

Take care!


The simplicity of each of these templates allows you to adapt them to the requirements and products of your company. Just keep in mind that these are merely minor aspects of the welcome email experience as a whole and refer back to the preceding advice to make the most of them.

Four apps to build a welcome email series

All the applications you require to enhance your business are available in the Shopify App Store, and email marketing is one of the features that are particularly well-represented.

Here are four programs that will enable you to make automatic welcome emails for those who subscribe to your email list. To learn more about the applications and how to incorporate them into your business, click through the links provided.

  1. Shopify Email
  2. Klaviyo
  3. Constant Contact
  4. GetResponse

You can do a lot to send out excellent emails, and the tools are simple to incorporate into your store.

Lay the welcome mat for customers

Since your welcome email frequently marks the first occasion your brand is seen in a customer's jealously guarded inbox, you must earn that spot and make the message matter.

Even while a welcome email is important, it is ultimately only the first exchange in what will ideally be a long and rewarding relationship. Set the tone, make a strong statement, and give clients and subscribers motivation to return. After that, start working on routinely providing excellent newsletters to let subscribers know that giving you a chance to reach their mailbox was ultimately a smart move.

Welcome emails FAQ

What are the benefits of sending a welcome email?

New customers are introduced to your brand with welcome emails. When someone buys something or joins an email list, they leave a strong first impression. Customers are more open to receiving emails in the future as a result, which increases click-through rates, conversions, and unsubscribe rates.

How do I write a welcome email?

1- Set expectations
2- Make it mobile friendly
3- Use high-quality images
4- Have a clear call-to-action
5- Personalize your message
6- Write an engaging subject line
7- Showcase your value proposition
8- Send your welcome email immediately
9- Remind subscribers to remove you from filters

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