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Indeed, first impressions count. The initial point of contact with your brand is crucial in influencing a prospective customer's choice to learn more.

Your website's layout, navigation, and design could bring in or drive away a devoted customer. To create a new brand or rebrand an existing one, your online shop is crucial. By the time you get to this level, you've (hopefully) already finished the hardest part: defining your identity, your values, and the visual language that expresses it. You're prepared to transfer your distinct brand identity into a website after you've established it.

A website template is a blank slate that you may use to design your own website without any coding knowledge. It is not designed to confine you.

Most people are unable to afford a pricey, highly personalized, bespoke website. The majority of companies begin with a website template (or theme) and then modify it to meet their objectives.

How do you choose the best option for you? Here, we'll present you with the resources to choose a template that offers the functionalities you need to manage your business. Start by taking our interactive quiz, then keep reading for advice on how to make the most of your topic.

Pick the best website template for your online store

Your industry, product, budget, brand style, product catalog size, and unique feature requirements should all be taken into account while selecting the finest website template. These functions may include video embeds, a built-in age checker, a countdown to a flash sale, or a design that emphasizes brand narrative.

If you haven't established your brand narrative via a branding exercise, start there first. You may use it to respond to some of the questions we're going to ask you. All set? Take our quiz to find out your unique outcome.

Which Shopify theme is best for my store

Which Shopify theme is best for my store?

Tell us more about your business practices and brand style.
We'll recommend a Shopify theme that meets your needs.

I hope your suggestion is a fantastic match for your brand. Alternatively, experiment with other options in the Shopify Theme Store. To fit any brand, Shopify shops have access to more than 100 completely configurable eCommerce website themes. Themes make it easy for you to get started fast and affordably (you don't need to employ a professional).

We have released four free themes that are supported by Online Store 2.0 if you're starting on the cheap. All of these have distinctive qualities and are excellent places to start if you're still unsure:

  • Dawn is our most versatile, great for all catalog sizes and industries.
  • Crave is a bold theme that works well for food and drink brands.
  • Craft is a clean and minimal theme for maker brands that highlights storytelling.
  • Sense is a soft and fresh theme with powerful product page options.
website theme sense
One of four new free themes, Sense is ideal for beauty and health brands.

The only time you'll be charged for premium themes is if you put them live on your store. All themes are free to test out (some are free forever). Keep in mind that you may always change later as your brand develops, even if you start with a modest budget with a free theme.

Customize your theme with flexible designs

First off, disregard everything you've learned about website layouts! A website template is a blank slate that, contrary to what you would believe, gives you the freedom to design your own website without the need for technical knowledge. Shopify announced the release of Online Store 2.0 in 2021, which features a portfolio of new themes with a tonne of versatility and an upgraded theme editor.

Your site changes into a unique experience that is unrecognizable from the template you began with as you add your brand materials.

You may DIY professional-looking eCommerce design using Shopify's theme editor without any coding knowledge. To further modify product pages and other areas of your websites, drag & drop sections. Your site changes into a unique experience that is indistinguishable from the template you began with when you add your brand assets, including lifestyle images, product photos, videos, your logo, and more.

Each Shopify theme comes with a large font library already installed, and some have carefully chosen color options. For new website builders, a simplified palette helps reduce the abundance of options. Users with more experience may add external typefaces (this may require some basic code).

website templates blocks
In the Shopify Themes store, Cascade is one of several Online Store 2.0 themes that supports different layouts using drag-and-drop sections and blocks.

To fill up any content gaps, you may use free stock images from Burst that go well with your product photos. Think about collection thumbnails, blog posts, or page headings.

If you want expert assistance to make your theme appear exactly as you've envisioned it, another way is to hire a vetted designer or developer from the Shopify Experts Marketplace.

Superpower your website theme to do even more

The Shopify Themes store has movable app blocks (think of parts like text and photos) that support integrated apps from the Shopify App Store in all themes designated “Online Store 2.0.” You may add apps to make your theme work harder for you if the website template you choose only ticks the majority of the boxes on your list.

Imagine that you own a salon and wish to accept online appointment bookings in addition to selling customers hair care products online. Select a theme created for salons and spas, then add an appointment-making app to expand its capabilities.

website templates quiz app
The quiz app integration used by skin care brand Versed fits in well with the theme of its website.

There is a tonne of customer-facing plug-ins available in the Shopify App Store, like product recommender quizzes (like the one we created here), virtual fitting rooms, chatbots for customer support, and customer-directed returns portals. By integrating apps into your theme, you may create a unique shopping experience.

If none of the available themes and apps provide the experience you're after, a Shopify Expert may assist you in customizing a basic theme to take your unique requirements.

Remember: your theme is just one part of a cohesive brand story

The first time a prospective customer interacts with your brand may often not be on your site. The relationship can come to an abrupt end if they find your brand on Instagram and are moved to go further after arriving at a website that doesn't live up to their expectations. While initial impressions are important, a consistent customer experience will foster loyalty and trust.

While keeping in mind what works on each platform, weave your brand narrative across all potential encounters with your audience. One part of the puzzle is your website. Selecting the appropriate template as your starting point can not only streamline the website design experience but also establish the tone for a sustained relationship with your clients.

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