8 Best Facebook Ads Templates to Build Ad Campaigns

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The Facebook feed ad appears in users’ general feeds on desktop and mobile devices. For Facebook Feed advertising, you may utilize an image or a video.


A Facebook carousel ad is a sliding carousel that displays a sequence of photos or videos. Users may scroll through the content, which is divided into sections.


The Facebook right column ad is an image ad that appears to the right of the main Feed for desktop users. They’re little, but they’re able to hover in situ.


In-stream video advertising on Facebook is brief videos that display while a user is watching other videos on the social media platform.


You may also use Facebook Marketplace to create advertisements that appear alongside other user-generated for-sale listings.


Facebook Instant Experiences are full-screen, dynamic content experiences that emphasize multimedia, large images, and a mix of lifestyles and products.


Stories advertising will appear on Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp When a user is viewing Stories material on the app.


The Facebook collection ad style is a product and conversion-focused ad format that is great for ECommerce firms.

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Best Facebook Ads Templates to Build Ad Campaigns in 2022

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