Create a Twitter Marketing Strategy
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Is it better to tweet or not to tweet? That is the issue. You have many possibilities for your primary marketing channel, but have you considered Twitter?

According to research on Twitter user buying habits, four out of ten Twitter users purchased after seeing a product on the social media network. When a Twitter user is exposed to a brand's tweet, the likelihood of them purchasing a product improves by 2.7 times.

It's simple to understand why a retail owner might use Twitter with over 395 million members. Using Twitter, however, entails more than just sending out the occasional tweet. Use one or all of the 11 Twitter marketing strategies below to engage with your audience and improve online sales while increasing brand exposure and traffic.

What is a Twitter marketing strategy?

A Twitter marketing strategy is a strategy for creating and distributing content to your target audience and followers via the social media network.

When developing a Twitter marketing strategy for your online store, there may be a lot of moving parts to consider. Don't worry if you're feeling a little overwhelmed. The following are some crucial elements of a good Twitter campaign:

Use your Twitter account as another way to offer customer support. Give potential customers the option of contacting you via Twitter or a direct message (DM). On average, companies that use Twitter for customer service enjoy a 19 % increase in consumer satisfaction.

Publish a mix of educational and product posts. Aim for roughly 25% product tweets and 75% valuable content or lifestyle articles in your tweets. This can assist customers in visualizing and learning how to utilize your product effectively.

Retweet customer photos and positive tweets. This contributes to social evidence that actual people buy, utilize, and enjoy your company's products. You may re-post whatever a consumer shares on Instagram to your Twitter account as well. Remember to tag each consumer you repost and give a purchase link.

Spend time browsing related hashtags. If someone is seeking advice on where to buy new shoes, for example, you may respond to their tweet with a recommendation for your items. You may search the timeline for hashtags like #needshoes or #healthylivingtips to locate people who need assistance and are more open to your suggestions. Finding the right hashtags for your products and company can help your target market find you.

Fortunately, there are several ways to improve the effectiveness of your campaign and develop an efficient Twitter marketing strategy that may assist in converting profile visits into paying clients.

How to use Twitter for marketing

1- Take Twitter Flight School

If you're planning to begin a Twitter marketing campaign, set aside some time to attend Twitter Flight School. Flight School is a free online learning platform that teaches you all you need to know about Twitter advertising, as well as other topics. Whether you're new to Twitter or a seasoned marketer, there's a course to help you improve your abilities.

Take Twitter Flight School

When compared to Instagram, TikTok, or Google, Twitter marketing has a few important characteristics. Understanding the many types of sponsored advertisements available on Twitter will enhance your success on the network.

You may pick and choose the courses you wish to attend at Flight School. Live training, downloadable tools, success stories, and a personal roadmap are all included in each course to keep you encouraged.

2- Connect with influential accounts in your space

Many professional marketers use Twitter to build a network and communicate with like-minded people. If you want to raise brand exposure on the platform, speak with industry experts. Wait for people to come to you instead.

Spend time communicating with influential people in your industry who are typically difficult to contact. Journalists and writers are a good illustration of this. You will be disregarded if you send them a cold email. However, if you follow and react on Twitter, you'll frequently see them asking for questions, site sources, and so on.

It's worth more to your business to raise your presence among accounts that impact potential clients than it is to gain random followers.

3- Set up your profile like a legit business

When it comes to social media marketing, whether it's on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, having a professional-looking profile is crucial to growing a following. “Would I follow my business if I read its Twitter bio?” is an excellent question to ask yourself when creating your Twitter profile.

Yes, that should always be the response. Unprofessional-looking profiles are one reason that causes individuals to follow or unfollow companies on Twitter. Your display photo, header, biography, and Twitter handle are all included.

Warby Parker, a New York City-based internet eyewear company, has a basic yet striking profile. When someone visits their Twitter profile, the banner image shows their primary product in action, creating a great first impression. In their bio, which has a cheerful and welcoming vibe, you may get a feeling of what they stand for.

Warby Parker - Twitter Marketing

You may set two separate URLs for each account if you have numerous Twitter accounts, such as one for your main business and one for assistance. The URL can direct a Twitter user to the appropriate bot flow to assist them in achieving their objectives.

Remember that even if you tweet wonderful, trending tweets and earn some notoriety, if your profile isn't compelling enough for people to click Follow, you won't attract lifetime followers.

4- Use Twitter polls

Start utilizing Twitter Polls if you want to interact with your target demographic on Twitter. Twitter polls are a fun and easy method to learn more about people's thoughts on any issue. What to call your product, what your target audience prefers, and who they are.

Use Twitter polls

Ecommerce businesses may utilize Twitter polls in a few different ways:

Market research. Are you having trouble determining who your target audience is? Are you unsure what color to choose for your next product? Polls can provide you with such responses fast and for free.

Trending topics. Learn what your target audience thinks about the most recent industry news or developments.

Fast feedback. Find out what kind of material your audience wants to see from you and what drew them to your business in the first place. Utilize the data to enhance your digital marketing approach.

Fun. It's fine to ask a hilarious question solely to make your audience chuckle at times. You may conduct a simple A/B response survey to learn more about your clients' lifestyles.

It's a simple approach for advertisers to communicate with Twitter's audience and learn what they think. It's a great approach to get your brand voice heard if you're new to the social media platform.

5- Use hashtags wisely

For Twitter promotion, don't be hesitant to crank up your hashtag game. Relevant hashtags are a great way to join in on relevant Twitter conversations and make it easier for potential customers to find you.

Use hashtags wisely

To find the optimal hashtags for each post, use a program like Hashtagify. If you have a blog, use the hashtags to promote it on Twitter. If you mention influencers in the article, include them in the tweet and you could get it retweeted.

6- Create Tweet threads

Tweet threads are a fun phenomenon that allows marketers and business owners to be more creative with their Twitter marketing strategies. A typical tweet is restricted to 280 characters, while a Tweet thread is an almost limitless collection of cohesive tweets.

Threads on Twitter may be about anything. Consider @getquip, a toothbrush subscription service. The toothbrush company designed a thread that matched the colors of Rihanna's clothing.

Create Tweet threads

Some Tweets are simply more effective as collections than as advertisements. You submit each element as part of a larger topic with a Tweet thread. Every single Tweet you send pulls attention back to your complete Twitter campaign.

7- Run Twitter ads

Consider purchasing Twitter advertisements to enhance brand recognition and product demand. While most Twitter users don't buy directly from the network, it has become a popular resource for shoppers during the buying process.

Consider Sonos, a company that sells wireless speakers and home audio systems. During the pre-holiday months, the business sought to release a voice-controlled smart speaker. Sonos released a video short advertising the Sonos One to address a certain tech-savvy demographic on the site.

The video was seen 12.7 million times and resulted in the following:

  • 58% higher view rate.
  • 2.5 times stronger purchase intent.
  • 10% boost in positive brand sentiment.

On Twitter, you can also launch remarketing ad campaigns that target:

  • Cart abandoners
  • Past website visitors
  • Newsletter recipients
  • People who’ve engaged with your tweets

8- Engage in a Twitter chat

Interacting with your audience is what engagement is all about, and Twitter chats are perfect for that. Twitter chats, also known as Tweet chats, are Twitter conversations centered on a pre-determined topic that employ particular hashtags to assist users to follow the thread.

Once a week, Twitter talks are usually held. The host or brand will pose a question (Q1, Q2, etc.) to the chat participants, who will react using (A1, A2, etc.).

Twitter chats are excellent for bringing together a certain target group. People are already familiar with the issue, are engaged on social media in real-time, and are on the lookout for new people to follow.

It's a low-effort, high-value strategy for marketers to communicate with a segmented audience and give them the chance to connect with them. Furthermore, they may assist in the development of your entire marketing strategy by knowing more about your clients and what inspires them to purchase.

9- Use Twitter marketing tools

You'll want to use a variety of Twitter marketing strategies to expand your Twitter audience. These technologies make it simple to locate new audiences, engage with them, and integrate them into your digital marketing ecosystem.

Here are some of the best Twitter marketing tools:

Agorapulse is a social media management tool that works with all of the main social media networks, including Twitter You may simply schedule tweets for later distribution. You may also keep an eye on brand mentions and furious customer tweets to snuff out little flames before they turn into major issues.

TweetDeck is a Twitter management and scheduling application that was created just for Twitter. is where you may log in with your Twitter account. Tweets may be scheduled, and mentions, messages, and lists can be tracked.

ClickToTweet allows you to generate shareable links that your audience can effortlessly tweet.

Hashtagify is a Twitter marketing tool that provides statistics on Twitter and Instagram hashtags. You enter a hashtag you're interested in on the site, and the tool will offer you metrics about it, including hashtag popularity, related hashtags, influencers who rank for a hashtag, and more.

Don't forget to go into your Twitter analytics once you've completed your toolset.

10- Create strategic Twitter lists

Lists are a technique to segregate and identify groups with similar interests among the social network's millions of members. You may monitor the updates of a group of Twitter users who share a common interest using Twitter lists. You may make public and private Twitter lists with up to 500 individuals each.

By selecting the settings wheel symbol next to the Follow button on their profile, you may add someone to a Twitter list. Others can also add you to their Twitter lists.

Here are some examples of how lists may be used:

  • Create a private Twitter list of your competitors to follow and watch their changes without making them public.
  • Make a private list of the top influencers in your sector or industry and reach out to them to promote your company.
  • Create a private list of your current customers so you can simply interact with them and communicate with them.
  • Make a public list of the brands your company sells so you can keep up with their newest news and goods.
  • To learn about new locations or rules, create a public list of establishments that offer your brand.

11- View your Twitter Analytics

Whatever Twitter marketing method you choose, you'll want to target a certain demographic with your Twitter content. Twitter Analytics can show you which posts generated the most impressions and reactions, as well as how many people visited your profile.

You may utilize this knowledge to create additional content that your target audience will enjoy. The top Twitter Analytics metrics for businesses, according to Buffer, are:

  • Video completion rate
  • Tweet reach percentage
  • Top interests of followers
  • Engagement and like rates
  • Best days for engagement
  • Impressions and engagement by the time of day

Consider what KPIs in Twitter Analytics correspond with your overall marketing strategy goals. This can help you gain a better understanding of your campaigns and enhance their success over time.

Setting up your Twitter account

It's simpler for Twitter users to find and communicate with your company if you optimize your profile. It may also assist develop a professional and consistent company image when used in conjunction with other optimized social media accounts.

Setting up a basic Twitter account is simple, but optimizing it for business requires some knowledge. Whether you're new to Twitter or have been using it for years, these pointers will help you get the most out of your account.

Your Username

Your username, often known as your handle, is a one-of-a-kind identification that begins with the @ sign. This is how other Twitter users will refer to you and address you.

While there are over 390 million monthly active users on Twitter, over a billion people have joined up, resulting in over a billion unique usernames. That means you'll have to be inventive when coming up with a username because your ideal one is almost certainly already used.

For consistency and branding considerations, using the same username across all of your social sites is great.

Consider adding a unique identifier (@WeAreIvyPark) to common names that may already be used, such as Beyonce's athletic label Ivy Park. Other possibilities are @GetIvyPark and @WearIvyPark. Keep in mind that having a consistent username across all social media platforms is desirable; try your best!

Consider the following tips:

  • Make it related to your company's image. Customers may actively seek you out, so make it simple for them. An individual account with no connection to the shoe manufacturer owns @Aldo. Instead, Aldo, the firm formed @Aldo Shoes. Simple, relevant, and accessible.
  • Make an initial out of unimportant and generic words. Social Media Examiner could have gotten @SocialMediaExaminer, but it chose @SMExaminer instead, which is more clear and short.

Twitter has realized that having a unique username isn't the only method for users to locate one other. Twitter's sophisticated search feature mixes brand names and keywords and has hundreds of millions of users.

LeBron James' Twitter handle is @KingJames, and his 51 million followers appear to know where to find him. Because Twitter's search feature is so amazing, failing to find the right username isn't the end of the world. Remember that you may change your username at any time in your Twitter settings.

Profile Photo

Your profile photo is a square image that shows on your Twitter profile and next to your Tweets. Use your company logo or anything very closely related to your brand because it's one of the easiest methods to identify an account. The recommended size is 400 by 400 pixels.

Optimization tip: Use the same profile photo across all of your social media platforms to establish strong branding and consistency.


On Twitter, your bio is a 160-character summary of your company. It shows beneath your profile photo and in search results on Twitter and Google.

Your Twitter bio should include links to your website and @mentions to other Twitter accounts linked to your company, as well as links to your website and @mentions to other Twitter accounts related to your business. This strategy will provide you more visibility in places where simply your bio is shown (such as Twitter's search results). You may also use a hashtag to make you stand out. Later, we'll talk about #hashtags.

Customers may locate your profile on Twitter, which encourages them to visit your website. Make yours with care.

Optimization tip: Consider your competition if you're unsure what to mention in your Twitter profile. Rival IQ, for example, may give you a fast look at rival companies' profiles and inform you when they change.

Header Photo

The enormous picture at the top of your Twitter profile is your header photo. The recommended size is 1500 by 500 pixels.

Your banner photo may be used to highlight new items or to bring attention to fresh sales and deals. Check your header photo in both desktop and mobile browsers to confirm it scales correctly.

Optimization tip: You may utilize free programs like Canva to upload your background picture (or use one provided by Canva) and overlay it with text if you don't have graphic design abilities.


You may change the background picture, color, and link colors on your Twitter profile in the Design settings. You may also use these options to match your profile's background color to your header picture and alter the link color to something that complements your company's logo.

Making the most of your Twitter marketing

Twitter marketing is a powerful tool for promoting and expanding your small business. Twitter, like any other social media marketing platform, has its own set of ideas and approaches for achieving success. You'll be well on your way to a successful campaign if you follow the Twitter marketing recommendations above, whether you're a digital marketing novice or a seasoned master.

Twitter marketing FAQ

How to use Twitter marketing?

Using Twitter to promote your business may help you expand your audience, improve website traffic, and increase sales. You may promote your account to gain new followers or increase the exposure of certain tweets.

What are some of the Twitter marketing challenges?

Maintaining a Twitter presence requires dedication. Tweets garner a lot of attention immediately initially but then fade away. Even if they are online, people may miss your tweets.

How much does marketing on Twitter cost?

Twitter marketing is completely free. You only have to pay for advertisements if you choose to run them.

What are the most effective Twitter marketing strategies?

1- Use hashtags
2- Run Twitter ads
3- Optimize your bio
4- Complete your Twitter profile
5- Post creative product and behind-the-scenes content

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