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How to Start Affiliate Marketing: You've undoubtedly already heard tales of bloggers and website owners making a fortune online. Although there are many ways to monetize a website, affiliate marketing is one of the best.

As a refresher, affiliate marketing is when you promote the products or services of another company on your website or social media account in exchange for a commission from the seller.

Sales of affiliate marketing are increasing more quickly than ever, and by 2022, it is anticipated that 8.2 billion US dollars will have been spent overall.

This post is for you if you recently launched a website and are ready to increase your traffic and begin earning affiliate commissions.

4 steps to get start affiliate marketing

This guide will walk you through the steps necessary to get started, including how to:

1. Choose a niche

The adage “jack of all trades, master of none” is well known. This notion holds in a variety of circumstances, particularly when it comes to growing an audience.

When you constantly promote things as an affiliate marketer, it's challenging to establish trust. You will show yourself as a person who only wants to make sales rather than as an industry or specialty authority.

Selecting a specialty and concentrating your material on a single area of expertise is a superior strategy. Consider choosing a specialty that you are enthusiastic about, in which you have skills, or where you already have a following.

Consider the case when you have a fantastic trip Instagram account. The ideal niche would be starting a travel blog and offering affiliate travel-related items.

Whatever your area, it's important to focus on it if you want to establish yourself as an authority and generate revenue.

2. Build a website

Online affiliate marketing is practiced. Even while it's feasible to make money as an affiliate marketer on your social media platforms, if you don't have a website, you're losing out on sales.


You may create a single, central spot on the internet where you can attract a sizable, engaged audience by creating a website. Additionally, you may increase your chances of making purchases by using the strength of other digital marketing initiatives to bring in more visitors to your website.

Before creating a website, you must locate a trustworthy web hosting package from a provider like Hostinger. It is adequate to start with a shared web hosting package if you are just getting started with your website and don't yet have a large following.

You may scale your web hosting plan by switching to a VPS hosting or dedicated hosting plan as soon as your audience starts to expand and you start receiving more traffic.

The nicest thing about creating a website nowadays is that it's affordable, and you can even construct a beautiful site yourself.

You need a website if you want to increase your sales through affiliate marketing, regardless of whether you use WordPress or a website builder to create it.

3. Join affiliate programs

There are different affiliate program kinds accessible if you're wondering how to start affiliate marketing. The wonderful thing is that you can sign up for many. Your choices and your specialty will determine the kind of affiliate programs you join.

There are several crucial things to understand before devoting your entire time and attention to affiliate marketing. Think about the following:

  • Most affiliate programs review your information. Most merchants will look at your website when you apply to be an affiliate for them to determine whether it's a suitable fit. Do not spend your time applying if you are aware that you are not a good fit.
  • Commissions vary from program to program. You won't get compensated at a defined rate if you work as an affiliate marketer. The affiliate program you join, the level of competition, and the products you sell all affect how much you are paid. Do your research to make sure the affiliate commission is sufficient.
  • Earnings depend on your reach. How big of an audience you have will determine how much money you can make with different vendors. This implies that you'll have more possibilities to earn sales the more you advertise your website and social media accounts and develop a devoted audience.

You might now be asking how to begin submitting applications for affiliate programs. Starting with a fast Google search for affiliate programs in your field is one of the greatest ways to get started.

However, some affiliate marketing schemes provide something for everyone. Check out the affiliate programs listed below.

1. Amazon Associates – Amazon’s affiliate marketing program

Amazon Associates
Start Affiliate Marketing with Amazon Associates

Since Amazon is so prevalent, businesses find it challenging to compete. The good news is this. Even while Amazon dominates the e-commerce industry, anybody may sell there.

This implies that you may still advertise and generate sales for a product or service you love even if the seller doesn't provide an affiliate program. However, they do sell on Amazon.

Anyone wishing to profit from affiliate marketing must sign up with Amazon Associates.

2. Walmart Affiliate Program & Target Partners

affiliates walmart

Given that almost everyone purchases at Walmart and Target, they have a comparable allure to Amazon. Customers adore the large selection of goods that Walmart and Target provide.

Consider taking the effort to sign up for the Target Partners program and the Walmart Affiliate Program when you're building up your website and social media profiles.

partners target

This will enable you to insert your affiliate link and earn a commission anytime you buy a niche-related item that your audience should be aware of.

3. Software or business services affiliate programs

Joining an affiliate network for software or business service that is related to your specialty is one of the finest methods to earn money through affiliate marketing.

The reason? The majority of people in your field will find these affiliate programs helpful, and they frequently pay handsomely.

For example, I am a freelance writer. Among other things, my followers wish to develop a website for freelance writing, issue bills, make courses, gather data, and generate leads.

It makes sense for me to advertise the software and business services that help me manage my business as I instruct other freelance writers on how to create a successful business with the appropriate software and services. I can make money while I'm at it if I include an affiliate link in my lesson. Win-win.

I could advertise some of the following niche-related business tools:

  • HostGator: Every independent writer must have a website. Period. I could produce a tutorial that includes my affiliate link and instructs aspiring independent authors on how to start a website on HostGator. I would receive a commission when a new freelancer uses HostGator to sign up for site hosting.
  • Constant Contact: I use email marketing to advertise digital items to a readership as a freelance writer. I also show other independent authors how to use email marketing to reach a sizable readership. I could write a blog article outlining the advantages of using a program like Constant Contact for email marketing and add my affiliate link.

For software and commercial services, there are thousands of different affiliate programs. Searching on Google for the tools you use to see if they offer an affiliate marketing program is an excellent place to start. Many of them will.

4. Grow your audience

How many affiliate links you include in a blog article is irrelevant. Without an audience, no one will visit your website, making it tough to generate revenue.

These suggestions can assist you in expanding your audience:

  • Grow your social following. Social media is more popular than ever. With the popularity of TikTok, Instagram, and Snapchat, it's now feasible to draw in thousands of followers. Utilize your social media following to increase website traffic.
  • Post consistently. For well-known bloggers and social media influencers, consistency is key. Spend some time creating a content calendar for your blog and social media updates. After that, follow your schedule. Give the populace their wish.
  • Create excellent content. Although content is ubiquitous, it is still king. It makes no difference how many creators there are. You'll observe audience growth as long as you continue to provide material that people enjoy, share links to intriguing products, and cater to their needs.

You'll watch your affiliate sales soar and your business take off as long as you keep expanding your audience and providing top-notch content.

Build your website with Hostinger today!

Always keep in mind that one of the most crucial aspects of affiliate marketing is having a website where you can direct your followers to read content and make purchases.

With 99% uptime, Hostinger is a trustworthy web hosting provider. Check out our hosting packages right away, and contact us if you need assistance choosing one.

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