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An active social media presence is essential for creating your brand and growing your audience, especially for small businesses. However, it may be challenging to maintain the speed that various social media networks need, particularly while juggling the demands of running a business. “Social Media Management Tools“.

Utilizing these social media management tools can support your marketing initiatives and help you get the most out of the time spent growing social media interaction.

The 14 best social media management tools

The following social media management tools may support many facets of your social strategy, from scheduling to content generation, as you develop the toolkit that will best enable you to manage your entire marketing strategy and create marketing campaigns.

Best tools for creating social media posts 

1. Product Video Maker

Easy video maker to create stunning text videos
Product Video Maker

Tools that allow speedy video content production might benefit you and your business as video content gains significance (54% of people want to see video content from businesses, according to Hubspot).

You may create product videos with text using Product Video Maker to advertise sales and the introduction of new products or to showcase product endorsements and reviews. It is fast and straightforward to use because of its drag-and-drop movie production tool.

Pricing: There are two price categories available for Product Video Maker: free and business.

  • Product Video Maker (free): More than 200 motion graphic templates, live chat, and email support are all included with the free plan, along with two branded free videos per month.
  • Product Video Maker Business: 10 branded-free videos every month, the option to apply your own brand's fonts and colors, and fast captioning are all included in the $390 annual subscription.

2. Canva

canva Social Media Management Tools

No design expertise? No issue! Canva is an easy-to-use tool that enables small businesses to easily produce sophisticated visuals that are ready for social media. Regardless of your level of ability, Canva is easy to use and learn.

Canva offers a collection of templates with pre-sized images for all social media platforms, as well as a wide selection of predefined layouts and backdrops. Additionally, it has a simple drag-and-drop user interface that enables you to easily create, modify, and tweak your social media material until it is precisely what you had in mind.

Pricing: Canva offers three price tiers: free, pro, and enterprise.

  • Canva (free): With more than 250,000 free templates and more than 100 design types, including some that are ideal for social media postings, Canva's free plan is appropriate for teams of one to five people.
  • Canva Pro: Canva Pro has more design components and templates, as well as premium editing tools, and it costs $129.99 per year.
  • Canva Enterprise: Canva's Enterprise tool has a minimum user requirement of 25 people and costs $30 per user each month.

Best tools for engaging with people on social media

3. Shopify Inbox

Shopify Inbox Social Media Management Tools
Shopify Inbox

A customer communication tool called Shopify Inbox enables you to have live chats with present or potential customers through social media platforms, right from your Shopify admin. This may help you in completing a deal, responding to any unanswered inquiries, or assisting with customer support questions that arise while a potential customer is choosing between products or services.

“If someone stops by to ask a question, they are likely seriously considering making a purchase.” Having their questions addressed, being informed of a restock, etc., while also knowing that they're really speaking with a real person on the other end of the page, is good. It was an excellent tool. Shopify's Inbox is nice. Room Shop's founder, Shelly Horst,

Pricing: Shopify Inbox is free for anyone with a Shopify store.

✨ Turn chats into checkouts with Shopify Inbox

Customers who are making a purchase represent 70% of inbox chats. Chat with shoppers and increase sales by using the free messaging app Inbox, which links to your online store and social media.

4. ShareThis Share Buttons

ShareThis Share Buttons

If you run an online store, your product pages give prospective customers a fantastic chance to recommend the products they think their friends, family, or followers would share. By doing this, you increase the visibility of your store online and provide customers with a simple way to promote their purchases.

Share Right Get it from the Shopify App Store to integrate this into your Shopify store.

Pricing: Free for folks who have a Shopify store

Best tools for social media measurement and analytics

5. Sprout Social

Sprout: Social Media Management Tools
Sprout Social

The powerful social media management tool Sprout Social allows you to plan posts and monitor analytics information on the effectiveness of individual posts and social profiles. It is an excellent social media marketing platform for individuals who wish to analyze content performance and deliver analytics to other business partners because of its analytics capabilities (such as its post-performance report and readily downloaded report PDFs).

It's an all-in-one platform that can assist you in managing everything, from managing your social media content calendar to communicating with prospective customers to scheduling posts in advance, so you won't have to worry about developing and publishing content throughout each busy day.

Pricing: A 30-day free trial is available for Sprout Social. Following that, there are three distinct price tiers:

  • Sprout Standard: Up to five social media accounts, reporting, scheduling, publishing, and a social inbox are included for $89 per user each month.
  • Sprout Professional: Up to 10 profiles, more robust analysis and reporting, and personalized workflows are included for $149 per user each month.
  • Sprout Advanced: $249 per user per month, which includes extra services like automatic link tracking, chatbots, and automation tools.

6. HubSpot

hubspot: Social Media Management Tools

Another strong social media management platform is HubSpot, which offers analytics that shows you which strategies work best with your target demographic. It also interacts with your ecommerce shop if you use Shopify.

Pricing: For its marketing software, HubSpot provides four distinct price tiers:

  • HubSpot (free): HubSpot’s free plan gets you to access to a selection of tools.
  • HubSpot Starter: $45 per month.
  • HubSpot Professional: $800 per month.
  • HubSpot Enterprise: $3,200 per month.

Best tools for selling and social commerce

7. Sauce Social Commerce by SNPT

Sauce Social Commerce by SNPT

If you operate an online store, your potential customers likely want to know two things: that other people have purchased and enjoyed your items, and that they can see how they work in real-world situations.

To give the kind of social evidence that may eliminate doubt and encourage trust, Sauce Social Commerce enables you to seamlessly integrate user-generated content from your social media channels into your online store.

Pricing: Installing Sauce Social Commerce is free; however, there is an in-app option to upgrade to premium features.

8. Instagram Feed, Story & TikTok by Socialhead

Socialhead - Social Media Management Tools

Use this tool from Socialhead to embed your social feeds from Instagram and TikTok into your online store to boost social proof.

The tool also lets you make your Instagram feed shoppable, giving your social media fans a convenient experience. They may simply tap on an item to receive additional details without leaving the Instagram app if they see it and like it. You may also use the tool to make “hot badges” that show your favorite items.

Pricing: There are two price points for Instagram Feed, Story, and TikTok from Socialhead: free and standard.

  • Socialhead (free): Analytics, one feed, and daily auto refreshes are all part of the free package.
  • Socialhead Standard: The Standard edition, which costs $9.90 a month, allows you to use the tool on TikTok as well as incorporate up to two streams.

Best social media management tools for advertising

9. Facebook channel by Shopify

Facebook - Social Media Management Tools

The Shopify Facebook tool makes it simple to connect your Facebook ads to your Shopify store, allowing you to easily promote your products on Facebook and Instagram. Because of this, it's simple to monitor the sales you generate from Facebook and Instagram ads directly within your Shopify store.

Obtain Instagram Shopping approval, then tag your products for sale inside the Instagram app. To accurately represent your business, design a unique storefront for your shop on Facebook and Instagram.

Pricing: Installing the app is free; any money you spend on Facebook ads is charged to your ad account.

10. Snapchat Ads

Snapchat Ads
Snapchat Ads

Utilize the Snapchat Ads tool to advertise to Snapchat users and reach your business with paid Snapchat ads.

To attract new customers, promote dynamic shopping ads and brand awareness products.

Pricing: Installation of the app is free. Any extra fees will be disclosed inside the app.

11. AdRoll


You can create ad campaigns, retarget website visitors, recover abandoned carts, and manage ads across your social media accounts on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, TikTok, and Instagram thanks to AdRoll, which has received approval from Shopify Plus.

AdRoll provides features including audience targeting, a list builder, centralized contacts, and a campaign performance dashboard (across many media).

Pricing: AdRoll has two alternative pricing tiers: its Marketing and Ads+ tier, which costs $40 per month, and its free install tier.

  • AdRoll (free): Installing the app is free, but you'll install ads depending on the spending limit you choose. Access to retargeting ads, contextual targeting, and campaign reporting are just a few of the features available in the free plan.
  • AdRoll Marketing and Ads+: This tier, which costs $40 per month, includes features like cross-channel reporting, email marketing, linked social ads, and monthly ad credits.

Best social media pixel tool

12. Multi Facebook Pixels by Omega


Using Multi-Facebook Pixels, you can install pixels that send data to Facebook. Additionally, the tool offers an analytics dashboard where you can track the performance of your pixels.

Pricing: There is only one pricing tier, a few add-ons, and a seven-day free trial option for Multi Facebook Pixels. You'll have to pay extra for items like feed URLs and catalogs, which start at $8.99 per month.

Best all-around social media tools

13. Buffer


Buffer is the ideal social media scheduling tool for small companies since it is both cost-effective and simple to use. For users who pay a fee, it offers further features, including analytics and exportable reports.

You may use Buffer to plan content for your accounts on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

Additionally, Buffer includes a helpful browser plugin that makes it simple to share content with just one click. Buffer provides team and agency plans that are ideal for team collaboration if you simply require a few team members to participate on a few social media accounts.

Pricing: Buffer is one of the most feature-rich but cost-robust social media management tools available today because of its four pricing tiers, one of which is a fully free plan.

  • Buffer (free): The free edition of Buffer includes a landing page builder and three channels with simple publishing tools.
  • Buffer Essentials: The Buffer Essentials plan also includes analytics and engagement tools, and it costs $5 a month for each social media channel. It's free for 14 days to try.
  • Buffer Team: You can have an infinite number of team members, exportable reports, and collaborative draughts for $10 per month per social channel. It's free for 14 days to try.
  • Buffer Agency: The agency plan, which costs $100 per month for 10 social networks, offers individualized access and permissions.

14. Hootsuite


You already have enough on your plate as an entrepreneur. It's unlikely that you have the time to update your social media accounts and post new content every single minute of the day.

You must be able to keep up, however, since posting content to your social media profiles on a frequent basis is essential for maintaining contact with your audience and keeping your business at the top of consumers' minds. Hootsuite is a reliable social media marketing tool that will enable you to manage your accounts while on the road.

The five essential functions of Hootsuite are publishing, engaging, monitoring, marketing, and analyzing. You may use it to manage your complete social media schedule or just publish posts.

Social media management tools FAQ

What are social media management tools?

An online tool for planning, monitoring, publishing, and analyzing social media content is known as a social media management tool.

What are the different types of social media management tools?

There are several types of social media tools available. The key tool categories support social media selling, enhancing interaction, managing a social media schedule, creating content, reporting, and analytics.

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