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For mobile-obsessed teenagers, Snapchat is so much more than just a simple picture-sharing app. Additionally, it offers fantastic opportunities for businesses to connect with younger consumers and build tight-knit communities. And there are many opportunities for it given the site's more than 616 million users. “Snapchat Marketing“.

While having tens of thousands of likes on a Facebook page or thousands of followers on Instagram may significantly boost your reputation and give your brand a more trustworthy appearance, Snapchat's value comes socially.

Snapchat allows you to interact with a smaller community of your top fans—people who are truly interested in what you're doing—instead of amassing a large number of followers.

These fans are more valuable because they are more likely to spread the word about your brand rather than merely because current customers are 60–70% more likely to buy new ones.

This thorough manual will assist you in getting started and creating a Snapchat marketing strategy that will connect with and engage the audience that your company is trying to reach.

What is Snapchat?

Snapchat is a social media platform that enables users to communicate text messages, videos, and images to specific individuals or groups of people. The unique selling point is that the material vanishes after 10 seconds, making it the ideal platform for sharing real-time pictures.

Snapchat has several features that brands may take advantage of, including Stories (which don't vanish after 10 seconds and can be replayed for up to 24 hours), Memories (which can be stored for later viewing), and Snapchat filters and stickers.

Why is Snapchat good for marketing?

Snapchat is effective for marketing because its “walled garden” only draws your most devoted fans, instills a sense of impending doom in them, and fosters a real bond, unlike any other social media platform.

Numerous other advantages also make Snapchat marketing a no-brainer:

  • Content on Snapchat expires, The lack of a traditional “feed” that shows your Snapchat past makes content consumption seem more urgent.
  • Snapchat has creative editing options that not only allow you to add facial recognition “lenses” for films and location, speed, and time-based filters but also let you doodle on your snaps and add emojis and text, among other features.
  • Custom geofilters let you brand user-generated content by enabling fans at your physical shop or another location to add a branded filter. Once your customized filter has been accepted, encourage your fans to use it.
  • You can send snaps to specific followers or compile a story with a variety of images and movies that your followers may view before it disappears after 24 hours.
  • You can communicate one-on-one via a live video conversation that is more convenient and personal than Instagram Direct or via messenger with text (and a great addition to your Snapchat marketing strategy).
  • The inherent low threshold for quality keeps Snapchat genuine by focusing more on sharing original thoughts and experiences than always striving to be Instagram-worthy.

Snapchat for Business: How to Start

    1. Download the Snapchat app.

    2. Click “Sign Up” to create a new account.

    Snapchat Marketing 1

    3. Your account name (we recommend treating your business as if it were a person so that any future employees or team members can access it).

    Name your account

    4. Use the birthdate of your company (Snapchat users must be at least 13 years old; if your company is younger than that, choose another significant date).

    5. Choose your Snapchat username (you can't alter it after you've made an account, so be sure to choose a name that fits your company's brand).

    6. Choose a password (do not use a personal password since you may have members of your team login into the same account).

    7. Your account must be linked to a phone number or email address to use Snapchat. We recommend using an email address created especially for social media accounts.

    email address set up

    8. Confirm you’re not a robot, and off you go!

    Getting started with Snapchat Business Manager

    Worldwide brands have access to Snapchat's Business Manager function. You may configure Snapchat advertisements, get a better analytical understanding, and access additional marketing options.

    You'll want a standard Snapchat account to get started (follow the handy steps above). After that, you may set up a Snapchat business account. Use your usual username and password to get into your Snapchat account. Next, input your business name and email address. Finally, choose the business you're in and the currency you want to use. Your Snapchat business account will be established after you click “Next.”

    Snapchat Business Manager

    Build and carry out your Snapchat marketing strategy

    Snapchat is excellent for fostering a sense of community and building deeper relationships with a younger audience. Think about how you'll use the platform to accomplish your overall business objectives, whether they be more engagement, higher website traffic, or improved brand recognition.

    First, plot out a top-level Snapchat marketing strategy focused on:

    • Your target audience: With 59% of its users under 25, Snapchat is renowned for its young audience base. Think about who you want to reach within that age range, and go beyond that. College students, perhaps? young working adults? Game-obsessed teenagers?
    • Your goals: Your Snapchat objective will influence the kind of content you produce and how you use the platform. For instance, you may prioritize surveys, tests, and interactive content if you want to raise engagement.
    • Your content: Snapchat is a unique social media platform that calls for unique content. You may reuse Reels and TikTok films, but you should also create a library of content tailored to Snapchat.

    Then, to maximize the Snapchat marketing opportunity, follow these seven critical steps:

    1. Generate your custom Snapcode

    Scratching your head at the term “Snapcode”?

    People can follow you on Instagram just as they can on other social media platforms once they know your distinct handle, so post it on social media or include it in your profile.

    Even better, each Snapchat account comes with a unique Snapcode that enables others to add you by simply “snapping” it. To draw attention to your Snapchat presence, you may temporarily make your Snapcode your profile image. You might also upload it as a picture and invite other Snapchat users to follow you.

    Taco Bell Canada

    Download your Snapcode here and put it where your audiences might see it. 

    2. Access your Snapchat analytics

    You have access to more detailed analytics via your Snapchat business account, allowing you to monitor what is working and what is not.

    Snapchat has three main metrics from which you can gain insights:

    • Views are more valuable as a measure since they are more engaged here than on the majority of other channels.
    • Screenshots notify you when a Snap is saved for later.
    • Replays tell you when someone plays your Snap again, whether it's because they missed it the first time or they want to enjoy it again.

    Your Story allows you to see exactly which of your followers saw each Snap, giving you some useful information about who your actual fans are.

    Although you cannot create outbound clicks using Snapchat, you may try inserting shortened URLs that you can track through Bitly and other services in your captions. You can also use Snapchat-specific promo codes for more quantifiable results.

    3. Create engaging content

    Since it first debuted, Snapchat has introduced a variety of interesting features, giving you plenty of chances to make dynamic and engaging content. 250 million Snapchat users engage daily with the augmented reality features of the platform, according to Snapchat's 2022 investor presentation.

    Consider experimenting with some of these:

    • Lenses, for animated features and special effects. Every week, a new Snapchat lens is released based on what's popular.
    • Filters, to add visual appeal to your photos.
    • Polling, to promote participation and learn more about your fans.
    Create engaging content

    Furthermore, Snapchat allows you to share unique, creative Snaps with only your most devoted followers, such as:

    • A glance inside your corporate culture or the content used to make your goods, as well as humorous images, selfies, and amusing moments from a day in the life
    • How-to content that demonstrates your expertise while teaching your target audience something new
    • Teasers are released in advance of a product launch to generate anticipation and give followers a sense of exclusivity.
    • allowing people to view your merchandise in the real world via product placements. (You may also get Snapchat influencers to take part in this.)
    • coverage of an event that may be published as a story.
    • Content created by users that highlights your clients' experiences
    • You may offer special discount codes to an influencer on Snapchat so they can share them with their audience or share them with your own followers.
    • Contest details to encourage other Snapchatters to submit user-generated content.

    4. Experiment with Snapchat ads

    You may target specific Snapchat users with Snapchat ads based on their location, interests, age, language, and even the type of device they use. With its multi-country, metro, or point radius capabilities that enable you to target users that are around an address, location targeting is quite specific.

    Experiment with Snapchat ads

    There are many different ad formats available on Snapchat, including video ads and Snapchat Stories. Through your Snapchat business account, you may generate ads similar to those on other social media platforms.

    5. Get local with custom Geo Stories

    Want to increase the number of customers that visit your physical store? Your marketing efforts might be strengthened with the support of Snapchat's customized Geo Stories. To identify users who are close to your shop, you may enter a specific address with a point radius around it or tag a location (such as a town, city, or neighborhood). For example, you might conduct specific programs in Manhattan and Brooklyn. This is a terrific method for creating local Snapchat marketing campaigns for targeted consumers.

    Get local with custom Geo Stories

    6. Share behind-the-scenes stories

    Snapchat is known as the “behind-the-scenes” platform because of its transient nature. Since content doesn't last forever, you can afford to be sincere and genuine with it. By doing so, you increase your credibility and build trust while forging deeper ties with your fans.

    Offer exclusive sneak previews of new lines, have a major reveal for your most loyal fans, or consider providing behind-the-scenes videos of your goods, showing how they're manufactured and what your team gets up to.

    Share behind the scenes stories

    7. Partner with Snapchat influencers

    Compared to only 38% of consumers who trust sponsored content, 61% of consumers trust recommendations from influencers. By collaborating with relevant influencers who can promote your brand and products, you can incorporate influencer marketing into your Snapchat strategy.

    Here are some tips for a successful Snapchat influencer campaign:

    • Tap into micro- and nano-influencers. These accounts often have more active followings and have between 1,000 and 100,000 followers.
    • Choose influencers in your niche. Find influencers whose followers will be interested in your products (don't only choose influencers based on their stats).
    • Share content ideas. Provide influencers with content inspiration so they can make useful Instagram snaps using your brand's name and products.

    Get started with Snapchat marketing

    Being honest is the key to winning in content marketing in all of its forms.

    To build a sizable following somewhere else, you might establish a blog, upload pictures to Instagram, or do any number of other things. But if you are aware that you have brand devotees, think about stepping up your Snapchat game.

    On Snapchat, anybody who's prepared to cross the divide and hang out with you on the other side is unquestionably much more engaged than someone who just followed you in the hopes of getting a follow in return.

    Plan your Snapchat marketing approach after setting up your Snapchat for a business account to identify your target audience and how to reach them. From there, you may look through sponsored content in the area called Discover and use Snapchat ads to promote yourself without compromising the integrity of the platform.

    Your success with Snapchat marketing will depend on your ability to be creative, interact with your audience frequently, and use analytics to focus even more on effective content.

    Snapchat marketing FAQ

    Can Snapchat be used for marketing?

    Snapchat is a great marketing tool, yes. With its interesting features, you may make interactive posts and establish personal connections with your most devoted followers.

    What are the benefits of Snapchat for marketing?

    amplifying brand awareness Gain the trust of a younger audience. Converse directly with customers. Share genuine content with options for engaging and creative editing. Use bespoke geofilters to target customers in specific places. Options for powerful ad targeting

    Why is Snapchat good for advertising?

    Snapchat is a great method to reach customers who are part of your target audience because of its powerful targeting features and engaging selection of content filters and lenses.

    Why is Snapchat difficult for marketing?

    Even though Snapchat lacks the same level of in-depth analytics as other social media platforms, it is still a great platform for interacting and engaging with your most loyal customers.

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