7 Best SEO Reporting Tools (Free & Paid) (2023)
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SEOs may monitor the effectiveness of their SEO campaigns and make data-driven choices with the use of SEO reporting tools and software. They are a very helpful tool for agencies since they enable them to create dashboards and client monitoring reports.

We've analyzed and compared the top SEO reporting tools in this guide so you can choose the one that's right for you. An SEO professional with years of expertise using SEO tools and reporting software conducted the evaluation.

7 Top SEO Reporting Tools

How to Choose the Best SEO Reporting Tools?

While your specific needs may differ, the following are some of the most crucial criteria to consider when selecting an SEO reporting tool:

  • Scalability: Any company demand should be able to be met by the ideal reporting tool. If you're a marketing firm collecting insights, you should also make sure you can provide reports for several customers on a single platform.
  • Integrations: Combining data from many sources is often necessary to get the most precise insights into your internet marketing strategies. You should be able to obtain superior end-to-end visibility over your campaigns if the platform you use can interact with a variety of various solutions.
  • Diverse features: The best SEO reporting tools will include many useful features to help you better understand your marketing campaigns. These capabilities could include information about competitors, search engine position tracking, backlink monitoring, market insights, and keyword research data.
  • Updates: Search engines use rules and algorithms that are continuously changing to position search results appropriately. As a result, your SEO reporting solutions should regularly adhere to the most recent regulations.
  • Customizable reports: You should be able to tailor your reports using SEO reporting tools so that they include the data you want in an easy-to-understand manner. If you own a marketing firm, you may also want to give white labeling features top priority so you can brand the insights you provide with your logo.
  • Support resources: When you run into problems with your software, great support resources will enable you to get assistance. Some tools provide live chat or social media help. Some include a knowledge base and a FAQ section for self-service assistance.

Depending on your particular requirements, you may also want to take into account more sophisticated capabilities, such as the capacity to automate reports at specific times or export your reports in other formats.

SEO Reporting Tools Reviews

1. Google Looker Studio

Google Looker Studio - SEO Reporting Tools
Google Looker Studio

Google, the industry-leading search engine, offers a free tool called Google Looker Studio. With Google Looker, you can mix data from different data sources to produce a wide range of really straightforward visual reports for business executives and agencies. Charts, tables, and even the use of model reports are all options for customizing your reports.

When developing your search engine strategy, Data Studio is great for combining several independent data sources to provide really compelling and shareable insights. You may even design dashboards for tracking real-time data and working on reports with colleagues.

Best SEO Reporting Features

Visualizing and learning from data is as easy as possible with Google Looker Studio. A variety of templates designed to assist you in locating specific bits of information are at the heart of the solution. For instance, there are templates for visualizing your Google Analytics data or tracking eCommerce income or search console data.

The core features of the solution include:

  • Visual, customizable reports: Data may be transformed into tables, geo-mapped, bubble graphs, and charts (line, bar, and pie charts). There are opportunities to include clickable links and photos, as well as interactive components like filters and data range controls. Additionally, you may add styles, color schemes, text, and photos to annotate and brand reports.
  • Integrations: You may gather information using Data Studio from a range of sources, such as databases like BigQuery or MySQL, Google marketing tools like Google Ads and Search Console, flat files like CSV uploads, and social media sites.
  • Collaboration: It is simple to collaborate on reports and share ideas. Sending links in scheduled emails, asking people to see and amend reports, and exporting reports in a variety of formats are all options. Editors may annotate in real-time while working concurrently on the same reports.


  • An excellent cloud-based portal for a range of reporting tools.
  • a close interface with Google's ecosystem, which includes Sheets and Analytics.
  • an eco-system that is simple to use and has many customization choices.
  • Tools for sharing and collaboration for group reporting
  • To get real-time data from external sources, support for live connections is required.
  • Using Google Cloud services is free.


  • Live data connections may sometimes be slow.
  • For certain applications, such as HubSpot, there is no native connection support.
  • Excel spreadsheets are not supported for upload.


At the moment, Google Looker Studio is a premium product available for free, but there's a potential that, in the future, the firm may decide to provide a paid version of the product.

Our Verdict

Beginners who wish to take their reporting and analytics further can use Google Looker Studio. You may work together with others to create reports using this SEO reporting software to collect information from a variety of sources. The finest free reporting tool available is this one.

2. Sitecheker.Pro

Sitecheker.Pro - SEO Reporting Tools
Sitecheckerpro Reports

Sitechecker.Pro, a thorough SEO auditing tool, was created to assist businesses and agencies in tracking and enhancing search engine performance. With useful insights and tips, the platform assists beginners as they navigate all the actions they would need to take to get better outcomes.

SiteChecker.Pro is the perfect tool for agencies of all levels because of its clear and simple interface and extensive data insights. Additional tools are also available to assess the effectiveness of your keywords.

technical seo audit

Best SEO Reporting Features

The goal of Sitechecker.Pro is to provide you with a one-stop shop for all the search engine information you could want. Through the search rankings checker, you can keep a close watch on your progress and monitor website changes around the clock. Leading tools like Google Analytics have integrations available, and you can even save time by adding the tool directly to your Chrome browser.

  • Comprehensive site auditing: Check the whole website for problems like broken links and inadequate keyword optimization that might be hurting SEO. Afterward, get wise insights on how to gradually raise your rating.
  • Rank monitoring: Create automatic reports to communicate with your team and customers, and keep track of changes to your website's performance around the clock. When anything important changes on your site, you also get immediate updates through email.
  • Accurate backlink insights: Get advice on which links to delete from your pages by tracking and analyzing all of the backlinks on your website.
  • Keyword reporting: Find out which words and terms are most effective in driving traffic to your website and converting visitors into customers.


  • A platform that is simple to use and has a good UI.
  • Instant notifications and alerts on site updates.
  • Keep track of both keywords and backlinks in one location.
  • Access through how-to manuals for enhancing your site.
  • Chrome extension for SEO.
  • Agencies with white-label reporting.


  • The amount of information might be overwhelming with little report customization.
  • Plans that need subscriptions might be pricey for smaller companies.


  • Basic: $23 per month for unlimited users; three websites; 1500 pages; 150 keywords; 3000 backlinks; PDF reports; integrations with Google Analytics; and Google Search Console.
  • Startup: $39 per month for all of Basic's features plus 5 websites, 5000 pages, 500 keywords, and 5000 backlinks.
  • Growing: $79 per month for all the startup features plus ten websites, 50,000 pages, one thousand keywords, and ten thousand backlinks
  • Enterprise: Depending on your demands, custom pricing begins at $499 per month.

Our Verdict

Growing businesses who want an inside look at their SEO and advice on how to improve their campaigns should use SiteChecker.Pro. Insights regarding keywords and backlinks abound in this tool, which is rather simple to use.

3. Semrush Reports

Semrush Reports - Sitecheker.Pro
Semrush SEO Reports

SEMrush, one of the top SEO reporting tools for growing brands, offers a powerful range of reporting features to aid in the selection of companies online.

Best SEO Reporting Features

With SEMrush, creating insightful reports on your SEO campaigns is rapid and powerful. You can either start with a template or construct your reports from scratch, incorporating the data that is most important to your customer or your business. Full organic keyword research reports, monthly competition analyses, and monthly SEO reports are examples of common templates.

Data from a range of various contexts, including Google Analytics and Google Search Console, may also be combined via SEMrush. The following are a few of the platform's key attributes:

  • Comprehensive SEO dashboard: You can find the ideal keywords with the help of your end-to-end SEO dashboard, which may provide anything from traffic analytics to organic research. When compared to your rivals, you may search for backlinks and keyword gaps and keep a careful check on your ranking's development.
  • Keyword research: It is considerably simpler to find keywords and phrases to rank for thanks to the comprehensive keyword research solutions. A keyword manager is available for helping track all of your phrases, and the “Keyword Magic” tool may help you identify the keyword opportunities you're overlooking.
  • Link building: SEMrush offers backlink analytics and audits so you can discover whether links are helping or interfering with your business. You may use the built-in link-building tool together with bulk analysis to find new answers.
  • On-page and technical SEO: Comprehensive site audits, listing management, and on-page SEO analysis are all supported by SEMrush. Additionally, there are tools to help in the generation of SEO content and a log file analyzer.
  • Custom reports: Using a variety of themes, users may produce completely customized, white-labeled, and branded reports. Additionally, you may automate your reporting schedule and email customers with changes.


  • Exclusive information to aid in improving keyword prospects.
  • Excellent benchmarking and competitive analysis.
  • A simple-to-use dashboard that contains all of your reports.
  • Bulk link analysis and link building.
  • Powerful solutions and auditing tools for building SEO content.
  • White-labeled reports that are completely customizable.
  • Sage advice and insights on how to enhance your site.


  • Only Google is given data (no other search engines).
  • Only at an additional expense are some features accessible.
  • Each plan only includes one user account.


Prices for SEMrush begin at $119.95 a month, making it one of the most complete SEO reporting tools on the market right now. Options consist of:

  • Pro: $119.95 a month includes five projects, 500 keywords, keyword monitoring, domain and keyword analytics, reporting, and listing administration.
  • Guru: All the Pro features, plus 15 projects, 1,500 keywords, historical data, a content marketing platform, and Google Looker Studio integration, are available for $229.95 per month.
  • Business: All the Guru features, plus 40 projects, 5000 keywords, share of voice analytics, API access, sophisticated content marketing, and reporting features, are available for $499.95 per month.

Our Verdict

With a vast array of available insights, SEMrush is one of the most sophisticated SEO reporting solutions available today. For a paid SEO reporting tool, it is our recommended solution.

4. SE Ranking

SERanking Reports
SERanking Reports

SE Ranking is a terrific solution for businesses upgrading their SEO insights since it is inexpensive and easy to use. The solution comes with a vast array of powerful tools, such as a backlink explorer and a tool for tracking current and past positions.

As a result of the technology's connection to Zapier, you may automate the usage of your tools by integrating hundreds of apps. Additionally, the on-screen tutorial guidance and advice make the setup process fast and easy.

Best SEO Reporting Features

With easy access to all the data you need to make smarter marketing choices, SE Ranking strives to simplify SEO reporting software. Beginners will find the end-to-end solution to be easy to use, and it provides a wealth of advice on how to enhance your campaigns with site audits, links, and keywords.

To better understand your rivals and identify the areas where you need to make adjustments to differentiate your brand from others, you can also use SE Ranking to gather additional information about them. The following are some of this tool's key features:

  • Keyword tracking and suggestions: Obtain current information on the positioning of the keywords for your website across the top search engines, such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Additionally, you may track keyword performance on a geographical basis and provide insightful word use recommendations.
  • Website auditing: You may evaluate your website against other leading products in your sector using the built-in website auditing tools. Both on-page and off-page problems that are hurting your ranking will be identified, along with advice on how to improve them.
  • Backlink monitoring: All of your hyperlinks may be tracked, managed, and monitored inside SE Ranking. The management tool also offers information on vital data for every connection.
  • Custom reports: Using knowledge of all the crucial metrics that are most important to your client, you will be able to produce reports that are white-labeled and branded. Additionally, there are tools for including social media data in your reports. Custom notifications and alerts may also be set up.


  • Customizable and brandable reports
  • Integrations with a huge range of tools
  • Website auditing and competitor analysis
  • Keyword tracking and suggestions included
  • Quick and easy setup with tutorial guidance
  • Instant alerts when something changes within your rank
  • Support for tracking growth across multiple search engines


  • Can have a slight learning curve for beginners
  • Limits the number of keywords you can monitor on each plan


There are three different pricing tiers offered by SE Ranking, with an annual payment saving you 20% over a month-to-month arrangement. Options consist of:

  • Important: $31.17 per month for ten projects, five competitors per project, auditing of 40,000 pages, daily backlink checking of 20 sites, and monitoring of 6,000 backlinks.
  • Pro: $71.17 a month includes all the features of Essential as well as an unlimited number of projects with 10 competitors per project, 250,000-page auditing, 40,000 backlink monitoring, and 100 URL daily backlink checking. Additionally, you get historical and organic search reports, along with additional keyword recommendations.
  • Business: $151.17 per month: All the features of Pro plus 20 competitors per project; 700,000-page auditing; 90,000 link monitoring options; the ability to examine links on 300 domains each day; and API access.

Our Verdict

A potent tool for learning more about your website and its competitors is SE Ranking. It's especially useful for connecting with a wide variety of other tools from which you would wish to pull data streams.

5. Dashthis

dashthis - SEO Reporting Tools
Dashthis SEO Reports

Dashthis, one of the most well-known SEO reporting tools now on the market, has a strong emphasis on enabling companies to build unique dashboards where they can monitor important information. You may automate multiple reports to save your team time and collect data on your SEO, SEM, and social media campaigns in one location.

Best SEO Reporting Features

You may build a report from scratch or use pre-built dashboard templates by adding your own custom data to an environment. You may use the tool to collect data from several websites, including Instagram, MailChimp, Facebook, Google Analytics, and SEMrush.

Dashthis focuses on making data accessible and comprehensible. You may get a more thorough understanding of your marketing campaigns and KPIs by using the comprehensive dashboard creator, which combines numerous data streams into a unified environment. You may choose from more than 34 integrations, and there are step-by-step instructions to get you going.

Dashthis has videos and tutorials to help you use the platform, and it is comparatively simple to use. For beginners, there is also a highly streamlined and straightforward back-end environment. Among the essential features are:

  • Customizable dashboards: Dashthis' customizable dashboards, which can be created using a custom data manager and several integrations, are its main selling point. With the help of various templates, you can rapidly build designs to present to clients and coworkers. Simply choose a template, enter your data, and make use of the grouping features offered.
  • Collaboration: Dashthis has collaboration features that allow you to add many users to the same account, making it perfect for agencies and teams working on SEO together. You may also email clients and team members automatic updates from your dashboards.
  • Customization: You may change the dashboard's color and design to match your logo, add section headers and widgets, and even use comment boxes to clarify data from your reports.


  • Helpful videos and guidance
  • Automated data aggregation
  • Easy-to-use ecosystem for beginners
  • Dozens of integration options for your tools
  • Powerful templates for easier report building
  • Collaboration tools for bringing teams together
  • Lots of customization options to brand dashboards


  • Some limitations on exporting reports
  • Can be quite expensive for beginners


Dashthis offers four different bundles, or you may try it out for free. More features and dashboards will be available to you if you choose a more costly package. Options consist of:

  • Individual: $33 per month for three dashboards, unlimited data sources, users, integrations, pre-made templates, email support, and the usage of a custom logo.
  • Professional: $109 a month includes all the features of Individual as well as 10 dashboards, white-labeled reporting, a unique domain, and email address, a personalized color scheme, and a personal account manager to assist you.
  • Business: $209 per month gets you all the professional features plus 25 reports and priority support.
  • Standard: $339 per month for all the features of Business plus 50 dashboards (or you can customize the number of dashboards for a higher price).

Our Verdict

Dashthis is an excellent choice for converting your reports and insights into highly customizable dashboards. There are automatic updates, tools for collaboration, and powerful branding tools for your shared material.

6. Agency Analytics

agencyanalytics seo reports
AgencyAnalytics SEO Reports

Agency Analytics is an effective reporting tool designed specifically for agencies that are great at bringing teams together to develop unique reports for clients. The solution comes with more than 70 options for integrating third-party data, giving users the chance to link up with several top apps like Google Search Console and email marketing apps.

Another option is to design a client portal where customers can sign in and see real-time data updates.

Best SEO Reporting Features

All the tools an agency would require to provide useful information to its clients are included in Agency Analytics. You can inspect websites from beginning to end, track the effectiveness of keywords, and look at the results of backlink connections.

Your entire workforce can collaborate easily thanks to the user-friendly ecosystem's many collaboration tools and clean, simple backend. The following are a few of this product's key features:

  • Keyword analytics: Users may track hundreds of term ranks across Google, Bing, and Google Maps. Additionally, you'll be able to get real-time updates on your position and insights about keywords that your customers may be overlooking.
  • Backlink reporting: Utilize useful metrics for citation flow and trust flow to track each link-building effort in one location. You may compare your top anchors by domain, look at follow and no-follow links, and keep track of new and lost connections.
  • Site auditing: To uncover typical problems like broken links, duplicate content, and missing meta-data, conduct powerful technical site audits. Using color coding, you can also draw attention to the most crucial problems your clients need to address.
  • Website analytics: You may include traffic reports, data on conversion rates, and target fulfillment rates using integrations with Google Analytics. Additionally, you have the option of filtering your reports by organic traffic.


  • Customizable reports with branding
  • Integrations with a range of valuable tools
  • Website analytics straight from Google Analytics
  • An easy-to-use environment that’s great for teams
  • Useful keyword analytics across multiple platforms
  • Great for monitoring backlinks with trust flow insights
  • Website auditing and color-coded priority suggestions


  • Limited competitor analysis
  • Somewhat basic when it comes to SEO suggestions


The pricing for Agency Analytics is quite reasonable. If you pay an annual plan, the packages also feature a discount and two months for free. Options consist of:

  • Freelancer: $10 per client campaign each month for unlimited reports, 70+ integrations, a drag-and-drop report editor, 5 staff users, and 1 unique dashboard.
  • Agency: Each client campaign costs $15 per month and includes all the features of Freelancers as well as unlimited users, custom dashboards, complete white labeling, custom metrics, goal tracking, PPC markup, custom user permissions, and extensive reporting.
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing for all Agency features plus access to APIs, priority support, team onboarding meetings, and monthly training

Our Verdict

A simple and effective tool for smaller to mid-sized agencies is agency analytics. The solution can help you develop your skills in creating powerful dashboards and reports in a team environment with a very short learning curve. 

7. Google Analytics 4 Reports

google analytics 4 - SEO Reporting Tools
Google Analytics 4

Google Analytics 4 Reports, the industry standard for website reporting, makes it simpler for businesses to collect and share user data across websites and mobile apps. You may either create your reports from scratch with custom navigation or select from a variety of basic report templates provided by the solution.

Best SEO Reporting Features

In essence, Google Analytics 4 Reports gives businesses access to a superb selection of pre-built reports that can be used to see how their company is growing. Numerous options are available, such as tech reports, demographic insights, retention reports, and monetization statistics.

You may collect user information from your website or application and develop custom dimensions and metrics to lower bounce rates and increase engagement. The main features of this solution are:

  • Powerful report templates: You may add main and secondary dimensions to your dashboards and pick from a wide range of pre-built and custom reports that cover everything from retention rates and acquisitions to real-time insights, demographic statistics, and more.
  • Amazing event tracking: The user behavior of customers on your website and app is superbly analyzed by Google Analytics 4. You can track interaction through a variety of micro conversions, ranging from clicking a button to visiting specific websites.
  • Customization: The degree to which you may customize your report is really limitless. To keep track of certain data and how your findings have changed over time, you may establish filters and comparisons. Before sharing your report with coworkers and clients, there are thresholds and restrictions, as well as options to modify the navigation.


  • Insights and machine learning
  • Convenient conversion tracking
  • Easy-to-use backend environment
  • Multiple customization options, filters, and thresholds
  • Phenomenal insights into customer and user behavior
  • Report templates so you don’t have to start from scratch
  • Plays well with Universal Analytics and Google tag manager


  • Can have a slight learning curve
  • Only supports Google-related SEO insights
  • Requires you to start from scratch with your insights


  • Google Analytics 4 is free to access.

Our Verdict

The best website reporting tool available is Google Analytics 4, and it's free.


We examined the most well-liked SEO tools on the market to assist you in locating the best SEO reporting tool. The tools on our list offer all the features you'll need to produce visually appealing and stunning SEO reports. Tools that are suitable for SEO specialists, agencies, small businesses, and huge corporations are included in the list.

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