Print-on-Demand Books
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To publish a book, you don't have to be a skilled writer. Additionally, producing copies to sell and distribute doesn't cost a lot of money. In reality, you may use a print-on-demand business model to self-publish your own book while reaping its advantages. Print-on-Demand Books.

Your self-publishing way may get off to a terrific start by using print-on-demand books. Print-on-demand books may be a good choice for you whether you currently have an engaged audience, want to expand your product line, or are just starting started.

Why choose print-on-demand book publishing?

For both new and prospective company owners, the print-on-demand business model is appealing. All you actually need to launch a company is an idea and the way to go after it.

To begin with, using print-on-demand eliminates the need to purchase a significant amount of inventory and find space to keep it all. A huge order might result in thousands of books being lost due to damage, variable quality, and typographical errors, especially when it comes to print-on-demand books.

Additionally, it might be difficult to locate a publisher for your book concept. There is no need for a publisher to print and market your book on your behalf if you already have a following since you can monetize them independently and sell books to people straight online. When Braveen Kumar of The Tumblr Poet launched his print-on-demand business, he did just that. For the purpose of promoting his book of poetry, Braveen already had a modest but active Instagram following. He also created a pre-launch email list.

Instead of tripping over publishers and logistics, you can concentrate on the business side of things by outsourcing printing and fulfillment.

Print-on-demand book websites for self-publishing

1. Lulu xPress

Lulu xPress - Print-on-Demand Books
  • Notable timelines: Production time is three to five business days; shipping typically takes anywhere up to 28 days.
  • Minimum order requirements: n/a
  • Book products available: Hardcovers, paperbacks, comic books, and magazines.

In terms of Lulu's comprehensive book publishing services, Lulu xPress is the easier book-printing option that works well for self-publishing. Hardcover and paperback, black-and-white and color, and various paper kinds are just a few of the formats and possibilities available.

Because Lulu xPress provided respectable profit margins for him, Braveen employed it to produce his poetry book. He received $20 for the book, which cost $3 to produce and $6–$9 to send. Additionally, he was able to sell his book on Shopify thanks to Lulu xPress, furthering his long-term objective of creating a diverse print-on-demand brand. Additionally, it enabled him to immediately identify his book in posts using Instagram's product tags, which was particularly useful given that his content strategy included sharing images of book pages.

The Tumblr Poet

Both hardback and paperback books are printed by Lulu xPress. Perfect-bound, coil, saddle stitch, hardcover casewrap, and hardcover linen with dust jacket bindings are among the alternatives available. To promote your book and increase sales, distribution methods are also available.

2. Contrado: Print on Demand

Contrado - Print-on-Demand Books
  • Notable timelines: Most products are printed and delivered in three to five business days; orders are dispatched within 24 hours.
  • Minimum order requirements: n/a
  • Book products available: Scrapbooks, portfolio lookbooks, notebooks, spiral-bound notebooks, guest books, address books, photo books, and photo albums.

A custom printing Shopify software called Contrado offers more than 470 print-on-demand options, including stationery books. You cannot submit your own designs for “conventional” books like address books or photo books, but you may do so for other items like notebooks and address books. For artists and creators with extremely graphic book designs, it's the perfect platform. Additionally, you may increase your earning potential by selling your artwork on Contrado.

No original design by you? No issue, Contrado offers a variety of ready-made templates and designs.

Contrado offers worldwide shipping. Prices vary, but cross-border shipments often arrive in three to five business days. Students might also get lower prices through Contrado. Customers laud the POD service's live chat and email customer care staff.

3. Acutrack

  • Notable timelines: Orders are shipped within 72 hours.
  • Minimum order requirements: n/a
  • Book products available: Not listed.

Acutrack offers print-on-demand and fulfillment books with a focus on publishing. It now prints DVDs, Blu-ray discs, and USB thumb drives in addition to print-on-demand books. Although it might be a wonderful alternative for any self-publishing author, the POD firm especially mentions entrepreneurs in the “personal development arena” as the ideal match for their service.

Along with connections with Shopify, Amazon, ClickFunnels, Salesforce, and more than 100 other eCommerce software, Acutrak offers a comprehensive open API. Online evaluations praise the friendly customer service and quick turnaround times. Acutrack is referred to be a full-service fulfillment partner by several retailers.

4. Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing

  • Notable timelines: Ebooks are pretty much instant—your book will hit Kindle stores in 24–48 hours.
  • Minimum order requirements: n/a
  • Book products available: Ebooks, paperbacks.

You may publish and provide digital and paperback versions to consumers all around the globe using Amazon's print-on-demand books service. You may use the Kindle shop on Amazon to promote your book to prospective new readers. Although listing your items is free, a fee is charged on each transaction.

One significant advantage of using Amazon KDP is the ability to obtain proof copies in order to check for printing mistakes. You pay the printed cost plus delivery, which minimizes financial loss due to defective or damaged items.

Use a different POD provider if you're seeking magazines, journals, or spiral-bound notebooks. You may convert your current books into Amazon ebooks or paperbacks to take advantage of the potential exposure in its markets.

5. Blurb

  • Notable timelines: Printing and binding take four to five business days.
  • Minimum order requirements: n/a
  • Book products available: Photo books, trade books, magazines, notebooks, and ebooks.

A print-on-demand startup called Blurb specializes in books and artwork for artists. It offers a wide variety of paper kinds that vary in quality and cost, as well as digital design tools to assist you in organizing your product.

With Blurb's integration with Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop, and InDesign, you can transfer your creations more easily. Additionally, you may publish and sell digital versions of your books on Blurb's online shop as well as Apple Books, Amazon Kindle, and Google Play.

Blurb - Print-on-Demand Books

However, take note that if you want to get rid of Blurb's branded watermark from your book, there is a “custom logo cost.” In essence, it raises your book's price by 25%. Reviews are generally contradictory. A tiny square, a softcover book might cost as much as $14.99, making it unaffordable for enterprises.

6. IngramSpark

IngramSpark - Print-on-Demand Books
  • Notable timelines: Not disclosed.
  • Minimum order requirements: n/a
  • Book products available: Ebooks, paperbacks, hardcovers, premium color, and standard color.

A POD provider with several options for self-publishing a book is IngramSpark. Size, paper type, finish (matte vs. glossy), paper color, paper weight, and cover may all be printed on in a variety of options. Even the hardback features a unique digital cloth with a textured finish. Additionally, IngramSpark offers distribution services.

Although IngramSpark may seem fantastic, reports are conflicting. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has received 80 complaints, and various internet blog entries describe problems with the POD supplier. Take advantage of the zero-order minimum and experiment in small quantities if you want to test it out.

7. BookBaby

  • Notable timelines: Proofs take about eight days, the book is available for sale on Amazon in as little as 20 days, and first orders are fulfilled in as little as 50 days.
  • Minimum order requirements: n/a
  • Book products available: Ebooks, photo books, comic books, magazines, hardcovers, paperbacks, art books, and yearbooks.

Black-and-white and full-color printing for paperback and hardback books are available via BookBaby's print-on-demand book printing service, along with options for digital publishing.

Prices at BookBaby start at $99, and the company provides a special 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee in addition to free shipping on the majority of purchases. Despite the mostly bad reviews, it could still be worth trying out.

Other print-on-demand books

8. Gelato

  • Notable timelines: Gelato requires one to six business days to create a product plus one to four days to ship it.
  • Minimum order requirements: n/a
  • Book products available: Photo books, notebooks.

Gelato is a dropshipper with connections to over 100 printers in 32 nations, and it provides 72-hour delivery for the majority of orders. Although “traditional” book printing is unavailable here, you may still purchase photo books, calendars, and notebooks in softcover and hardcover. If you wish to develop your brand in the future, Gelato also offers print-on-demand t-shirts, clothing, mugs, and other products.

9. GearLaunch

  • Notable timelines: Orders are shipped and delivered domestically within three to five days; orders to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and other countries may take up to four weeks.
  • Minimum order requirements: n/a
  • Book products available: Journals. The only books GearLaunch offers are journals, though it has hardcover and softcover options.

For print-on-demand products, GearLaunch stands out since it has one of the largest libraries on our list, making it the best option if you want to extend your product line.

10. Printify

  • Notable timelines: Most orders are shipped in two to seven business days.
  • Minimum order requirements: n/a
  • Book products available: Notebooks, custom journals.

Instead of traditional books, the Shopify app Printify sells diaries and notebooks. Another POD printer with a substantial product selection may support a developing business. All data syncs directly with your Shopify shop to ensure that your reporting is always accurate and up to date.

Share your print-on-demand books with the world

You don't have to work with a major publisher to distribute your books to readers worldwide. A print-on-demand book business is an ideal place to start if you want to spread any kind of message. A top-notch customer support staff that cares about your success is available when you begin your print-on-demand business with Shopify. You also have access to hundreds of applications to run your business.

Print-on-demand books FAQ

What is the best print-on-demand site for books?

Shopify is the finest platform for printing books on demand. To drive and sync sales, you may link any of the supported print-on-demand apps to your Shopify shop.

Does Amazon print books on demand?

Amazon does really print books as needed. Both digital Kindle books and paperback printing options are available.

How much does it cost to print books on demand?

Digital print-on-demand books may be listed for as cheap as nothing, but there are usually expenses involved every time you make a sale. The cost of printed books varies by source, quality, and quantity.

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