Pinterest Affiliate Marketing 9 Tips to Make Money
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Want to increase your earnings as an affiliate marketer? You should investigate Pinterest as a social networking tool.

It has 444 million monthly active users, many of them are women, making it the fourth most popular social networking platform. Pinterest is used by over half of all women in the United States.

Even better, 40 percent of Pinterest users make more than $75,000 each year, outpacing the 28 percent of Snapchat users, 29 percent of Facebook users, and 20 percent of TikTok users who do.

That's fantastic news for affiliate marketers who want to supplement their revenue by participating in a high-ticket affiliate scheme. You may generate affiliate sales through the site on autopilot if you have some graphic design skills and intriguing things to share. This article will show you how to accomplish it.

Should I Use Pinterest Affiliate Marketing?

Pinterest is a cross-search engine and social media network where users may discover new items. The content is shown as a “pin,” which is an image that is tied to an external link. People save these pins to their boards, creating a virtual mood board for items, ideas, and inspiration.

You may utilize Pinterest to generate visitors to your affiliate material, whether it's blog articles, affiliate landing pages, or YouTube videos, as an affiliate marketer. After all, the more people who see your link, the better your chances of making affiliate sales and commissions are.

“I've been able to expand my Pinterest following to around 50,000 people and use it to drive 50% of my blog traffic.”

Daniella Flores, founder of I Like to Dabble

If you're an affiliate for visual-heavy items, Pinterest should be at the top of your priority list. Visual categories are the most popular on Pinterest, according to research. Pinterest is a lucrative channel for marketers that join affiliate programs to advertise home décor, health and beauty items, and athletic goods, which are regularly pinned to a user's board.

Pinterest affiliate marketing examples

9 Pinterest Affiliate Marketing Tips to Make Money

It might be intimidating to use the Pinterest app for the first time. There are several pins, photos, and connections.

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If you've chosen to engage in Pinterest as a marketing channel for your affiliate marketing firm but aren't sure where to begin, here is some advice on how to make money on Pinterest as an affiliate marketer.

1- Know the rules

The majority of Pinterest's material is evergreen, which is one of its most appealing features. Spend time upfront performing the effort, and the benefits will payout in the long run. You'll be rewarded with a regular inflow of new website visitors, which will result in affiliate revenue.

“The majority of our material is evergreen, which works perfectly with Pinterest's goal. While regular content generation is required on many other social networks to acquire momentum, pins from years ago are still generating traffic and so affiliate money on Pinterest.”

R.J. Weiss, founder of The Ways to Wealth

That is only achievable if you are familiar with the regulations. If you're caught off guard a few months into your approach, all of your hard work will be for naught.

Before we go any further, make sure you're aware of the Pinterest affiliate marketing guidelines. This includes the following:

No cloaking: Many affiliate marketers use redirection solutions like or Pretty Links to hide their affiliate links. “We encourage you to adopt a ‘no surprises‘ principle—Pinners should be able to properly predict where your link will take them,” Pinterest's community standards indicate.

Disclose affiliate links: The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has rigorous guidelines on how affiliate connections must be disclosed. Label any affiliate material as “sponsored” or “associated” in both the pin description and the landing page you're leading folks to, just to be safe.

Only operate one Pinterest account: Some marketers try to take advantage of the system by repinning information from many accounts. “Don't operate numerous accounts or cooperate with other persons to abuse the Pinterest platform”, the platform's guidelines state.

2- Create several pins per post

Pinterest users are unlikely to interact with a single sort of pin. Examine the results of your industry's search. There's probably a variety of visual stuff on show, ranging from black and white images to colorful designs.

affiliate marketing on Pinterest without a blog

There are no limits on the number of affiliate pins you can make for a particular piece of content or link. A high-quality image that stands out from the crowd is essential for a successful pin. So, experiment with different pin templates using DIY marketing tools like Canva, such as:

  • Vertical versus horizontal images
  • Colored versus black and white photos
  • Stock imagery versus graphics
  • Text-heavy versus visual only

“You may also take use of the multiple-pin method to target a larger range of keywords. For example, if you have a post about making money, you can create a pin that is optimized for many related keywords that match the search intent of making money, such as side hustle, earning extra cash, and so on… This can all be directed to one page on your site, reducing the amount of new content that needs to be created.”

R.J. Weiss, founder of The Ways to Wealth

It can take a long time to make new pins. One affiliate marketer that uses automation to speed up the process is Bryan Maniotakis, the owner of Minimal Goods.

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“Whenever Placid detects a new content on my site, it automatically generates a Pinterest banner,” Bryan explains. “Whatever, you may set this up however you like, including using Dropbox, Integromat, Airtable, or a few other services to generate photos automatically.”

“Overall, it saves me a tonne of time each month because I don't have to manually create these Pinterest pieces!”

Pinterest affiliate marketing amazon

3- Schedule pins in advance

Instead of relying on a mental reminder to share new pins, schedule them ahead of time. Tailwind, Later, and Hootsuite are examples of tools that can help you with this. Create a custom timetable for new material and add it to your queue. When the time arrives, it will be instantly pinned on your board.

What's the best part? When you schedule pins ahead of time, you increase your chances of reaching users when they're online. The Pinterest algorithm updates a user's feed with new material. For some people, that may be 7 a.m., while for others, it might be 5 p.m.

You'll organically enhance reach and awareness by appearing in the feed when your audience is online if you schedule content at different times throughout the day.

“Starting slowly is essential if your specialty site and/or Pinterest account are new or non-existent. At this time, don't expect to be publishing two articles and 30 pins every day. Instead, aim to write one to three articles every week, along with three to 30 pins.”

Ally Mashaura, Editor-in-Chief of Adventure Pursuit

4- Enable rich pins

Rich pins are more descriptive than the ordinary photos you'll see on Pinterest. They provide more information in the pin description itself, causing it to stand out in a congested feed and enhancing your chances of attracting visitors through Pinterest.

Rich pins can be enabled for the following categories of content:

  • Products: Show up-to-date pricing and availability in your rich pin.
  • Recipes: Show cooking time, rating, ingredients, and serving sizes in your rich pin.
  • Articles: Show the headline, description, and author in your rich pin.
Pinterest affiliate marketing course

Enabling rich pins is a lengthy process, but it only has to be done once. If you stick to this procedure, all of your subsequent pins will be wealthy (if they qualify).

  1. Rich meta tags should be included on any sites where you wish to use rich pins, such as a blog post review of an affiliate product.
  2. Check that the tags were uploaded successfully using the rich pin validator.
  3. Choose HTML, oEmbed, or Shopify as your method for adding rich meta tags.
  4. If everything appears okay, click Apply Now and wait for your rich pin application to be accepted, which should take about 24 hours.
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5- Pin to group boards

Not every Pinterest board has to be a mood board for a single person. Multiple users can contribute information on the same board using group boards. Greater awareness is a natural outcome of our community-style board. Users promote one other's pins to their respective audiences.

Using Pingroupie, find relevant boards in the niche where your affiliate items fit. If you're a beauty product affiliate, for example, the “group beauty, hair, nails” board might be a good place to start.

group beauty, hair, nails

For information on how to become a contributor, read the group board description. Many of them demand that you follow the board's founder.

Terms for adding new content to a new group board may also be found here. Affiliate connections to product pages are not permitted by some administrators. Use blog articles or YouTube videos as the landing page to get around this.

6- Optimize for SEO

We said before that Pinterest is more than simply a social networking platform. It's a search engine that people use to find fresh information. By optimizing your profile for SEO, you may reach folks who are actively seeking something you're an affiliate for.

“Do not consider Pinterest to be a social media platform. Consider it to be a visual search engine. Pinterest users are looking for information… When composing your title and description, use all of the standard SEO best practices. If you choose the right term, you may go viral in a couple of hours.”

Mitchell Stern, owner of SideHustle.Tips

Pinterest's algorithm associates keywords with pins. As a result, begin by identifying the keywords that your target audience is looking for. Keywords Everywhere is a browser plugin that displays monthly search traffic as well as keyword suggestions based on a single seed term.

Pinterest's algorithm associates keywords with pins

“Sign into Pinterest Ads and locate phrases that have between 10,000 and 100,000 monthly volume,” Matt Lally, founder of MattyAds, explains how he finds profitable Pinterest keywords. You should employ the major keywords frequently in both your Pinboard and your pin creatives.

“Go to Pinterest and search for your term. Find out what type of material does best and create four to six variants of it.”

When it comes to Pinterest SEO, there are three areas to pay particular attention to once you've determined your keywords:

Pinterest Profile: Include important keywords in your account bio that relate to the general topic of your material. Include phrases like “women's health” in your account description if you're marketing health supplements.

Pin Description: With the keywords associated with each pin, you may go even more specific. Use the phrase “how to” in your pin description if you're posting a lesson on how to tie shoelaces, for example.

Board Description: Boards are more focused than profiles, but not as much as pins. Use keywords in your board title and description that are in the middle ground, such as “shoe lessons” or “women's health suggestions.”


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7- Build an email list through Pinterest

According to Monica Lent, creator of Affilimate, “Pinterest might be difficult for affiliate marketers since consumers use the network aspirationally.” “Most pinners aren't trying to buy anything to alleviate an urgent need. They're thinking ahead—far beyond the expiration of your affiliate cookie.

“That's why capturing readers' email addresses is the finest Pinterest affiliate marketing technique.” As a result, you may advertise affiliate items through drip email campaigns that educate and warm-up readers to your offer.”

The most straightforward method is to include an email opt-in on your landing page. By providing an incentive—such as a lead magnet, discount voucher, or another form of a freebie—invite Pinterest visitors to join your mailing list.

Create an email campaign that nurtures them once they sign up after they're on your list. When a Pinterest user leaves your site without purchasing an affiliate product, you'll have a direct line of connection with them; possible commissions aren't gone forever.

8- Analyze pin performance

The more information you have about your pins, the better your Pinterest affiliate marketing approach will be.

Use Pinterest analytics and whatever scheduling tools you're using to stagger new material to examine pin performance once a month.

Create a unique Google Analytics segment for Pinterest visitors to your site and see what occurs throughout their visit.

Finally, check your affiliate dashboard to see how many individuals bought products you promoted on Pinterest. After all, that's what your affiliate marketing plan is all about.

The following metrics should be kept in mind during this assessment:

Click-through rate: How many people see your pin and click on it? Are there any pins that receive more clicks than others? Do pins with a well-known blogger or influencer's endorsement get more attention than those without?

Time on site: What distinguishes Pinterest users from visitors from other sources of traffic? Your pin should match the content of your landing page if you have a high time on site and a low bounce rate.

Conversions: Pay special attention to things you've actively pushed but haven't sold, or items you haven't promoted but have a high conversion rate. Keep this in mind when you plan your content strategy.

9- Promote high-performing pins

There's no denying that organically sharing affiliate material on Pinterest works. If you're short on time and want to see results right away, put some money behind your pins to reach more people.

According to research, one out of every two Pinterest users has purchased anything after viewing a sponsored pin. Define your target demographic and have your sponsored pin displayed in their feed more prominently.

The price of Pinterest advertising varies based on the content, pin style, and sector you're in. Compare your results to the following averages:

  • $2 to $5 CPM
  • $0.10 to $1.50 per engagement
  • $0.10 to $1.50 per website visitor

Promote high-performing pins to increase your chances of success and, as a result, lower your advertising costs. Those with high click-through rates have previously been shown to bring more traffic, so they're an excellent place to start with your Pinterest advertising plan.

Can you do affiliate marketing on Pinterest?

Make Money Online by using Pinterest

Many internet companies, including affiliate marketers, find Pinterest marketing to be a helpful resource. Before you devote time to a platform, be sure your audience is engaged in it.

Use these methods to make pins that stand out, are SEO-friendly, and accomplish what they're supposed to do: drive traffic to your affiliate content. With a little upfront investment, Pinterest can easily become an evergreen source of commission.

Pinterest affiliate marketing FAQ

What is the best way to post affiliate links on Pinterest?

Create a new pin and set the source URL to a direct affiliate link. You may also send top consumers to affiliate-related material like blog articles or videos before they make a purchase.

Is it possible for me to make money via Pinterest?

Yes, you can make money online by posting affiliate links on Pinterest. When people buy things through your affiliate link, you'll get paid a commission that ranges from 5% to 50% of the selling price.

Is it possible to use ClickBank links on Pinterest?

Marketers may exchange affiliate links from a variety of networks, including ClickBank. Just make sure you stick to Pinterest's community standards when it comes to posting affiliate material.

Is it possible to promote Amazon affiliate products on Pinterest?

Pinterest allows users to share Amazon Associates affiliate links. These connections must be explicit and unambiguous. The Pinterest platform does not allow for the cloaking of links.

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