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Facebook still boasts a staggeringly high number of monthly active users more than 2.9 billion compared to Instagram's 1.3 billion, TikTok's one billion, and Twitter's 396 million. This is despite the fact that Facebook may no longer be the social media darling it once was.

In the past, Facebook users have tried a variety of methods to generate money, including affiliate marketing, running advertising through Messenger, and selling goods on Facebook Marketplace. But there are obstacles to make money on Facebook: The typical organic post now only reaches 5% of a page's followers, down from 7% in 2018, while those that pay to play with advertisements and sponsored content are gradually seeing their reach decrease.

What's the good news? Facebook is introducing new and intriguing methods to make money, mostly for companies and creators with huge Facebook followings. Whether you want to make some extra money or discover new clients for your existing business, here are six ways you may monetize your Facebook audience in 2022, along with the conditions you'll need to meet.

Check your Facebook Monetization Eligibility

There are a few methods to make money from your Facebook material, but you must first be qualified. This implies that your Facebook page and the material you put on it must meet the platform's eligibility criteria, which are divided into three categories:

  • Facebook Community Standards: The platform's guiding principles, such as no graphic or risky content, are listed here.
  • Partner Monetization Policies: These guidelines apply to your whole Facebook profile as well as the information you produce, the way you distribute it, and the way you accept and process payments online.
  • Content Monetization Policies: There are guidelines for each piece of content you publish, such as not posting any violent or offensive material.

Go to the Facebook area of your Creator Studio and select the Monetization button to verify your eligibility. You will also be provided with other monetization information about the page. Choose which pages you wish to see your monetization eligibility for.

6 Ways You Can Make Money With Facebook

If you want to generate a steady stream of cash from your Facebook material after you become qualified to do so, it's critical to maintain your eligibility. Keep your domain tidy with high-quality material, examine the platform's Community Standards frequently, and make sure you have the legal right to post your content. Facebook will let you know via the Monetization tab in your Creator Studio if your page becomes ineligible for whatever reason, along with the explanation.

6 Ways to make money on Facebook

1. Create videos with in-stream ads

For companies and artists with a sizable audience, in-stream advertisements are perfect since they capture the attention of a captive audience. In contrast to a solitary ad in their feed, which they are more likely to skip when a user is halfway through viewing a Facebook video, they are more inclined to watch the entirety of an ad if it means they can continue with the original content.

In-stream ads in action:

Bottled water brand LIFEWTR sought to raise brand recognition and foster an imaginative, favorable atmosphere for its goods. Because of this, it introduced brief in-stream advertisements that appeared in the middle of feed videos as well as on platforms like Facebook Watch, displaying its community art initiatives through potent visual narratives. As a result of the campaign, brand recognition increased by two times, and ad recall increased by 1.9 times.

6 Ways to Make Money Using Facebook

Why it worked: LIFEWTR used in-stream commercials to weave a tale and hold an already engaged audience's attention.

Get started: Consider your goals for your films and the tales you may share about your company. When making your movies, try including one- to two-second natural pauses where an in-stream ad may appear if you wish to advertise mid-roll.

Videos must be longer than one minute in length and influencers must have at least 10,000 page followers to run in-stream advertisements on Facebook. These recommendations are for businesses who wish to pay for in-stream advertising.

2. Add a paid subscription to your page

Utilize fan subscriptions to bring in reliable monthly income by persuading your most devoted fans to make a regular donation to support your page. This is a fantastic method for businesses and creators with sizable, engaged followings to monetize their pages and thank followers with special offers. Users may purchase a pack of stars using the “stars” function to tip their favorite producers for extra money.

Fan subscriptions in action:

For brand supporters, The Vegan Baker has established a dedicated Facebook Group. Fans must pay $4.99 each month to access premium material and deals. Through Facebook's stars function, they may also provide extra suggestions for a particular piece of content.

How to Make Money on Facebook: 6 Easy Ways

Why it worked: While rewarding customers with unique material, The Vegan Baker can monetize its engaged audience. The company may enhance interaction with a close-knit group of its followers by using the stars feature to determine what content kinds work best.

Get started: Fan subscriptions are now only accessible via invitation. When a user reaches 10,000 followers, 250+ repeat watchers, 50,000 post interactions, or 180,000 watch minutes, they can unlock fan subscriptions.

You may decide what advantages you want subscribers to enjoy once you've accepted your invitation. You can also make a promotional video to announce your subscription service and a welcome video to new customers.

3. Collaborate with brands

To expand your audience and vary your content output, collaborate on relevant, complementary material with a partner. In order to reach new audiences and increase brand exposure, a lot of firms are interested in collaborating with influencers, artists, and other businesses. This may be a terrific method to increase your follower count and foster interaction.

Brand collaboration in action:

StyleNow Feed collaborated with Jasper's Boutique to provide fresh material to both companies' fans. The sponsored relationship allowed the two organizations to cooperate on relevant material that was relevant to both of their audience's requirements, and consumers could click on each piece of content to learn more about each brand.

how to earn money on facebook $500 every day

Why it worked: The two companies were able to contact consumers who already felt a strong connection to the partner brand since their audiences were well-aligned and similar but not identical. By doing this, they were able to gain a new group of followers.

Get started: You must request permission before you may begin tagging business partners in postings. Once you've done that, you can use the Brand Collabs Manager to examine insights and explore cooperation possibilities.

This kind of monetization strategy works well for Pages with an engaged audience that consistently shares material that most advertisers won't find risky.

4. Earn money directly from your fans

Facebook recently said that it will prioritize original video content created especially for the site in an effort to counter users who only share TikTok clips. By completing a series of consecutive “challenges,” such as getting a particular number of views on a Facebook Reel, creators and influencers will be able to access financial incentives worth up to $4,000 each month.

Organic content rewards in action:

Paula Garcia has a big fan base and can make money off of the views, likes, and comments she receives by making Reels just for Facebook. Paula combines a few of the strategies utilized in this case to strengthen her Facebook revenue plan, such as obtaining sponsors for her Reels and uploading them on the site naturally.

how to make money on facebook videos

Why it worked: 

Paula Garcia already has a sizable fan base, so taking advantage of Facebook's new challenges program, which allows her to profit from the number of views she creates, makes perfect sense.

Get started: The challenges feature is now only accessible via invitation, and it appears that Facebook is aiming to attract influencers with follower counts in the high 100,000s or millions. The first challenge must be finished within 30 days of accepting the invitation for the feature to remain active.

5. Run paid events online

Engage your audience by hosting a live event that they can watch from the convenience of their own home. The paid events tool on Facebook makes it possible to plan, organize, and manage events through your page, making it ideal for creators and companies who want to host offline events online.

Paid events in action:

Through its Facebook Business page, Jasper's Market promotes a variety of events that it both sponsors and produces. Fans may visit the brand's page to browse a schedule of events and purchase admission. A buzz is generated around the event by seeing how many people are interested in or going, and frequent reminders make sure that participants don't miss a thing.

Jasper's Market

Why it worked:

Jasper's Market may reach new audiences that are interested in various activities by hosting online events. Additionally, it encourages interaction among followers who might not all be in the same place.

Get started: On your page, enable paid online events. Then, select the Events option to add a new event. Select “paid” and provide the necessary details about your event, the cost, and a co-host, if applicable.

Before you can start producing paid events, your Facebook account and page must meet Facebook's eligibility requirements for monetization.

6. Drive visitors to your online store

Utilize Shopify's social commerce tools to send customers from your Facebook page to your online store. With shoppable advertisements and strong calls to action, this is a fantastic method for firms with an online store to catch customers mid-scroll (CTAs). Well-performing shoppable articles can be turned into sponsored advertisements to increase traffic and establish a new target market.

Shoppable posts in action:

QUEENSHOP sought to increase sales within its audience of viewers who had previously interacted with its content. Through a product CTA in the bottom-right corner of the screen, it connected with customers who were online at that very moment using Facebook's Live Shopping function. The Live videos led to a 3.3% increase in adds to carts and a 1.7 times greater return on ad investment.


Why it worked: QUEENSHOP was successful in interacting with internet users who were interested in making a purchase. By guiding customers directly to the appropriate product page so they could complete an immediate purchase, it decreased the number of stages in the purchasing process.

Get started: By using the Catalog Manager, you may add your product catalog to your Facebook page and link to pertinent goods whenever you upload a picture or a video. Following the start of your video, click Feature next to the item or website you wish to connect to in order to link to it during livestreams.

Diversify your earnings

Using Facebook's enormous audience as a sales tool has advantages for starting an ecommerce firm, offering services, and producing digital goods or merch. It's now simpler than ever to engage with current and potential audiences thanks to the platform's new range of capabilities designed specifically for business owners and brands.

But avoid becoming reliant on a single platform or feature. If one platform goes away, you will still have other sources of visitors and income if you diversify your product. This is crucial right now, as users' trust in sponsored advertising efforts is rising and the organic reach of massive social media platforms like Facebook is steadily declining.

How to make money on Facebook FAQ

Can you make money on Facebook?

You may indeed make money on Facebook. Creators, influencers, and companies with Facebook pages may now monetize their accounts and content thanks to a variety of new capabilities that have been added to the site. This includes promoting your films with in-stream commercials, working with other brands and influencers, developing a subscription service, hosting paid online events, and utilizing social commerce tools to route users to your online store.

How much does Facebook pay for views?

Content producers and influencers may now be compensated for the number of views they receive on specific organic Reels thanks to Facebook's new challenges feature. This is a response to Facebook users who merely post content that has already been published on other websites, such as TikTok and Instagram. The program allows designers to take part in several consecutive challenges and earn rewards for them. For instance, you may receive $20 when five reels hit 100 plays, and after that, you could receive $100 when 20 reels each receive 500 plays.

How many followers do you need on Facebook to make money?

Making money is easier the more followers you have. Only Facebook pages with more than 10,000 followers may use most of Facebook's new monetization capabilities, such as in-stream Facebook ads and fan subscription services. However, this does not imply that it is impossible to make money on Facebook if you have fewer followers. There is no minimum required amount of followers for additional choices like social commerce features, promoting your business, and working with other brands and influencers.

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