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There are numerous ways to make money online, but what can you do when you need to make money fast?

Making $1,000 in the next 30 days may seem ambitious, but it's an attainable objective. If you just work weekdays, you'll have 20 working days in the coming month. $1,000 divided by 20 days equals $50 every day.

We'll go over everything you need to know to make $1,000 in the next 30 days in this article. Almost all of them need very little initial capital and very little time. Choose one or two and you'll be well on your way to making money fast.

9 proven ways to make money fast

  1. Offer online services
  2. Sell your photography
  3. Take online surveys
  4. Sell your old stuff
  5. Teach online
  6. Flip furniture
  7. Become a pet sitter
  8. Do tasks on TaskRabbit
  9. Rent out space on Airbnb

1- Offer online services

Offering internet services can bring in significant money regularly, and if you're competent at what you're doing, you can make well over $1,000 each month. However, if you want to make money fast, you'll need to start modest.

You might consider providing the following internet services:

  • Graphic design
  • Website design
  • Writing and editing
  • Social media management
  • Data entry
  • Transcription
  • Virtual assistant tasks
  • User testing

Starting with something simple like data entry, transcription, or virtual assistant services will help you get started while you learn how to conduct other online services if you lack more specialized skills at the outset.

While it takes time to build a customer base organically, using a job marketplace site like Fiverr or Upwork allows you to start looking for work almost immediately. You can publish your service offerings as well as apply for open tasks on these sites, putting you in front of clients minutes after your account is accepted.

After you've been doing this for a long, you may begin to receive referrals from previous clients, and you may be able to turn this into your own little business.

Startup time: It can take up to 24 hours for either site to approve your account, but once it does, you can start posting gigs and applying for jobs.

Effort to start: Low.

Time to first payment: You get paid as soon as the buyer approves your work on Fiverr. It can take up to ten days for your funds to become available on Upwork.

What to know:

  • You can get reviews from your buyers/clients, so make sure you're delivering excellent service and a positive customer experience for each one.
  • To ensure that you only take quality employment, be selective about the jobs you apply for.
  • Allowing clients to pay you outside of Upwork until you've established a solid rapport puts you in danger of scams.


  • Computer
  • Internet connection
  • Skills to provide the services you offer

2- Sell your photography

Do you have a good photographic eye? While being a professional photographer can be time-consuming (albeit rewarding), if you're searching for quick cash, consider selling your photos to online stock photo websites.

Here are a few websites to look at:

After you've taken and uploaded your images, you'll be paid depending on how many people download them. As a result, selling photography is a terrific method to make some extra money long after the hard work of capturing images is done.

Startup time: If you already have images, getting signed up for stock photo sites and submitting your photos will just take a few hours. This will take longer if you need to take photos.

Effort to start: Depending on whether or not you already have photos, choose between medium and high.

Time to first payment: The majority of sites pay monthly based on the number of downloads your images have received. Take a lot of photographs and submit them to your favorite stock photo source regularly to boost your earnings (s).

What to know:

  • Because the competition might be strong, you'll want to submit a large number of images.
  • Not every stock picture site allows you to submit images to various sites, and those that do tend to pay less for non-exclusive images.


  • A high-quality camera.
  • Photography skills.

3- Take online surveys

Taking online surveys is a simple method to start to make money fast, as all you need is a computer with internet access and a few minutes of your time.

While taking surveys isn't fun and might become monotonous after a while, investing time each day to them can start to add up to some extra cash. Keep in mind that you'll need to complete a lot of surveys to reach our $1,000 goal.

There are several online survey websites where you can make money fast:

Swagbucks: are a type of currency that can be redeemed for gift cards or PayPal cash. The majority of polls are between 40 and 200 SB points each, with 100 SB equaling $1, amounting to roughly 50 to $2 for every survey.

LifePoints: This is another survey site that pays in “points”—in this case, LifePoints. These can also be exchanged for gift cards or PayPal cash. Surveys range from 60 to 350 LifePoints, though the conversion of points to cash isn't always straightforward. According to users, 550 LifePoints equals a $5 gift card. According to the website, most surveys take 10 to 20 minutes to complete.

InboxDollars: This site pays in cash, with polls ranging in length from three to twenty-five minutes and paying between $50 and $5. You may also get paid to play online games, read emails, or shop online using InboxDollar.

Survey Junkie: you can earn gift cards and PayPal cashouts With Survey Junkie, Swagbucks points are converted into Survey Junkie points, with one point equaling one. Based on online reviews, the majority of its surveys appear to be worth between 40 and 80 points each.

Opinion Outpost: The points-to-cash conversion rate at Opinion Outpost is 10 per point, with polls ranging from 5 to 250 points (50 to $25). Additional ways to make money can be found on this site by reviewing ads, testing items, and more.

Sign up for all of the aforementioned survey sites to earn $1,000 in the next 30 days. Most websites provide a signup incentive that can assist you in achieving your objective. To make any money, you'll need to put in several hours each day.

Many novice survey takers reported earning $2 to $4 per hour, but as the sites learn more about your profile and give you surveys that you'll qualify for, you'll be able to boost your hourly rate.

Startup time: Creating an account on each survey site takes only a few minutes.

Effort to start: To earn $1,000, you'll need to devote a significant amount of time to your side business.

Time to first payment: Depending on the survey place, a week or so.

What to know:

  • To make a lot of money, you'll need to devote a lot of time to survey-taking, and you might wish to use many sites.
  • You may not always qualify for every survey, which means you may spend a few minutes on the qualification section but not be able to complete the full survey, resulting in a lower reward.


  • Time
  • Computer
  • Internet connection

4- Sell your old stuff

While this isn't a long-term job, selling things you don't need is a terrific way to make money fast, and if you have enough items to sell, you could easily make $1,000 in the next 30 days.

There are a variety of places to sell your used stuff, both online and offline, depending on what you're wanting to sell:

Facebook Marketplace: You can list almost anything for local buyers; decide whether you want to meet somewhere or have customers come to you to pick up the item.

Craigslist: You may list practically anything for local buyers, then meet up or have them pick up the item, just like on Facebook.

OfferUp: Another option for selling almost anything locally is to use an online marketplace. This is a terrific way to avoid having to deal with shipping.

Poshmark: You'll have to send your stuff if you want to sell worn clothes online for shoppers to look for.

Decluttr: You'll have to mail your books and outdated electronic gadgets if you sell them online.

Swappa: This online marketplace allows you to sell obsolete smartphones and laptops; however, you must transport your stuff.

eBay: To make even more money, auction off used items to the highest bidder; unless you arrange a local pickup, you will most likely have to ship your items.

If you have handcrafted things, you might want to explore selling them on Etsy or Amazon Handmade. However, because building a customer base takes time, we don't recommend relying only on it if you're seeking to make money fast.

Startup time: Creating seller accounts and listings for each of your things will take several hours.

Effort to start: Medium: tidy your home and identify the stuff you'll sell before listing them on your preferred vendor sites.

Time to first payment: It depends on where you sell your stuff; some sites, such as Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist, will pay you immediately once you deliver the item to the buyer, while others may take longer.

What to know:

If you're selling things on an online retailer, you may need to account for shipping charges.


  • The ability to transport or ship items.
  • Accounts for each online retailer you use.

5- Teach online

Another good internet career for getting fast money is teaching. If you have information that you'd want to share with others, you may create your online course using Teachable, Coursera, Udemy, Udimi, and Udacity.

If you're not sure what to teach but English is your first language, a service like VIPKid can help you get started teaching part-time.


Working from home and earning $14 to $22 per hour while teaching English to children all over the world is possible with VIPKid. Lesson plans are provided by the platform, making it simple to get right in and begin teaching.

Startup time: It can take two to three weeks to get accepted and begin teaching once you join up, so prepare ahead.

Effort to start: Medium.

Time to first payment: Between the 10th and 15th of each month, teachers are paid.

What to know:

  • VIPKid teachers sign six-month contracts with them, so make sure this is something you can commit to.
  • VIPKid pays $7 to $9 every 25-minute lesson, thus to meet your $50/day objective, you'd need to teach six to seven classes (three to four hours) per day.


  • Computer
  • Internet connection
  • Master of English

6- Flip furniture

Consider flipping furniture that you discover for free or low-cost in your area if you want to work with your hands. While there may be some initial materials expenditures, this can still be a fun way to earn $1,000 in 30 days.

The first duty is to find furniture, however, we have a few pointers to help you out:

  • Drive around your neighborhood to see if you can find any furniture that has been abandoned on the side of the road by your neighbors. If the furniture is in good condition, it may be a good option for flipping.
  • Examine local marketplaces such as Facebook or Craigslist. Many times, folks would advertise free furniture if you go pick it up. Alternatively, you might pay a nominal charge for furnishings that you can simply resell.
  • Check to check if your area has any “Buy Nothing” groups where people can post free stuff.
  • Look for inexpensive furniture that can be updated at local thrift stores.

If this is your first time flipping furniture, you might find some ideas by watching some videos online. Many TikTokers document their experiences flipping furniture (along with how much money they make), so that's a good place to start.

Take a look at this upcycled bedside table, for example:


To give you an idea of how much money you can make, this TikToker spent $60 on a vanity/dresser set and made $600:

Then, using a site like Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist, you'll list your newly upgraded piece of furniture. You can sometimes get inquiries on a piece on the same day, depending on the furniture, so this can be a terrific way to make money fast. You might have luck promoting furniture with a consistent niche look, such as midcentury modern or post-modern, on Instagram if you can find it.

Startup time: Finding and flipping your first piece of furniture can take several hours.

Effort to start: High.

Time to first payment: You'll be paid as soon as you meet with the buyer to sell your piece of furniture.

What to know:

  • Make sure you only begin with items you're positive you'll be able to upcycle or resell.
  • Consider looking into the history of a piece of furniture to determine how much it was worth when it was new—this will come in handy when pricing it later.
  • To obtain the greatest price for your upcycled furniture, look on Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist.


  • Supplies for flipping.
  • A vehicle that can hold furniture.
  • Basic skills for sanding, painting, etc.

7- Become a pet sitter

Do you enjoy spending time with animals? If that's the case, you can easily start a side business as a dog walker or pet caretaker. Apps like Rover allow you to spend your free time socializing with other people's pets. House sitting, dog boarding, dog walking, drop-in pet visits, and doggy daycare are among the services available.

You can charge anything from $15 and $45 for a stroll, and even more for some of the additional services. You can easily reach your $1,000 objective in the next 30 days if you walk three to four dogs per day.

Startup time: Rover can take up to ten business days to review your account, so make sure you sign up ahead of time.

Effort to start: Low.

Time to first payment: After the service is done, funds will appear in your Rover account two days later. You can then request that they be sent to you via PayPal or check. A cheque will arrive in your mailbox in five to seven business days.

What to know:

Set your fees in line with those charged by other dog walkers in your region, otherwise, pet owners will be less likely to use you.


  • A Rover account
  • Experience with dogs and other animals

8- Do tasks on TaskRabbit

If sitting at a computer all day sounds like the worst way to spend your time, you might be more interested in using TaskRabbit to reach your $1,000 target. To use this site, first check to see if it offers services in your area:

You can then establish an account, specify your services, and select your rates. People come to TaskRabbit for a variety of tasks, including:

  • Delivery
  • Cleaning
  • Shopping
  • Pet sitting
  • Yard work
  • Help to move
  • Furniture assembly
  • Laundry and ironing

TaskRabbit is the place to go if you're at all handy, if you have a vehicle and can transport items, or if you want to do some personal assistant-like jobs. You can also establish fees ranging from $20 to $80 per hour, so you should be able to meet your $50 per day goal with ease.

Startup time: Signing up and setting up your services/rates takes less than an hour.

Effort to start: Medium to high, depending on the services you provide; moving furniture requires more effort than running errands, for example.

Time to first payment: After a project is completed, payments can take up to 24 hours to be processed and then three to five days to reach your bank account.

What to know:

  • Set your pricing similar to TaskRabbit's most popular going fee for your area until you've acquired some favorable ratings and reviews.
  • To boost your chances of getting recruited, provide as many services as you're comfortable with.
  • Because you won't show up for employment if you're unavailable, enter precise availability.


  • Time
  • Access to a vehicle
  • TaskRabbit account
  • The know-how to complete the tasks you sign up for

9- Rent out space on Airbnb

Consider renting out a spare bedroom, mother-in-law suite above your garage, or another usable area of your home or property on Airbnb as a short-term rental.

The nightly rent you can charge visitors is determined by several factors, including your location, the amount of space your guests have to themselves, the number of people you can accommodate, and the proximity of your space to tourist sites.

Even if you're only renting out a solitary bedroom, depending on where you live, you might charge anything from $50 to $100 each night. In the next 30 days, this could easily pile up to exceed $1,000.

Startup time: Your listing may take up to 72 hours to appear in search results.

Effort to start: Depending on how guest-ready your place is, this can range from medium to high.

Time to first payment: One day after the guest checks in, payments are sent to the hosts. Payments to a PayPal account are received the same day, however, payments to a bank account can take up to five days.

What to know:

Pay heed to any short-term rental restrictions imposed by your apartment complex, HOA, municipal, or other entities.


  • Airbnb account
  • A space to rent out
  • Any permits for short-term rentals

Making a steady income isn't something that happens overnight

It's simple to get started making money fast. However, while these strategies are excellent for getting out of a financial bind, they are difficult to convert into long-term prosperity.

Instead, think about other ways to make money online, such as starting your own ecommerce business with a Shopify site.

How to make money fast FAQ

How can I get money right away?

1- Flip furniture.
2- Teach online.
3- Sell your old stuff.
4- Offer online services.
5- Sell your photography.

How can I get a second income?

1- Join the gig economy.
2- Teach an online course.
3- Start a dropshipping business.
4- Create and sell your handmade goods.
5- Start a zine and sell digital subscriptions.
6- Create your designs for a print-on-demand business.

How can I make $1,000 a day?

1- Video games
2- Photography
3- Digital products
4- Print on demand
5- Handmade products
6- Self-published author
7-Dropshipping business

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