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Want Instagram to generate more sales? Want to know how to use Instagram product tags more effectively?

Discover 15 ways that businesses may use Instagram product tags to increase sales, in this post, You'll find instances of brands doing it correctly as well.

What Marketers Need to Know About Instagram Product Tags

Instagram product tags have substantially changed since their debut in 2016. When Instagram Shops launched in 2020, companies could use product tags to direct customers to their in-app stores. Additionally, starting in 2019, content creators can associate their own content with the products of other companies.

For instance, consumers may hit the product tag in the Instagram post from @viskicraft below to make a direct purchase of the item. Users may browse the whole Instagram store of the company by tapping the View Shop icon located below the post.

instagram post with product tag

Instagram made another product tag expansion announcement in March 2022. Any Instagram user will be allowed to include product tags in their content once this new deployment is complete. As long as you encourage consumers to use them, your product tags have the potential to gain a lot more popularity. There are several ways you can use these shoppable product tags to benefit your business, including from clients, influencers, and brand partners.

In the U.S., this enhanced product tag feature is anticipated to launch in Q2 2022. You now have some time to complete the setup of your business, polish your plan, and select the appropriate access level. You may choose whether Instagram users can tag your items in the mobile app's settings.

Here are 15 ideas for leveraging this feature, including how to get the most out of third-party content, if you're opening your company's first Instagram store or searching for new ways to use product tags.

15 Ways to Use Instagram Product Tags

1. Launch a New Product

Do you intend to grow your product offering? Sharing Instagram feed content is a fantastic method to raise awareness. You can use product tags to accomplish more with your new offering than merely introduce it and pique curiosity. Customers can be encouraged to tap and shop as well.

The @botanicalbright feed post below keeps its introduction of a new product straightforward and only mentions that it has “just arrived” in the description. Customers can easily determine what to do next—tap and shop—because the tagged product occupies the majority of the visual field.

instagram post for product launch

How can you include Instagram followers in the introduction of your new products? Encourage them to take a picture and tag your products as soon as they get them to keep the excitement continuing.

2. Promote Instagram Checkout-Ready Products

You have the choice to either allow Instagram checkout or direct customers to your website when you set up an Instagram store. Customers may finish their purchase without leaving the app if you activate the latter option.

As an illustration, the product in the Instagram post from @simplehuman below supports Instagram checkout. The product tag's rainbow arrows alert customers that it is compatible with Instagram checkout while also grabbing their attention.

instagram shopping post with checkout enabled

It can be worthwhile to convert to Instagram checkout if your business doesn't already. Whether your business, your clients, or your preferred influencers tag your products, you may make it simpler for consumers to buy if you have this functionality enabled.

3. Build an Instagram Carousel

When you can share many products in a single post, why stop at just one? You can add many product tags to a single image, however, Instagram carousels are preferable if you just want to highlight one product. Instagram carousels allow you to display a variety of items while giving each card a unique tag.

The two decks in the @nomad Instagram carousel below each include one shoppable item. Customers can more easily decide whether products would look better in their area because of the monochromatic color scheme, which also draws attention to how different the two are.

instagram carousel with product tags

4. Tag a Product in the Caption

Instagram allows viewers to ingest the material without being distracted by visual elements because product tags only appear for a brief period before vanishing. The View Shop banner and the purchasing symbol, however, always appear on an Instagram post that contains product tags.

When a feed post has product tags, it is obvious to see because of the banner's vivid colors. But by putting a tag in the caption, you may make shoppable items stand out more. These text-based tags go directly to your Instagram store and are hyperlinked.

The image and description of the @homedeco feed post below both have product tags. The text tag is made more noticeable by the shopping bag symbol, providing readers another chance to purchase the brand's products.

instagram product tag in caption

5. Show a Product That’s on Sale

Are you having a sale or providing a momentary discount? It's simple to advertise things while they're on sale using Instagram businesses. Every time you cut the price, the product tags automatically change to say “On Sale.” A sale tag serves as an excellent incentive for clients who have been waiting for the ideal time to purchase.

For instance, the Instagram post from @uncommongoods below displays a tagged item that is discounted. The same “On Sale” wording can be seen in other branded content with the same product tag. It would also include the “On Sale” tag if buyers or influencers tagged the same item in their posts.

instagram product tag with on sale message

6. Run an Instagram Giveaway

Want to expand your audience and keep consumers interested? A fun method to engage people to connect with your content and show interest in your products is through an Instagram giveaway. You have even more chances to grow your audience with a co-branded giveaway because any businesses you collaborate with can promote it with their own Instagram followings.

For instance, the Instagram post from @ftlofshop below showcases a co-branded giveaway. The post incorporates product tags to make it simple to purchase the designer's earrings, and the description includes tags for the other businesses taking part in the event.

instagram co branded giveaway

Businesses may now use larger product tags to increase the impact of their product tags. You may tag any shoppable item in your giveaway posts, regardless of whether it is connected to your Instagram shop or the store of another business.

7. Reveal How You Make a Product

For both present and future consumers, behind-the-scenes content may be immensely captivating. People can better comprehend your process and develop a new respect for your labor of love by seeing how you create or package your goods.

The designer is seen cutting fabric to build outfits in the @ofthebirds video down below. The video clearly shows how much labor goes into the process even though the film is sped up. Shop the several dress styles that are labeled in the video if the method, fabric, or design piques your interest.

instagram business post behind the scenes

8. Explain How to Use a Product

Want to encourage your consumers to use your products more frequently? Tutorials are excellent for explaining the procedures and assisting buyers in getting started if what you sell is quite sophisticated.

But instructional content for simple-to-use products can be just as effective. Customers may visualize using your products and become motivated to purchase by reading about the brief set of steps they should follow to enjoy it.

A super-simple guide on how to use a throw blanket can be seen in the @valleycruisepress Instagram reel below. Each phase of the procedure, which is finished with “Get comfy,” is explained with text overlays. The “View Product” tag allows viewers who are inspired by the reel to purchase the featured throw blanket or browse the store's other offerings.

instagram reel tutorial

9. Pull Together an Entire Outfit

Don't be afraid to tag more than one item in a post or reel if your items seem to complement one another better. Customers may then shop the complete collection or quickly put together an outfit, as seen in the sample below from @jcrewmens. Even complimentary products from other companies may be included in the mix thanks to Instagram's new product tag choices.

instagram post with multiple product tags

10. Help Followers Style a Product

Even if customers are enthusiastic about your product, they might not feel forced to buy if they don't know how to use it in their everyday life. Particularly for apparel and design brands, a short-form style video might encourage clients to make purchases.

The @idaandmoon Instagram reel, for instance, demonstrates how to carry the designer's bag and how to customize it to fit you properly. The 15-second clip provides viewers with several clothing pairing choices by showcasing several iterations of the bag. Customers may purchase the bag and browse other products in the designer's store by tapping the product tag.

instagram reel with product tag

11. Spotlight a Brand Partner

Does your business collaborate with other businesses to provide enticing products? Instagram content, from reels to feed posts, allows both product tags and account mentions, so you can add both simultaneously to give credit where credit is due.

For instance, the Instagram image from @thesill below showcases a floral arrangement kit created in collaboration with @yourpoppyflowers. The caption references yourpoppyflowers and the post has a shoppable product tag.

instagram partnership post with product tag 1

Using ingredients from @justdatesyrup, the bread loaf in the @breadsrsly feed post below was created. The post also includes the @justdatesyrup brand to emphasize the collaboration in addition to the breadsrsly product tag.

instagram partnership post with product tag 1

Businesses may further this strategy using the recently extended product tag feature. You may expand your relationship with the desired brand partner by identifying their products as well as a supplier, as this will enable you to do so.

12. Highlight a Customer Review

For a few reasons, sharing customer reviews may be quite effective. Reviews are frequently highly trusted by consumers, who rely on them to guide their purchases. Therefore, a positive review may bring you, new clients.

A step further is taken with this idea in descriptive reviews. These evaluations may provide prospective buyers with fresh product usage suggestions, which may influence their buying decision. The fact that reviews allow you to add product tags makes purchasing simple.

For instance, the Instagram post from @eugeniakids below displays a positive assessment. The reviewer gives potential buyers a justification for making their purchase by outlining why they did so. Customers may tap and shop since the brand placed a product tag on the review.

instagram post with review in image

A somewhat different strategy is used in the @maikagoods feed post below, which moves the review from the creative to the caption. This business emphasizes the product mentioned in the review and adds shoppable tags for various variations in the image.

instagram post with review in caption

Consider encouraging contented consumers to tag your items in their reviews to take advantage of Instagram's increased product tags. Other consumers will have a much better experience buying, and it will be much easier for you to locate their reviews.

13. Reshare User-Generated Content

Excellent user-generated content (UGC), like positive reviews, can bring in new clients. UGC can be even more successful in attracting customers than branded content because of its authenticity. You may tag things when you post UGC to your Instagram profile to make it easier for buyers to find the same items.

As an illustration, the UGC by @elle_1210 that displays one of the brand's products in use may be seen in the @wandpdesign Instagram post below.

instagram ugc with product tag 1

It should be considerably simpler to locate UGC on Instagram with the new product tag feature. Every time someone tags your product, you'll be notified, allowing you to easily find the material and ask the author for permission to distribute it.

14. Mention an Influencer

If your business collaborates with artists or works with influencers, their material may generate a lot of attention and interest. Making it as simple as possible for users to buy products that influencers recommend by adding product tags to creative content may be a wonderful strategy to boost conversions and generate income.

For instance, the Instagram post from @danielwellington below shares a post from author @kiddin__. The product tag and text for the jewelry company's image showcase the featured piece.

instagram creator post with product tag

Your business can use the larger product tags when working with influencers. Ask influencers to include your products in the material they share on their profiles by sending them an email. They may then present your business to their audiences and provide their support for your merchandise.

15. Use Instagram’s Collaboration Tools

You may increase the exposure of your shoppable products with Instagram's cooperation opportunities. Your content can get additional impressions and encourage the followers of both accounts to buy because cooperation posts show up in both accounts' feeds.

For instance, the Instagram post from @traderjoeslist below showcases a partnership with @patthespatula. The Instagram store of @patthespatula is promoted in the post using shoppable tags.

instagram collab post with product tags


Businesses now have a far greater range of possibilities for using this tool thanks to Instagram's recent product tag extension. Utilize these suggestions to maximize the value of product tags on both owned and external content.

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