5 Easy Ways to Sell on YouTube Beginners Guide
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With an astounding 1 billion hours of video watched per day and an average of 2.6 billion active users each month, YouTube is the second-most popular social network in the world. With a large user base and the status of being many people's preferred search engine, commercial opportunities are many. How to sell on YouTube is explained in this post. Look no further than these five simple techniques to get you started whether your company is launching a YouTube channel for the first time or if you're a video producer trying to sell merchandise but only have a tiny following.

1. Set up a YouTube channel

You must first create a YouTube channel before you can start selling on YouTube.

1- Sign up for a Google account. You can move on to the next stage if you use Gmail, Google Maps, or any other Google application.

create your google account

You don't need to worry about that during setup because your YouTube channel does not allow anyone to access your name or email address. You will immediately have a personal YouTube account after you've created your Google account.

2- By going to your YouTube account page, you may create a YouTube Brand Account. Just enter a brand name and click “Create a Channel.”

3- In the dashboard for your channel, Customize your YouTube profile. To make your channel more discoverable, be sure to review all three tabs: layout, Branding, and Basic Info.

You're prepared! YouTube Analytics, multiple account admins, and name and appearance customization to match your brand are a few benefits of having a YouTube brand account.

2. What you need to sell on YouTube

Make sure you checked the following three items before you begin producing videos to sell on YouTube:

Video setup

kelly huang

Since YouTube is a video-based platform, having a reliable video setup is essential to creating high-quality content. Nowadays, the majority of smartphones can record video in 4K or at the very least 1080p, which is a terrific alternative if you don't want to spend a lot of money on a costly professional camera.

To advance your videos, it would also be worthwhile to add a few other items to your kit. When setting up your YouTube video to sell, take the following factors into account:

  • A tripod: is a must for stable shots, plus it makes it simple to video from various perspectives.
  • Lighting: Investing in a basic lighting setup will improve the caliber of your videos and provide you the flexibility to video at any time of day. Depending on what you're searching for, the market has a tonne of affordable possibilities.
  • Microphone: If you want to create voice-overs or talkative videos, a microphone is something to think about. The improved sound quality is a huge improvement.
  • Video editing software: Even if you simply want to make a few minor adjustments, editing software will help a lot. If you use a Mac, iMovie and its Windows equivalent, Movie Maker, are great choices for novices.

Website or landing page

You'll need a website or landing page to connect to your videos and ultimately direct people if you want to sell on YouTube.

You want to write content that organically draws readers to the website you've linked to. For instance, to promote the relaunch of her company, Chamberlain Coffee, well-known Gen Z YouTuber Emma Chamberlain made a video in which she tested out some famous coffee recipes.

To go one step further, you may include a link to a specific website in your video. For instance, Internet Girl, a former Depop entrepreneur who is now a designer, uses her YouTube account to provide lengthy vlogs of how she styles clients who buy her renowned “bundles“, which she links to in the title of each video.

Create a posting schedule

Consistent publishing is essential for growing an engaged audience. Your process will be streamlined by setting up a publishing schedule, which will make blogging regularly feel much less onerous.

Your YouTube account probably forms a component of a bigger marketing strategy. Therefore, creating a marketing calendar is a useful tool for managing your campaigns and important brand milestones. Your calendar may be customized to include your social media accounts, crucial events, and other pertinent details that will help you remain on top of producing regular and original content.

3. Create engaging content

Making entertaining content is arguably the most crucial aspect of effectively selling on YouTube. The last thing you want to do is produce videos that seem like advertisements, especially considering that viewers are already inundated with them and are likely visiting YouTube in search of informative and entertaining information. Throw away your sales presentation and think about these three tactics instead to engage your audience and increase conversions.

Identify trends within your niche

Finding video trends in your field or trends you can adapt to your niche is one of the most well-liked and successful strategies to attract attention to your videos. Identify subject ideas that spark interest and capitalize on hot topics with high interest and little competition, this is beneficial for two reasons.

These subjects have a higher chance of being selected by the YouTube algorithm and shown as “Suggested Videos” and on user homepages.

Utilize these three methods to identify trends:

1- YouTube Trending Videos

youtube trending videos

YouTube's Trending Page offers a hand-picked selection of popular videos that are organized into four categories: Now, Music, Gaming, and Movies. To correctly represent the most recent developments, this list is updated every 15 minutes.

2- Scope out similar brands and creators

Find out what videos your rivals are producing and how well they're doing by researching them. This will provide you invaluable insight into the subjects that appeal to your target group and how you can adapt and improve upon those concepts.

3- Google Trends for YouTube

The excellent keyword research tool Google Trends for YouTube shows how popular a topic is in comparison to other topics based on YouTube search inquiries. You may browse through interest by location, interest over time, and relevant breakout subjects in addition to finding the most recent statistics.

Leverage YouTube’s resources

YouTube has modified its platform to add comparable competitive elements like YouTube Shorts and YouTube Live as other social media platforms, including TikTok and Twitch, gain popularity.

YouTube Shorts

YouTube Shorts are vertical, 60-second or less, short-form videos that are frequently created with a smartphone and posted right from the YouTube app. The best thing about YouTube Shorts is its capacity to turn visitors into channel subscribers, which is essential if you want to eventually sell and grow your audience.

See how Simji, a Shopify seller, utilizes Shorts to demonstrate the manufacturing process for their carpets.

simji shorts

YouTube Live

The second-most popular live-streaming platform is YouTube Live. Because the YouTube algorithm likes live streams, you'll get a lot more viewers if your stream falls in someone's interest.

It's a feature that will not only increase traffic to your channel but also provide you with a wonderful opportunity to interact with viewers in real-time and create buzz to pique their interest. Because artists may answer to viewers directly and even invite them on, which further fosters a sense of trust between the two sides, the interactive format lends itself well to business. Jackie Aina, a well-known beauty YouTuber, accomplished this by holding a live-stream event to promote and sell her FORVR Mood candles.

Live streams are a terrific source of evergreen material for viewers who were unable to participate or would like to rewatch since they remain up on your YouTube channel after their first broadcast.

Popular video ideas

Still, having trouble coming up with video ideas? Use these concepts as a jumping-off point and unleash your imagination.

How-to videos

Consider producing how-to videos that provide answers to frequent queries because YouTube is one of the most widely used search engines. These videos are fantastic because they frequently fall under the heading of “evergreen content,” which refers to constantly current material.

Quench Soap, a Shopify vendor, posts instructional videos on her YouTube channel showing how some of her products are made. These also serve as behind-the-scenes information, which frequently succeeds by assuring buyers of the caliber of your product and providing a window into the production process.

Industry-focused videos

If you're just getting started on YouTube, Q&A and brand-specific videos will only get you so far due to their small potential audiences. Videos that are specifically geared for the industry are therefore the way to go and, when done well, have the ability to reach a considerably wider audience. These videos ought to provide solutions to issues that arise frequently in your area of expertise, present fascinating information, or share other insights that you, as an authority in the subject, may have.

Check out the video by Brad Mondo where he explains how to identify your hair type and highlights the advantages of his hair care brand, XMONDO, for each hair type.

4. YouTube Ecommerce

Now that you're familiar with YouTube and have a few content marketing ideas under your belt, let's look at how to maximize YouTube's revenue-generating potential and increase your ecommerce sales.

YouTube Partner Program

Creators of a specific size may make money off of their videos thanks to the YouTube Partner Program. Your channel must fulfill several standards to be eligible to join as a partner.

Currently, these conditions must be met:

  • Have a linked AdSense account.
  • Have at least 1000 subscribers.
  • Have more than 4,000 valid public watch hours.
  • Have no active Community Guidelines strikes on your channel.
  • Live in a country where the YouTube Partner Program is available.

Once you've been approved, monetization will let you earn money from ads, negotiate deals with advertisers, and get along better with the YouTube algorithm.

How to sell merch on YouTube

Regardless of your following size, Selling merch on YouTube may be a valuable source of income. Additionally, creating your own business allows you, the creator, complete ownership over your name, products, and principles without having to rely on legally binding agreements.

Selling merch is a fantastic opportunity to interact with your followers and give them something in return for their support.

The two most well-liked merch categories on YouTube are:

  • Physical Merch: Physical merchandise can range from standard fan memorabilia (your phrase or logo on t-shirts, caps, mugs, etc.) to art prints or handcrafted products.
  • Digital Merch: Over the past several years, digital merchandise has grown in popularity and, given the nature of many artists' occupations, has become increasingly relevant. Filter presets, smartphone icons, and digital directions for a dish or craft are examples of digital merchandise. This kind of merchandise has some amazing benefits, like rapid delivery and personalization options.

Include product links

Including product, links are crucial since the ultimate purpose of brand promotion on YouTube is to sell things. The most popular place to put links is in the description of your video, where you may direct viewers to your shop or connect to products that were featured in the video.

Integrate your store

A step up from adding product links to the description of your video is integrating your store. Because you need to establish a Shopify store and be qualified for revenue in the YouTube Partner Program, this option takes a little longer. But for the following reasons, YouTube Shopping's advantages greatly surpass just providing product links:

  • Out-of-stock products auto-unlinked
  • Orders attributed to YouTube in admin
  • Picture-in-picture playback on mobile on Lives
  • Up-to-date product imagery and price shown
  • Products are shown at the correct time during videos

Successful content producers may link their Shopify store to their channel and sell through the channel website and videos thanks to the YouTube Shopping connection.

Beardbrand store integration

Take a look at this illustration of Beardbrand's store integration, which enables viewers to purchase the items mentioned in the video.

5. Streamline your marketing strategy

Without a well-organized marketing strategy in place, using all the tips you have already learned won't be sufficient. To advance your channel, remember these top tips.

Collaborate with other channels or influencers

Often referred to as “collaborating,” this is a fantastic method to introduce new consumers to your channel and products. On videos that are posted on both parties' accounts, YouTubers typically collaborate with comparable creators.

For instance, Rclbeauty101 and Bethany Mota collaborated to produce a joint video for their channels.

rclbeauty video
bethanymota video copy

Both Bethany Mota and Rclbeauty101 provide material about fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. The partnership was a successful strategy for promoting each company's brand to target markets that they both served.

Partnering with influencers is a fantastic additional strategy for promoting your brand. People prefer to trust recommendations from others more than they do ads when making purchases. Because of this, working with an influencer whose followers are similar to those in your target market might be advantageous.

Call to action

Calls to action should always be present. It won't be hard to persuade a viewer to subscribe, like the video, or click a link if they are interested enough to click on your video and watch it. Ensure that your video has several calls to action. The objective is to interest viewers sufficiently so that they hang around, develop a relationship with your brand, and believe that your items are worthwhile purchases rather than necessarily having them make an immediate purchase.

Optimize for SEO

When done correctly, SEO offers a tonne of advantages, like raising video rankings, and traffic, and generating more leads and sales. Here are two methods for using SEO to improve your search engine ranking.

Take advantage of transcripts

Not only are subtitles excellent for accessibility, but the algorithm also favors them. This is because the algorithm has more information to analyze your material and eventually aids in its performance when you incorporate a.srt file into your videos. Making your content into transcripts is a simple step that can greatly improve your videos.

Write great video titles and descriptions

The title and description of your video should be tailored for optimal engagement as these are the first things viewers will read. Making your video names and descriptions relevant to the search query may seem apparent, but it's important. Include the primary keywords and state the audience for your article to do this. Make certain that your title and description are succinct and engaging, and address your audience.

How to sell on YouTube: summary

How to sell on YouTube

The five ways to sell on YouTube are listed below in brief:

  1. Set up a YouTube channel.
  2. Create a regular publishing schedule, have a reliable website or landing page and utilize videos.
  3. Utilize YouTube's tools and trending opportunities to produce excellent content.
  4. Make money on YouTube by selling merch, joining the Partner Program, and integrating your store.
  5. Streamline your marketing strategy.

Keep in mind that selling on YouTube requires patience. Traffic and purchases to your ecommerce site will come organically as a result of making excellent videos and developing a community.

Additionally, YouTube offers successful artists several ways to monetize their work, like tipping, sharing premium membership fees, and ad money, to mention a few. All of this is to indicate that, compared to many other creator platforms, investing in YouTube generates a more stable revenue stream for producers.

There is no better time to start selling on YouTube than right now, now that you are aware of all the ins and outs of it.

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