How to Make Money on Twitch The Ultimate Guide
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Building an audience through Twitch broadcasting is a potential road to success when it comes to making money online. Twitch is a well-known live streaming website where viewers can watch their favorite content producers make videos of themselves merely talking or playing video games. You may make more money by having more viewers watch your live streams; some streamers monetize their Twitch feeds to the tune of thousands of dollars per month.

We'll get further into what Twitch is, how broadcasters earn money, how much they make, and how to make money on Twitch throughout this post.

What is Twitch?

On the live streaming website Twitch, content producers may broadcast themselves playing video games, participating in esports competitions, listening to music, and more while often interacting with viewers. Over 3,000 different games are broadcast concurrently at any given time of day, making video gaming the most popular type of entertainment on the Internet.

how many followers do you need on twitch to make money
Twitch shows live channels and potential interest categories for viewers.

Viewers of Twitch may search for particular categories of videos they wish to watch, explore the Twitch directory, or scroll down the main feed. For a nominal monthly charge, they may also pay to subscribe to their preferred Twitch streamers.

Users may browse through several chat rooms to locate a topic of interest. A lot of Twitch feeds are also just for people to communicate with one another. There are countless applications for this live streaming platform. But in order to make a good living, you'll need to identify a lucrative market for your channel.

8 ways to make money on Twitch

  • Twitch Bits
  • Ad revenue
  • Merchandise
  • Viewer donations
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Brand sponsorships
  • Patreon subscribers
  • Viewer subscriptions

There are several ways for Twitch broadcasters to make money from their accounts, and multiple monetization techniques may be combined to improve the overall cash that a dependable streamer can generate.

Twitch pays money to content producers every 15 days—as long as there is more than $100 in their account—once broadcasters begin to generate income. Otherwise, Twitch streamers must wait until they have made $100 in earnings before getting paid.

How much money can you make on Twitch?

The number of people that regularly watch your live streams has a significant impact on how much money you may make on Twitch. Your income will increase with the size of your audience.

Streamer Facts just created the following research to give an estimate of how much broadcasters at various audience levels may make each month on Twitch:

# of viewersEstimated income
5-10 average viewers per stream$50-$200 per month
20 average viewers per stream$200-$400 per month
50 average viewers per stream$500-$750 per month
100 average viewers per stream$1,000-$1,500 per month
1,000 average viewers per stream$5,000 per month
5,000 average viewers per stream$13,000 per month
10,000 average viewers per stream$30,000 per month
50,000+ average viewers per stream$100,000-$200,000+ per month

Recurring revenue from well-known Twitch streamers may reach hundreds of thousands of dollars each month. You only need to put in the effort if you want to make money streaming.

Remember that Twitch is not the greatest approach to making money quickly because getting simply five to ten average viewers each broadcast won't happen overnight. However, starting on Twitch should be your first move if your objective is to become a professional gamer and earn a monthly salary.

How to build an audience on Twitch

Now that we've gone over 12 various methods to make money on Twitch, let's move on to another crucial topic: establishing an audience so that you have constant viewing and prospective subscribers.

1. Find your niche

Niching down aids in the development of an audience interested in the precise material you're broadcasting. It will be tough to develop a loyal following interested in your content if your channel is all over the place, streaming a Fortnite game one day and sharing live music the next.

Instead, pick one major topic to concentrate on. You might, for example, dedicate your channel to Minecraft streaming. While you may still broadcast other games on occasion, your primary focus will be on Minecraft gameplay, allowing you to establish an audience of other Minecraft gamers.

2. Engage your viewers

While a famous streamer may appear to be merely playing a game or conversing with their audience, being a must-watch Twitch broadcaster is an art. To begin, observe other streamers to learn how to properly engage your audience.

No one wants to watch a stream when the presenter hardly speaks to them, is awful at the game, and does not provide a pleasurable viewing experience. So, practice a lot—both streaming and the game(s) you intend to focus on—to produce an interesting broadcast that draws your audience in and keeps them coming back for more information.

3. Build your network

Watching and connecting with other Twitch streamers is essential to developing as a streamer. Building a community through connections with other content producers is possible with this. Additionally, if you make friends with other streamers, you may start broadcasting together to share audiences and gain access to more viewers.

Additionally, while you're watching a streamer, be sure to participate in live conversations. This is a fantastic method to get the word out about your channel and brand in front of other viewers, increasing the likelihood that they will visit your profile and decide to follow you.

4. Hone your personal brand and online presence

You can't just advertise your streams on Twitch. Instead, you might want to think about setting up a website (or at the very least, a merch site), a Twitter account, a YouTube channel, and perhaps even an Instagram and other social media profiles.

Your ability to reach a larger audience and attract more Twitch channel visitors will rise as a result of developing your brand and being active across several platforms.

12 best ways to make money on Twitch

We've gathered up 12 fantastic methods for broadcasters to make money on Twitch, whether you're just starting or you've already signed up for the Twitch Affiliate or Partner Program.

How to make money on Twitch as a beginner

It may take some time for your Twitch channel to gain popularity if you're just starting as a broadcaster. Start your channel off right by regularly going live and streaming popular games that people will like.

Here are a few methods to start making money after you've attracted a few viewers for each broadcast.

1. Donations

Although you can't yet set up subscription levels as a beginning, you can still get donations from viewers of your video feeds.

This feature can be configured by a third-party business. Create a PayPal donation button for your account, or use a site like Streamlabs to create a tip page, to start earning additional money from tips and contributions on your Twitch channel.

Look through MuTeX‘s profile, for instance, to see how it is set up. He's made several panels featuring buttons for donations from Twitch viewers who wish to support their channel, links to other social media, and subscription choices.

how old do you have to be to make money on twitch
Twitch streamers may link viewers to their social media pages, websites, and contribution pages in their accounts.

2. Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates is an Amazon-specific affiliate scheme that newer streamers may use to get some affiliate revenue. Streamers can use this program to highlight Amazon items and post affiliate links to them on their channel and while streaming. When a viewer purchases that product, the streamer receives a share of the sale.

3. Patreon subscriptions

Because new Twitch streams cannot instantly develop Twitch-based subscription services, Patreon is an excellent option to begin earning money directly from subscribers. Streamers may use Patreon to create subscription levels and highlight the benefits of each level.

impulseSV, a famous Twitch broadcaster, has his Patreon page accessible from his Twitch profile. Although he has three tiers of Twitch subscriptions set up, his Patreon provides him with an extra way to monetize his Twitch channel.

chances of making money on twitch
Twitch streamers and other creators may use Patreon to supplement their revenue.

Each of impulseSV's six membership tiers, which cost between $1 and $50 each month, offers greater subscriber benefits. While the free membership just gives users access to the Patron Activity Feed, the $50 membership level also entitles them to a personalized shoutout in one of the streamer's videos as a way of saying “thank you.”

Twitch Tip: Receiving shoutouts may be a fantastic way to promote your own Twitch channel, even if you have to pay for them as a Patron or subscriber.

How to make money on Twitch as an affiliate

You could be asked to sign up for the Twitch Affiliate Program after you've been active on the platform for a while. The following criteria must be met to qualify:

  • at least 500 minutes total aired during the last 30 days.
  • 30 days ago, there were at least seven distinct broadcast days.
  • Throughout the previous 30 days, there have been at least three concurrent viewers on average.
  • 50 minimum followers.

Twitch will notify you on your user dashboard when your channel qualifies for affiliate status, at which point you may begin using the extra affiliate features. Additional revenue opportunities are made available by becoming a Twitch Affiliate, which we'll go over in more detail below.

1. Twitch subscriptions

You may start providing your membership levels inside of Twitch as soon as you're accepted into the Twitch Affiliate Program. Followers may click the Subscribe icon that displays in the bottom right corner of your stream to discover more about the benefits of doing so.

Three other membership options, priced at $4.99, $9.99, and $24.99 per month, are also available with Twitch.

Take a look at how top streamer Ninja has organized his tiers:

top streamer Ninja
For their fans, Twitch streamers may create several subscription tiers.

Custom emoticons for use in chat, follower badges that display under a follower's name in chat, ad-free viewing, subscriber-only streams, and other benefits can be provided with a Twitch membership.

2. Twitch Bits

Twitch Bits, a type of virtual money that viewers pay broadcasters to “cheer” for them while they are broadcasting live, is another benefit of being a Twitch Affiliate. For each bit, they acquire while streaming, streamers are paid one cent.

The minimum amount of Bits or cheers that a follower can provide a streamer can be specified by the streamer. A well-known streamer like SypherPK, for instance, has a cheer minimum of 100 Bits.

Cheer Motes are a sort of payment that viewers may give Twitch streamers.

Fans may buy Bits in quantity to deliver to their favorite streamers or give them as gifts while watching games or insightful commentary. “Cheermotes,” which are several aesthetic choices available to Bits,

The Weekly Top Cheerers are displayed in stream conversations. For instance, this streamer collected $417 worth of Bits, or 41,700 Bits, from only their top 10 supporters:

Twitch Monetization 101: How to Make Money on Twitch
In-stream conversations, a streamer's weekly Top Cheerers are shown.

How to make money as a Twitch Partner

Being a Twitch Affiliate is the next level up from the Twitch Partner Program. While streamers must voluntarily sign up to be taken into consideration for the Twitch Partner Program, Twitch will automatically contact accounts that are qualified to become Affiliates.

1. Twitch Partner Program

For this program, the eligibility requirements are less definite, but you must have a loyal and engaged audience, stream often, and serve as an example in your neighborhood.

You also need to reach the following milestones listed on the Path to Partner success dashboard:

  • Stream for 25 hours
  • Stream on 12 different days
  • Average of 75 viewers

After that, you'll have access to another option to make money on Twitch: advertising income.

2. Twitch ads

You may start running advertisements during your streams after you sign up as a Twitch Partner. This will enable you to increase your revenue. However, this monetization approach works best if you have a large audience because you'll get compensated based on how many times an advertisement is seen.

You will be paid $3.50 for every 1,000 ad watchers, according to a Twitch streamer's Quora response. Therefore, if a stream has less than 1,000 watchers, you are only earning cents for each advertisement.

However, airing a small ad or two every 30 minutes to an hour can be a terrific way to earn some extra money if you have a large stream with thousands of viewers.

How to make money on Twitch with a large audience

There are various other monetization techniques you may utilize to make money on Twitch once you've grown your following.

1. Brand sponsorships and partnerships

For huge networks, partnerships or brand sponsorships with like-minded businesses are an effective revenue approach. While working with micro-influencers (content producers with less than 10,000 followers) might have its advantages, marketers need still to make sure that the streamers they support have a sizable enough audience for the collaboration to be profitable.

Partnerships and brand sponsorships come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Mentioning a brand's product or service within a stream is one method a streamer may advertise it. These advertisements might seem natural since they simply include a content creator telling their audience about a good or service they use daily.

However, as a streamer, you must disclose to your audience that you have been compensated to advertise that item or service. Additionally, in accordance with Twitch's Terms of Service, you must state that Twitch is not the sponsor of this offer by using a disclaimer such as, “This is a promotion by [Your Name].” This promotion is neither sponsored nor approved by Twitch, and Twitch is not in charge of it.

Having sponsors fund a whole stream is another option to collaborate with them. A similar campaign was carried out by streamer nikkijustine with AT&T. She devoted her whole broadcast to the company and included its name in the stream's title.

Twitch streamers that work with companies can include them in the headline of their streams.

Even if viewers miss the precise moment(s) you're referencing them, this sponsored stream method puts even more eyeballs on the company and its services (for example, on a stream that is several hours long).

2. Merchandise

Once you have a sizable enough audience, selling your goods, or merch is another method to make money. This might include products with your brand or design on them, such as t-shirts, blankets, hoodies, pens, and caps.

With the help of websites like Streamlabs, you can set up and market your Twitch store with your products so that your viewers may buy them and support you even more.

Streamer Couriway makes it possible for his viewers to buy t-shirts and hoodies by linking to his merch store from within his Twitch profile, which allows him to profit directly from product purchases.

Creating products is one way that Twitch streamers may make money.

3. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a means to earn money when someone uses your affiliate link to make a purchase it's a commission—similar to Amazon Associates, which was previously explained. You must first apply for and get accepted into the affiliate programs of your preferred businesses. Following that, you may begin using your Twitch audience to grow your revenue.

On the chat, for instance, you may share your affiliate link if you mention a product in your Twitch stream and encourage people to go through and make a purchase. Afterward, a portion of that purchase will go to you.

Additionally, you may add a few of your preferred items to your Twitch profile so that anybody can browse and purchase the things that catch their attention. Streamer Alixxa employed the following technique on her profile:

Earn money as a Twitch streamer by listing your favorite brands on your Twitch profile and using affiliate marketing.

Each of the aforementioned photographs has an affiliate link, allowing Alixxa to profit from any purchases made by her followers and therefore increase her monthly income.

How to leverage your Twitch audience to make money off of Twitch

Once you've established a following on Twitch and are earning a consistent living, you could think about expanding so you can profit even more from your platform.

1. YouTube channel

If you want your audience to continue seeing your work while you aren't streaming live on Twitch, think about starting a YouTube channel. Additionally, you may monetize your YouTube channel to provide yourself with a completely new avenue for making money.

2. Coaching

Offering services to aspiring Twitch streamers is another way to profit from your audience on the platform. For instance, you may provide coaching services to share your knowledge of Twitch audience development.

You may also think about providing the following services:

  • Merch design
  • Merch store setup
  • Profile customization
  • Graphic design for panels and banners

Anything you have mastered through your Twitch channel may be offered as a service to more inexperienced Twitch streamers.

Create your own Twitch account and start making money

Joining Twitch and launching your channel is a terrific place to start if you've always wanted to make money streaming. You may start increasing your audience and monetizing your channel by following this tutorial on how to make money on Twitch.

How to make money on twitch FAQ

How much money do Twitch streamers make?

You must have at least 50 followers and an average of three concurrent viewers or higher over the last 30 days in order to become a Twitch Affiliate. You must average 75 concurrent viewers over 30 days in order to become a Twitch Partner.
Remember that you'll be paid more the more loyal viewers you have. For further information, see the Twitch qualifying requirements.

What are some reasons why Twitch streamers don't make money?

If a Twitch broadcaster doesn't broadcast frequently, doesn't have a large following, or doesn't maximize Twitch revenue streams, they have a decreased chance of becoming wealthy.

How to get sponsored on Twitch?

1- The more often you broadcast, the more valuable your stream will appear to prospective partners.
2- Create an audience since partners are more likely to be interested in streamers who already have a following.
3- Find businesses that are compatible with your brand's specialty and ideals; businesses like to collaborate with streamers whose audience consists of potential clients.
4- When pitching potential sponsors, be clear about their sales objectives and how you can assist in meeting them.
5- Develop your ties with sponsors; a business that has supported you in a successful campaign in the past is more likely to do so again in the future.

How do beginners make money on Twitch?

1- Donations
2- Twitch ads
3- Twitch Bits
4- Merchandise
5- Affiliate marketing
6- Amazon Associates
7- Twitch subscriptions
8- Patreon subscriptions
9- Twitch Partner Program
10 -Brand sponsorships and partnerships

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