How To Increase Sales
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Your online store makes a few sales each week from a product you've chosen to sell. You now want to accelerate and increase sales.

But the number of hours in a day is limited. How do you begin? This manual offers strategies that are sure to increase sales and don't need much effort to put into practice.

1. Uncover your value proposition

Why would your target market pick your brand/products is explained in your value proposition. Discover yours by asking current consumers a few questions. Why did they choose your products over those of your rivals? What issues did you resolve that others were unable to?

Post your value proposition everywhere as soon as you find it. This includes your profiles on social media, the first few lines of your webpage, and the product descriptions themselves, like NOVO watch, does in its online shop.

NOVO - Increase Sales

“We produce watches from sustainable materials drenched in history,” reads the value statement of NOVO watches. This is mentioned in the product descriptions, too.

The creator of Radiant Elephant, Gabriel Bertolo, used this strategy to increase sales on client websites: “One site, in particular, witnessed an increase in the total conversion rate from 1.9% to 4% after developing the value proposition and incorporating it to the website's text.

Anything you can do to differentiate yourself from the competition and take care of a potential customer's needs or problems works wonders for boosting sales as online sales become more competitive.

2. Quiz your customers

How well-versed are you in your target customers? Use RevenueHunt or OctaneAI to quiz them.

Ask questions to identify their problems, then provide individualized products based on their responses. Send out follow-up email marketing campaigns that address those issues and offer your product as a solution.

For instance, Skinny Mixes uses a recipe quiz to determine which foods its potential consumers like preparing. Along with their unique recipe advice, participants receive a special discount coupon from Skinny Mixes, which helped the company gather 13,000 customer emails and generate $500,000 in sales.

Skinny Mixes - Increase Sales

The recipe quiz has generated more than $500,000 in sales for Skinny Mixes.

3. Share customer reviews

Did you know that 93% of new consumers actively look for reviews before purchasing a new product or service?

Ask satisfied clients via email to post a review on your TrustPilot, Yelp, or Google Business listings. Share them on the following platforms to draw in additional clients:

Glossier - Increase Sales

To increase purchases, Glossier displays more than 3,000 reviews—the majority of them positive—on its product page.

4. Answer questions via optimized blog content

An inexpensive substitute for pricey social media advertising is blog material. Invest in content marketing to draw in your target consumers when they're actively seeking your products rather than paying to attract people who might not suit your buyer profile.

Find keywords that your intended audience uses. Use SEO best practices to increase your chances of ranking for the phrases they type into a Google search and respond to any queries they may have about the subject.

Urban Beardsman

On its blog, Beardbrand focuses on phrases like “how to use utility oil” and “how to build a handlebar mustache.”

“We assist our SEO customers to increase website traffic and revenues by building a brand-specific plan for generating fresh content, gaining new backlinks, and fixing on-page and technical issues on the website,” says Noah Kain, founder of Noah Kain Consulting.

“We're able to generate traffic and revenue for particular keywords that are directly connected to improved sales by synchronizing these efforts and putting them into practice regularly.”

In the first year of our collaboration, Noah continues, “One of our clients, who sells bespoke furniture, had a five-fold increase in website traffic and a 100% increase in year-over-year sales.”

5. Offer free shipping

Shipping charges hurt all of your online sales, regardless of what you sell. Two-thirds of consumers anticipate free delivery on all online buys, according to research, and 49% will quit their online shopping carts if additional charges (such as shipping) are too expensive.

By promoting free shipping offers in marketing campaigns, you may meet these customers' expectations. To increase the average order value, require a minimum purchase from paying clients to receive free delivery.

Everyone wants to receive a discount, according to Maria Shriver, co-founder, and CEO of MOSH. Additionally, a sizable discount for returning customers encourages consumers to benefit from the ease of routinely obtaining their preferred products without having to deal with the trouble of making several purchases.

According to Maria, after introducing a 20% discount and free shipping offer to email subscribers in late spring, “our sales have virtually doubled, helping us surpass the milestone of one million bars sold in early September. But more significantly, they're a great method for us to express gratitude to, recognize, and keep our regular consumers.

Mosh - Increase Sales

New email subscribers may get a 20% off coupon from Mosh to use on a trial pack.

6. Run abandoned cart email campaigns

Customers may visit your online store, see a product they want, and then leave without making a purchase. This might occur for several reasons, such as imprecise pricing or being preoccupied and forgetting to return.

Send reminder emails to customers who put items in their cart but did not complete a purchase. Give customers a motivation to buy now rather than later by offering them a discount.

For instance, Grenade urges potential consumers to purchase products they had already viewed “before it's too late.”

Grenade - Increase Sales

Grenade uses its cart abandonment emails to instill a feeling of urgency and increase purchases.

7. Use upsells and cross-sells

Frequently, product pages for potential buyers don't quite fit their preferences. Use the following sales techniques to persuade them to buy anyway:

  • Upsells: Recommendations for products with higher prices than the ones they're now viewing.
  • Cross-sells: Product suggestions that go well with the items already in a website visitor's shopping cart.

Consider upselling and recommending a $39 case with drop protection to someone looking at a $19 iPhone 14 phone case, for instance. Cross-sell a matching $4.99 PopSocket to increase the average order value.

8. Add trust signals to your online store

It might be challenging for new clients to believe in mysterious websites. Show customers that your online store can be trusted with their private information and increase sales by putting up trust signals like:

  • SSL certificates
  • Customer reviews
  • Return/refund policies
  • Money-back guarantees
  • Logos of credit card processors

This strategy is used by NCLA Beauty to increase online shop sales. Prospective clients can notice the logos of well-known payment processors in the website's footer.

NCLA Beauty

Customers who already trust these companies with their personal information can see the logos for Amazon Pay, American Express, and Mastercard on the NCLA Beauty website.

9. Improve website navigation

Your website's navigation serves as the store's map. Use your primary navigation to make it easier for customers to find what they're looking for. direct them to primary category pages with search and filter options that allow them to be very specific about what they're looking for.

Similar to this, increase sales by turning on breadcrumbs on specific product pages. In this way, customers who visit your store for the first time might find products that are comparable to the ones they are exploring if they land on that page.

Into the AM

To steer potential buyers toward its best-selling products, Into the AM enhances the navigation of its online store.

10. Speed up the checkout process

More sales result from less confusion on the checkout page.

Reduce the number of form fields to prevent potential clients from feeling overloaded on the checkout page. Allow Shop Pay to auto-fill a customer's information so they may complete their purchase in just one click. Its checkout-to-conversion rate exceeds normal checkout by 1.72 times.

The chief digital officer of CRAFTD London, Dan Potter, advises, “Simplify your website by requesting the bare minimum of data and letting autofill work its magic when it comes to card processing. Simplify your checkout page to reduce cart abandonment”.

Shop Pay

Shop Pay’s one-click checkout converts even higher on mobile.

11. Accept alternative payment methods

The days of punching credit card data onto an online checkout page are long gone.

Nowadays, people purchase products and services online using several payment options. Increase sales by providing the most well-liked items, such as:

Wolf Circus

Wolf Circus demonstrates how AfterPay allows consumers to make payments in installments.

12. Provide excellent customer service

Several factors will cause new customers to get in touch with your sales staff. Whether a client's goods were delivered in poor condition or they want assistance using the item they purchased, offering excellent customer service helps keep consumers and increase revenue.

Be proactive, extend regret when anything goes wrong, and fix it as soon as you can. It capitalizes on the service recovery paradox, which states that after resolving a customer's complaint, you gain their trust more than you would have if there had been no issue.

customer loyalty

You increase customer loyalty by solving their issue more than you would have if everything went according to plan.

13. Offer a customer loyalty program

You've put in the effort necessary to draw in new customers. Use a client loyalty program to persuade customers to make more purchases.

According to two-thirds of consumers, earning incentives genuinely alters their buying habits. By offering incentives for their subsequent purchases, you can keep past clients in your sphere of influence and motivate them to use digital marketing strategies on your behalf.

That could mean rewarding them for:

  • Making another purchase
  • Generating word-of-mouth referrals
  • Sharing your products on social media
Liquid Death

By enrolling current customers in a customer loyalty program that shares club-exclusive products, Liquid Death encourages them to make more purchases.

Increasing sales for your online store is a continuous process

The greatest strategy to increase sales varies depending on the store. Find out what works best for your website and build on it.

To remain ahead of their constantly shifting online buying tastes, speak with current consumers. You may gradually increase sales, regardless of whether you need to give free delivery or enhance customer service.

How to increase sales FAQ

How can I bring more online sales?

Promote your abandoned carts. Launch a loyalty program for current clients. Make use of one-click checkout. All orders should be sent for free. Accept alternate forms of payment.

Why does speeding up the checkout process increase sales?

The checkout page is where sales are most likely to be lost. The average percentage of shoppers who abandon their carts on the checkout page is said to be between 65% and 96%. By removing obstacles and reducing the number of steps required to complete the transaction, you can help your consumer acquire what they want fast and profitably.

How does investing in post-sales customer service increase future sales?

Resolving a dissatisfied customer's issue can increase goodwill and boost loyalty. They may be more inclined to buy from you again, tell their friends about your company, and post about their satisfying shopping experience on social media as a result.

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