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If you're struggling to gain your first 1000 subscribers on YouTube, whether it's a new or old channel, you've come to the correct spot. There is no magic to it, but if you follow a few simple recommendations, you can earn your first thousand subscribers in as little as 1-2 weeks.

YouTube is the largest platform for showcasing your skills on the planet. However, you'll need some subscribers or followers on your channel to do so. Many people are skilled at creating videos, but they have a limited number of YouTube followers.

In this real-life case study, I'll show you how I used a Google Ads campaign to get more than 1000 subscribers to my YouTube channel. And even if you don't want to spend your money, you'll still learn a lot.

Doesn't it seem exciting? Let's get this party started.

How to Gain YouTube Subscribers Fast

You may obtain YouTube followers quickly using one of three methods:

1- Wait for the Organic YouTube Growth

All you have to do is upload videos and hope that people will find you and subscribe to your channel. Organically ranking your videos or channel on YouTube takes a long time.

youtube ads to get subscribers

Organic channel traffic is fantastic, but it isn't always available.

2- Buy YouTube Subscribers

Although many companies provide this service, they do not bring in targeted subscribers. They just randomly subscribe to your channel. Also, rather than genuine individuals, the majority of your subscribers will be bots.

This can help you quickly gain your first 1000 YouTube subscribers, but it will harm your channel in the long term.

Buying these subscribers can speed up the process, although it is not always successful due to low-quality subscribers. There's a good risk your YouTube video will be taken down or your account will be banned.


3- Run YouTube Ads Campaigns

It's the most efficient way to attract subscribers in a short time, but you'll have to pay for it. This strategy is quick and will help you quickly grow your subscriber base. And I'm going to go through this in-depth today. So, let's start.

How I Got 1159 Subscribers for $300 and 5700 Subscribers for $990

I previously launched a Google Ads campaign and received 199 subscribers for a staggering $250. That's almost a dollar per subscription! However, I was able to get 1159 subscribers for $300 and 5700 subscribers for $990 after that.

google ads for youtube subscribers

That works out to $0.17 per subscription. Isn't it fantastic? What did I do to achieve such a dramatic change?

Getting 5x the number of subscribers for the same amount of money, on the other hand, takes more work. Later in this piece, I'll tell you exactly what I did. However, here's a sneak peek:

  1. Go to Google Ads
  2. Start A “New Campaign”.
  3. Create a Campaign Without Goal’s Guidance.
  4. Set Campaign Type to Be ‘Video’.
  5. Check ‘Custom Video Campaign’.
  6. Enter the Campaign Name.
  7. Set Your Bid Strategy to be ‘Maximum CPV’.
  8. Set the Start and End Dates for Your Daily Budget.
  9. Uncheck ‘Video Partners on the Display Network’.
  10. Exclude ‘Embedded YouTube videos and live streaming videos.
  11. Select Your Audience Carefully.

The outcome is right in front of you. Now I'd want to go over the full procedure in detail. This post may be lengthy, so get a cup of coffee and read on!

The most cost-effective approach to reach your target audience is through Google Advertising, and video ads are among the most engaging ad formats available. If you have a business, you cannot just bring in subscribers but also leads.

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YouTube Ads: Get First 1000 Subscribers on Youtube with Google Ads

I'd like you to carefully follow every step in this guide to get 1000s of YouTube subscribers and more using YouTube ads. Otherwise, you can wind up blowing your entire wealth on buying YouTube views.

Step 1: Upload Your Video on YouTube.

The first step in video marketing is to upload the video you wish to promote on YouTube. Select the file, and input the title, description, and other details by clicking the “Upload” button. Make sure the video entices viewers to subscribe to your channel.

how to promote youtube channel with google ads

This is a screenshot of the dashboard in YouTube Studio. You may use your smartphone to upload your video by clicking “+” button.

Here are a few tips on how to get your first 1000 Youtube subscribers quickly.

Create original content. Don't be afraid to think beyond the box. Also, think of a catchy thumbnail. A decent title will draw in visitors and give them a sense of what the video is about, increasing views.

Step 2: Create a New Campaign in Google Ads.

YouTube is owned by Google. As a result, YouTube advertising is identical to Google ads. So, go to and start a new campaign. For your ad campaign, choose relevant categories.

how to promote youtube channel for free

Here’s a pro tip: Create a campaign without the goal’s guidance.


In this manner, you have complete control over all aspects of your YouTube channel's promotion. And having such control is crucial if you want to gain the first 1000 YouTube subscribers.

Step 3: Target Your Audience

When it comes to targeting, you have two options: a broad match and a phrase match. When a consumer inputs a term related to your product or service, your adverts will display immediately in a wide match.

If you're marketing the new iPhone 6S, for example, wide matching your ad campaign with “iPhone 14 Pro” will drive visitors to that phrase. When a user searches a term that is closely connected to your keywords, your advertising will show.

If you're marketing a new iPhone 14 Pro, for example, you can include “new iPhone” in the phrase match to drive in traffic for that term as well. Google also allows you to target audiences such as age, gender, and region.

Here’s a pro tip: Set the best age group by analyzing your ‘Audience’


On your YouTube channel, you may notice a variety of age groups and genders. In my instance, the target age group was 18-34, so I focused my Google Ads campaign on that.

promote youtube video google ads free

And this helped me get the first 1000 subscribers on Youtube fast.

Step 4: Select Where You Want Your Ads to Show

Embedded videos and live streaming types and labels are not included. Also, when it comes to showing your adverts, use the correct network. Google provides you with three alternatives from which to pick.


YouTube Search Results

If you select this option, your promotional video will show in YouTube's search results. Go ahead and do it since you want to show up in relevant searches.

best social media to promote youtube channel

YouTube Videos

Your videos will appear on YouTube's homepage, related channels, and videos. Verify this and put your faith in YouTube's algorithm.

Video Partners on the Display Network

If you click this box, your promotional video will appear on “Google's video partners” display networks.

how does google ads work on youtube

Uncheck this since most people don't want to go to YouTube if they haven't already. And if you double-check this, your ROI will plummet.

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Step 5: Set Your Budget and Bid for Higher Position

I normally pay $10 every day, but depending on your promotional needs, you may establish a daily or lifetime budget. But don't go overboard. You may increase the frequency of your ads to get a better return on investment. When you establish your budget, make sure it isn't too high, otherwise, Google may suspect you are attempting to defraud them.

Here's a pro tip: Set your bid strategy to be “Maximum CPV

How to get 1000's of Subscribers with Google Ads

Set your bid strategy to “Maximum CPV”, which means you'll pay for every view. If your final bid price is too high, Google will raise your ad rank automatically.

Step 6: Choose Placements Instead of Topics

The spots where your adverts will display in YouTube video ads are known as placements. I used to utilize themes to display advertising on YouTube, but it didn't provide me with a good return on investment. But with placements, I can target the right YouTube channels and receive a huge return on investment.

To see the relevant channels, go to YouTube channel analytics or When creating a new campaign, copy the URLs and put them into the ‘Placements' section.

And this will help you quickly obtain your first 1000 YouTube subscribers using a Google Ads campaign.

Step 7: Create Your Video Ad

Check out how your YouTube video ad will look on different devices. Make sure your advertisement is also mobile-friendly. To attract more subscribers to your channel, you should also alter the thumbnails.

FAQs on How to Get Your First 1000 YouTube Subscribers Using Google Ads

This section will answer some of the most often asked questions regarding how to get your first 1000 YouTube subscribers using Google Ads.

How To Get More Subscribers With a campaign YouTube Ads

You'll want to make sure you're targeting the right audience and that your budget is set appropriately when creating your campaign.

You'd want to take advantage of the YouTube placements for that. According to my case study, by posting adverts on relevant YouTube channels, I was able to gain more followers. I hope this information assists you in obtaining your first thousand platform subscribers.

Is it so hard to get the first 1000 subscribers on YouTube?

If you produce at least 164 videos, it will take you almost 15 months to obtain a thousand subscribers organically. However, with YouTube advertisements, you can achieve it faster than ever before.

However, how well you target your audience and how much you're ready to pay are two factors to consider. In my case study, I was able to obtain 1159 YouTube subscribers for $300 in a week and 5700 for $990.

How Much Does YouTube Advertising Cost?

The cost of running YouTube advertising is determined by several criteria, including your target audience, the length of time your ad plays, and where it is put. Depending on your targeting selections, you might expect to spend anywhere from $0.10 and $5 per click or action.

What type of YouTube videos get the most subscribers?

The ideal style of video for gaining subscribers may differ based on your target audience, therefore there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this subject. In general, you'll want to make films that are entertaining, instructive, and beneficial to your audience.

Are YouTube Ads Worth It?

This is dependent on several things, including your target audience, ad budget, and the results you want to achieve. It is well worth your money to advertise on YouTube.

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