13 Best Email Marketing Templates for 2023
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Have you ever run an email marketing campaign but been unsuccessful in achieving the desired ROI? This can be the result of people not taking the desired action after clicking on your emails' call-to-actions (CTAs).

Have you ever questioned why your emails aren't receiving the desired response? In most situations, bad email design is the cause.

Simply put, your emails aren't compelling enough to compel people to read them and take the desired action. All of the work put into your email marketing campaign is wasted if your emails are poorly designed since they often get ignored and unopened. This is where professionally created, stunning email templates may be of assistance. These templates were made by professionals who are aware of what works and what doesn't. Additionally, a large number of websites provide these email templates without charge. To locate these undiscovered jewels, you only need to know where to look.

13 of the Best Sources to Get Email Marketing Templates:

Where Can You Find the Best Email Marketing Templates?

We've compiled a list of 13 of the top sources where you can find free email templates for use in campaigns in this article.

Look through these sources and choose the ones whose design aesthetics are compatible with those of your company. Alternatively, you may simply choose any template and customize it in accordance with the standards of your business.

So continue reading to discover a tonne of original email templates to elevate your email campaigns.

1. Sendinblue

sendinblue - Email Marketing Templates

Sendinblue offers over 60 completely responsive email templates, and even if you opt to sign up for its free plan, you'll still get full access to its template collection. Beautiful emails may be required with this tool without any prior understanding of CSS or HTML. Simply choose a template and use the tool's drag-and-drop functionality to rearrange the various pieces or add new ones.

However, you are more than welcome to use the HTML email templates that you have obtained. To make any adjustments to this strategy, use its WYSIWYG HTML editor.

2. Omnisend

omnisend - Email Marketing Templates

Omnisend is a different email marketing tool that you want to keep an eye out for. You may get free email templates with their free plan, which is more than adequate to support small and medium-sized organizations. Customized email templates are designed to save time and increase revenue.

They provide a drag-and-drop user interface for emails along with other features like pop-ups and landing pages that help grow your consumer base. While there are various templates to choose from, you can also use layouts and an editor to create your email from scratch. Not only that, but you can also customize your completed templates for certain campaigns and store them for later usage.

3. Campaigner

Campaigner - Email Marketing Templates

Check out Campaigner if you're seeking a comprehensive email marketing template. They provide features that will advance the email campaigns your business runs by providing more than 900 email templates. Businesses may use the free trial to evaluate the technology before making any commitments.

According to the chosen plan, they provide an unlimited quantity of emails each month, which is considerable when compared to tools with comparable features.

What other features are available? Campaigner offers resellers, agencies, and corporate senders the capabilities required to effectively track and monitor email marketing campaigns via the use of advanced industry-leading A/B testing, responsive design, advanced reporting, API connectivity, and email workflows.

4. EmailOctopus

emailoctopus - Email Marketing Templates

There is a decent selection of free email templates available from this less-known provider. Their template designs are adaptable to mobile devices and display well on both computers and mobile devices.

Despite having a small selection of templates, they have simple designs that everyone can use. Their 11 unique email templates are sufficient to cover the essentials of email design and serve as a starting point. There aren't as many alternatives per category, however, as there are with some of the other sources mentioned here. There aren't many options, so you may either enjoy or dislike their design.

5. Mailchimp

mailchimp - Email Marketing Templates

You may use the free email templates offered by Mailchimp, a well-known email marketing tool, for your campaigns. You may send various types of emails using the website's library of over 100 predesigned templates.

If you choose one of their templates, you are not forced to use all of the design elements since the designs are entirely adjustable. All you need to do is select a layout that best conveys your message and then customize it to your specifications.

What could be superior? Not only do you not have to start from scratch, but your message also does not have to be forced into predetermined templates. Overall, it's a wonderful way to produce interesting emails rapidly.

6. Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor
Campaign Monitor

Free mobile-responsive email templates that function effectively on a variety of devices may also be found here.

You may select from more than 50 email templates that they provide. Based on the type of email, these email templates are further divided into several categories.

You have a template for any purpose your firm has, from announcements to welcome emails to newsletters. Because you may choose a predesigned template for various types of emails and customize it, this gives you a lot of versatility when creating your email campaigns. It helps you produce interesting emails while saving you time.

7. ZOHO Campaigns

ZOHO Campaigns
ZOHO Campaigns

Additionally, ZOHO Campaigns offers a wide selection of business-free email templates for all types of businesses. Their template sets include holidays and occasions.

You may find many types of email templates for your business in a separate category on their website called “business.” There are more than 25 email templates in this category alone for various types of business communications. You may choose the design that best conveys your message and then modify it to suit your requirements.

8. SendGrid


Free email and newsletter templates with a mobile-responsive design and layout may be found from this source as well, which is another great option. They provide you with access to a large selection of editable email templates, which you can change using their design editor.

Using their “marketing campaign” dashboard, you may design your own email templates if you'd like. You truly don't need to start from scratch because of their wide selection of more than 40 template designs.

9. Cakemail


You may also get free email and newsletter templates from this source to use for your campaigns. There are templates available for a variety of emails that your business could send, including welcome emails and emails with special offers. This source has a lot of unique designs, making it a particularly useful place to acquire newsletter templates.

Do you need these templates? Businesses from a variety of sectors may use them since the templates are easy to alter.

10. Stripo

stripo email
stripo email

This is the source for you if you would rather look at many design possibilities and don't want to put much work into customization. With more than 1150 different email template designs, you could not ask for more. You may discover a variety of email templates for whatever kind of email you wish to send. This is a unique place to get email templates for marketers seeking lots of original design sources.

Additionally, they provide specially designed email templates for various businesses. So you won't need to do any customizing; just select a template that has been redesigned for your business. This is perhaps the largest collection of email templates among the sites mentioned above. You probably won't need to look any further after you've seen their selection.

11. ActiveCampaign


Another well-known email marketing tool that offers free email templates is ActiveCampaign. For all kinds of business and personal emails, they provide tens of email template designs. They provide ready-to-use, appealing email templates using various color schemes, designs, and layouts. You can look through their options and choose the one that best fits your email. Additionally, you may alter these designs to fit the aesthetics of your business.

12. BEE Free

BEE Free
BEE Free

Do you still need more great email marketing templates? When looking for original and colorful email templates for both personal and professional usage, BEE Free is a great place to start. Depending on the type of email you want to send, you may choose from more than 200 different designs in their selection. In order to make it simpler for you to discover something that is ready to use without alteration, they also organize their email templates by industry and email type.

Additionally, you won't really need to look further considering their selection of templates. This is a less popular email marketing tool. In actuality, not many individuals are aware of it. It's somewhat of a buried treasure. and you may use it to your benefit.

13. Colorlib


There are tens of thousands of email templates and design resources on this website. 39 of these are available for free and can be downloaded by anyone. You may use these email cover templates for the many kinds of emails you send as part of your business. Therefore, scroll through their selection to see if anything catches your attention. Additionally, all of these templates feature responsive designs, making them compatible with a variety of devices.

because many individuals read their emails while they are on the road. As a result, you have one less thing to worry about, and you may use any of these templates exactly as-is.

Which One Will You Choose?

You may now access hundreds of designs for your business emails thanks to our collection of sources for free email templates. There is a wide selection of templates available for each of them. So, choose wisely while keeping the aesthetics of your business in mind, and create stunning and captivating emails that achieve the intended effects.

Why are you waiting? Start using these templates to build successful and engaging email campaigns right now.

Email Marketing Templates FAQ

Where can you find the best email marketing templates?

To help you find free email templates for your campaigns, we've compiled a list of 13 of the greatest online sources in this article. Sites we found include:

1. Mailchimp
2. Campaign Monitor
3. ZOHO Campaign
4. SendGrid
5. Constant Contact
6. Cakemail
7. Email Octopus
8. Stripo
9. ActiveCampaign
10. BEE Free
11. Colorlib
12. Omnisend
13. Campaigner

You have access to hundreds of designs for your business emails via these sites and resources. Choose wisely, keeping the aesthetics of your business in mind, and create stunning, captivating emails that have the intended effects.

Which is the best email marketing tool?

There is no such thing as the best marketing tool. Everything depends on the size and needs of your business. For small to medium-sized businesses, Mailchimp, for instance, is fantastic. It offers more than 100 predesigned templates that you may use to send various types of emails, as we have discussed in this post. For a business with sophisticated needs at the enterprise level, it would not be the best option. Then a product like Salesforce Pardot can suit your needs better.

Where do I find Mailchimp templates?

More than 100 pre-built templates are included with Mailchimp, and you can also create your own. Typically, one of Mailchimp's templates is used to launch a campaign. You may view featured templates from Mailchimp. These provide suggestions for what to include in your campaign. Go to the Templates page and select Create Template in Mailchimp to view the featured templates. In the Layouts tab, there are featured templates. The drag-and-drop editor is used by Mailchimp's Basic templates to allow you to add your own content to a mobile-friendly, empty email layout. You may write your own code.

How can I email market for free?

Most email marketing tools inevitably have a price tag. Some, on the other hand, offer a free plan that you can use until you are profitable enough to upgrade to a paid plan. You should be aware that MailChimp no longer focuses on email marketing, making it less suitable for free email marketing. A free email marketing plan is available from Benchmark, which is perfect for new firms. For as many as 250 emails each month, this offers crucial email marketing tools. Even simple drip programs are possible.

What are email marketing tools?

Mass emails cannot be sent from a regular email account. If you tried that, they would immediately mark your account as potential spam. Consequently, you must employ a specialized tool if you want to participate in email marketing. These are used to create, send, test, improve, and track email campaigns. Many provide templates that you may use to create eye-catching emails for your mailshots. Email marketing tools are used in many of the locations we've included in this article.

Is email marketing still effective?

Even though email marketing is one of the more established online marketing strategies, it is still quite powerful. Unsolicited email communications can seem to overwhelm people at times. But it still works for the majority of companies if you properly structure your emails and deliver them to the right audience email communications can seem to overwhelm people at times. But it still works for the majority of companies if you properly structure your emails and deliver them to the right audience. You must employ email marketing wisely and moderately. People may be interested in your emails without being overwhelmed by them, but there is a delicate line between the two.

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