8 Best Affiliate Programs on Impact Radius
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As an affiliate program manager, you want to find the best way to monetize your website traffic. And while there are many options out there, Impact Radius provides a unique and effective solution.

Most likely, if you're a blogger looking to monetize your site, you've looked at a few affiliate programs.

In a word, affiliate programs are agreements in which an online retailer's website compensates affiliate websites for introducing clients. These affiliate websites post links to the merchant's website and are paid through a contract. This agreement is frequently based on the number of visits the affiliate sends to the merchant's website or the number of those visitors who complete purchases or do other activities.

Applying to several programs necessitates a time-consuming application procedure, which is one of the few drawbacks to affiliate marketing. However, one way around this is to join one of the many significant affiliate networks that connect with several distinct businesses.

In general, once you start getting accepted to affiliate programs inside an affiliate network, you start getting authorized for other affiliate programs as well, even though some of these programs may require you to submit extra information. Affiliate networks at the very least enable you to quickly and easily submit multiple affiliate program applications.

Impact Radius is one of the top affiliate networks for bloggers. The most effective affiliate programs on Impact Radius will be covered in this post.

The top Impact Radius affiliate programs for bloggers will be covered in this post.

Without understanding a blog's topic, it is obviously hard for me to propose the most exemplary affiliate programs. Still, the programs described in this post are among the highest-paying affiliate programs that are generally appropriate for most new bloggers.

Additionally, the procedure is greatly simplified because you only need to register one account to apply to all of the affiliate programs in this post!

1. Canva

canva affiliate program

Canva Affiliate Program is an excellent alternative for most bloggers to market because practically every topic demands content producers to make graphics or execute some basic degree of graphic design. Canva is the most popular of these simple graphic design tools.

Earn up to $36 for each new Canva Pro subscription that uses your unique referral link to sign up. Canva accepts recurring and flexible payments.

Furthermore, Canva is seeing rapid expansion, making this an excellent moment to become an affiliate (there is a large addressable worldwide market, and Canva is available in over 100 languages).

I've personally earned hundreds of dollars each month with the Canva affiliate program and can attest to the excellent earning potential and subscription conversion rate.

canva affiliate earnings - Impact Radius

2. Namecheap

namecheap affiliate program

Namecheap’s affiliate program is great because it contains opportunities to sell a very wide range of products that apply to most users who are building or managing a website.

This includes everything from buying a domain name (something that is very “top of the funnel” in terms of applicability) down to more targeted products and services, such as web hosting.

I’ve had some success with this program (it’s closer to $20-$100 per month for me), but I’ve only added the links to a very small portion of my content.

namecheap affiliate earnings - Impact Radius

3. Squarespace

squarespace affiliate program

Squarespace is a fantastic website builder, and its affiliate program has one of the highest minimum rewards for a successful affiliate transaction.

The one disadvantage of this program is that it is often difficult to be approved. I applied to the Squarespace program a few years ago when my blog was much younger and was turned down. When I reapplied lately, though, I was accepted. So, if you are rejected from the Squarespace affiliate program the first time, don't give up.

Despite only posting the link on one page, I recently made my first transaction with this scheme! And it was wonderful that, while being on the “low end” of Squarespace's options, this discount was still $100:

squarespace affiliate program earnings - Impact Radius

4. Podia

podia affiliate program

Podia is a digital website builder that allows artists to offer courses, webinars, digital downloads, and communities all in one location. The Podia affiliate network is an easy sale because of the popularity of content providers releasing their products (particularly courses).

Podia is a relatively new addition to the Impact Radius affiliate program offerings, even though Podia has previously provided various versions of its affiliate program elsewhere (mostly on the Podia site).

All Podia users are also immediately registered in the Refer-a-Creator program. You may earn Podia credit and other benefits for every new Podia client you recommend.

However, the Refer-a-Creator program is not the affiliate program mentioned in this section. The Podia affiliate program in Impact Radius offers 20%+ commissions on upgrades to paid plans, and recurring affiliate revenue on paid plan renewals, making it very lucrative for bloggers.

Podia feature affiliates - Impact Radius

5. Envato

envato market affiliate program

Through Impact, Envato provides three distinct affiliate programs. EnvatoElements, Placeit by Envato, and Envato Market are all available.

Envato provides a large choice of typefaces, themes, and photographs utilized by bloggers, making this a great application for bloggers to share with their audience.

Envato rewards affiliates differently for each of its affiliate programs, as shown in the table below, so it's preferable to apply to the program that is most relevant to your audience (though you may apply to all three):

envato affiliate programs - Impact Radius

6. Tailwind

tailwind affiliate program

Tailwind is a social media marketing and scheduling application that is used to automate Pinterest and Instagram publications.

Because practically all content producers struggle with social media marketing, and Tailwind is one of the few well-known alternatives, the Tailwind affiliate program is ideal for bloggers!

Tailwind is also an excellent affiliate product to advertise because it provides affiliates with regular money while keeping at a low price point, making it an excellent affiliate program, to begin with. There's even a free level!

tailwind pricing - Impact Radius

Tailwind's affiliate program is particularly fantastic since the earnings you receive grow as you generate more purchases!

tailwind affiliate earnings tiers - Impact Radius

7. HubSpot

hubspot affiliate program

The HubSpot Affiliate Program enables you to earn a commission for client referrals made using your unique affiliate link in material such as emails, blog posts, and webinars. Joining the program provides you and your company with an easy method to add value to your website and audience while also introducing new income prospects.

HubSpot's affiliate program is perfect for bloggers since it has one of the highest average commission payouts ($276), offers affiliates the option of choosing their affiliate structure (15% recurring on monthly sales or 100% flat rate on the first month's income), and has a long cookie window (90 days).

hubspot affiliate terms - Impact Radius

8. Constant Contact

constant contact affiliate program

Constant Contact is one of the most established (and maybe the most profitable) affiliate programs.

Affiliates earn $5 for each referral who signs up for a trial and $105 for each referral who purchases a new account.

Because affiliates get compensated for free email leads and paid subscribers, this scheme is great for beginner bloggers!

constant contact affiliate - Impact Radius


I hope you found this post about the best affiliate programs on Impact Radius to be informative! Most bloggers rely on affiliate marketing to supplement their income, and Impact Radius is one of the top affiliate networks with some of the most profitable affiliate programs.

If you are looking for more Affiliate Programs, check out our Top Affiliate Programs tool guide.

Affiliate Programs on Impact Radius FAQ

What is Impact Radius?

Impact Radius is a global performance marketing platform. We help companies drive more revenue by making it easy to track, measure, and optimize their affiliate marketing programs.

What makes Impact Radius different?

There are a few things that make Impact Radius stand out from other affiliate networks and solutions.

First, we have a single, integrated platform that includes everything you need to run your affiliate program. This means you can track your performance, pay your affiliates, and manage your program all in one place.

Second, we offer a suite of tools to help you maximize your affiliate program’s performance. Our tools include robust tracking, real-time reporting, and advanced fraud detection.

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