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Do you want to know what IndexNow is and if you should add IndexNow in WordPress?

Microsoft's new SEO program, IndexNow, will help your website get indexed in search engines more quickly. This increases the rate at which new material is found and accelerates your SEO results.

We will explain how to add IndexNow in WordPress in this article to hasten SEO results.

What is IndexNow?

IndexNow is a tool that automatically notifies search engines whenever a post or page (URL) on your website is added, modified, or removed. As a consequence, total SEO results are accelerated by search engines' fast updates to their search results. To put it simply, it is instant indexing.

Microsoft has launched a new initiative, and both Microsoft Bing and Yandex are now supporting it. A Google spokeswoman has also confirmed that the IndexNow protocol will be tested by Google since it is environmentally sustainable.

XML sitemaps are currently the only method used by search engines to discover new content and updates. The problem is that when search engines visit your website at random intervals, it might sometimes take days or weeks for them to discover new content updates.

Due to their outdated architecture, search engine bots are inefficient and have a significant environmental impact.

When a search engine bot views your sitemap, it makes an effort to click on every link it discovers there as well as every link inside of each page. This requires a lot of resources, and the IndexNow protocol seeks to solve that.

search crawl bot

IndexNow enables your website to simply ping the search engine to notify them when you publish a new article or update an old piece of content, as opposed to having search engine bots randomly scan every page on your site to see what has changed.

They can quickly update their search results in this way while also being environmentally friendly.

IndexNow is a win for website owners, a win for search engines, and a win for everyone.

After saying that, let's look at how to add IndexNow to WordPress to hasten your SEO outcomes.

Video Tutorial For Add IndexNow in WordPress

Keep reading if you prefer written instructions.

Method 1: How to Add IndexNow in WordPress using AIOSEO

Over 3 million websites use the top WordPress SEO plugin, AIOSEO. On “as-educate,” we use AIOSEO to raise our SEO ranks.

AIOSEO is the first WordPress SEO plugin to add IndexNow support for WordPress in their most recent update.

AIOSEO landing page

Installing and activating the AIOSEO plugin is the first step. See our step-by-step tutorial on installing a WordPress plugin for additional information.

We will be using AIOSEO's paid version for this tutorial since it comes with sophisticated SEO capabilities like IndexNow. Additionally, AIOSEO has a free trial version that you may use.

To make the IndexNow feature available after activation, go to AIOSEO » Feature Manager from your WordPress dashboard.

aioseo feature manager indexnow

You don't need to do anything to get started with IndexNow after it has been activated; it will be automatically configured.

To create this connection, AIOSEO teamed up with Microsoft, and they simplified the procedure for beginners. You don't have to do anything; they will automatically create and setup an IndexNow API key for your website.

Click on the Webmaster Tools link under AIOSEO » General Settings to confirm this. When you click the IndexNow button there, you'll find that the IndexNow API key for your website is already set up.

aioseo add indexnow in wordpress

Link Assistant, redirection manager, and more potent tools are included with AIOSEO to assist you in enhancing your WordPress SEO rankings.

You may switch from Yoast, RankMath, and other SEO tools to All in One SEO by following the step-by-step steps in our setup guide.

Method 2: How to Add IndexNow to WordPress Using the IndexNow Plugin

Although some other WordPress SEO plugins have started to include IndexNow support, the majority still do not. Use this alternative if you don't want to switch to AIOSEO.

Installing and activating the IndexNow utility plugin is the first step. Install our instructions on installing a WordPress plugin for more information.

You must go to Settings » IndexNow in your WordPress dashboard after activation. The Get Started Now button must be clicked for the API key to be generated and for everything to be configured.

After that, a screen containing IndexNow statistics, including successful URL submissions and more, will appear.

indexnow microsoft plugin

You've successfully added IndexNow in WordPress.

Final Thoughts on IndexNow and Future of SEO

Microsoft Bing, Yandex, and other search engines have already adopted the new initiative known as IndexNow. We really hope that Google also adapts this, since they are reportedly testing support for it.

Since Duda, Cloudflare, and other businesses recently added IndexNow integrations, we expect that other well-known website builder platforms will soon add support for it as well. AIOSEO is leading the way for WordPress in this regard.

It's an SEO professional's dream come true when IndexNow, a fantastic solution for both small and big sites, finally speeds up SEO results with almost instant indexing.

It is critical to emphasize that IndexNow DOES NOT replace sitemaps. To assist you in boosting your SEO rankings, you should still have XML sitemaps, video sitemaps, news sitemaps, and other sophisticated sitemaps. Sitemaps should be used in conjunction with IndexNow to give you a competitive edge.

We really hope that this article has shown you how to add IndexNow to WordPress. For more software on how to increase your traffic, check out our guides on doing keyword research and comparing the top push notification services.

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