Best SEO Tools for Business Owners
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More than merely search advertising and having your site noticed for relevant terms, a working grasp of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is beneficial. 7 Best SEO Tools.

I'd argue that understanding the fundamentals of SEO and how to utilize the tools can help you become a more effective entrepreneur in general, from evaluating demand for a product concept or piece of content using search volume to developing the empathy required for great copywriting.

This is because search engines provide a window into our common desires, worries, and curiosity.

Unfortunately, many of the greatest SEO tools on the market (such as SEMrush and Ahrefs) cost approximately $100 per month, which may not be suitable for a bootstrapped company or someone who is still learning SEO.

That's why we've compiled this collection of helpful free SEO tools for anything from keyword research to backlink analysis.

Ubersuggest: Generate Long Tail Keyword Ideas

Ubersuggest: Generate Long Tail Keyword Ideas - Best SEO Tools

Google does a fantastic job at offering suggestions to help you finish your search query.

However, while these might be beneficial for brainstorming further searches related to your main phrase, Google only provides you a few at a time.

That's where a tool like Ubersuggest comes in handy since it generates a large list of keyword suggestions depending on the main phrase you provide.

You may use this to come up with product ideas, marketing perspectives, ideas for your next blog piece, and more.

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MozBar: Link Metrics in Search Results

MozBar: Link Metrics in Search Results  - Best SEO Tools

In the form of their MozBar, Moz provides some free SEO tools (a Chrome extension you can use if you create a free Moz account). But, for the sake of this list, I'd want to focus on the Link Metrics function.

Based on Page Authority, Domain Authority, and the number of backlinks leading to the page, you may determine how competitive a position in the search engine results for a phrase is.

This might assist you to make judgments depending on how difficult it will be to acquire a decent position and how many quality backlinks you will need to generate.

MozBar also includes various tools for quickly examining on-page SEO and determining the value of a backlink from a certain page.

Soovle: Keyword Suggestions from Other Search Engines

Soovle: Keyword Suggestions from Other Search Engines  - Best SEO Tools

Soovle, like Ubersuggest, provides keyword recommendations through autocomplete. Instead of providing a long list, it goes beyond Google and provides ideas from Bing, Yahoo, Amazon, YouTube,, and other sources.

As you can think, each platform may provide unique information., for example, will show you the most frequently asked questions about your core term, while YouTube's suggestions will show you what people want to watch about it (like unboxing videos or reviews).

These ideas can frequently lead to less competitive long-tail keyword recommendations that you might use.

Screaming Frog: Crawl Your Site For Errors

Screaming Frog: Crawl Your Site For Errors

When you run a website, especially one with a blog, you ultimately end up with more pages than you can manually manage.

Links can break or pages can be duplicated by accident, which isn't ideal in Google's (or your visitors') eyes. Fortunately, Screaming Frog offers a free site assessment (up to 500 URLs on the free version).

This will show you whether anything needs to be updated or optimized, as well as where the problems are. After that, you may export the data to a spreadsheet and utilize it in a variety of ways.

Answer the Public: Find Out What the Internet Is Asking

Answer the Public: Find Out What the Internet Is Asking

Answer The Public is a useful tool that makes use of Google's auto-suggestions to provide a graphic representation of long tail keywords that originate from your main term.

This is one of my favorite tools for content marketing since it generates keyword suggestions and arranges them based on queries (who, what, when, where, why), comparisons (against, and, or), and more. After all, creating amazing content that ranks highly requires anticipating the queries people will have about topics outside your main keyword phrase.

Answer The general public is also a fantastic approach to gain a sense of how people feel about a subject and what unique barriers or alternatives they could face when making a buying decision.

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Backlink Tool: See What Sites Are Linking to a Page

Backlink Tool: See What Sites Are Linking to a Page

When a page on another website connects back to yours, this is known as a backlink. On the internet, they're often seen as a symbol of importance (depending on the quality of the source).

While Google's Matt Cutts has previously stated that backlinks would soon become less significant in deciding how you rank, many SEO professionals believe they still have an impact in 2017.

Even if they didn't, a decent backlink checker may be valuable for a variety of reasons, such as determining the kind of sites that link to your site or your competitor's to compile a list of bloggers or writers to contact.

In this context, the Backlink Checker from SEO Review Tools (which offers various free SEO tools) is quite handy. The only restrictions are that you can only receive the best backlink for each domain name and that you can only run it 18 times each day.

This tool, on the other hand, shows you the connecting site's domain authority, how many times they've linked to you, whether the links are followed or no-follow, and the anchor text they used all in one place.

Moz's Open Site Explorer is another option for checking a URL's backlink profile.

Google Search Console: Check Your Rankings and More

I'd be remiss if I didn't add Google's Search Console in a post on free SEO tools.

You may use it to modify and monitor how Google views your website, as well as analyze which Google searches are driving traffic to better understand your users' search trends. You may also use it to detect faults on your website and eliminate pages from search results that you don't want to see.

Learn how to set up a Search Console and what you can do with it by reading this article. If you own and operate a website, it's a must-have.

What Best SEO Tools Do You Recommend?

Various premium software packages offer strong functionality that caters to most SEO needs—from keyword research to backlink analysis—in much deeper depth, as I mentioned at the beginning of this essay. However, given the price, the tools listed above can be quite beneficial (free).

Even so, there are certain to be some useful tools we didn't mention. What would you suggest? Let us know in the comments!

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